Thor Halvorssen is a Dedicated Human Rights Activist

Many people living in the United States and other relatively comfortable Western nations tend to take a lot of basic freedoms and liberties for granted. Most people go about their daily lives giving little, if any, consideration to the wonderful blessings that living in a free society offers. Unfortunately, in many countries, citizens and residents are subjected to unimaginable human rights violations from their own governments. These unfortunate people suffer from a wide variety of human rights violations ranging from suppression of freedom of speech and association to outright slavery and torture. Fortunately, the Human Rights Foundation is there to help the oppressed victims by raising public awareness about oppressive regimes and by using peaceful means to relieve their suffering. The Human Rights Foundation was incorporated in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen. The HRF has an office in New York City that has been in operation since 2006.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a highly-motivated and active advocate for human rights. Thor makes it his life’s mission to expose the egregious human rights violation that take place everyday in the world. Repressive regimes all over the world systematically and routinely deny the citizens and residents of their countries the most basic human liberties and freedoms. Thor established the Human Rights foundation in 2005 as a means to fight these oppressive regimes by exposing their crimes to the public and using international political pressure to force these corrupt and brutal regimes to reform. Thor Halvorssen understands that these vicious and corrupt regimes that have contempt for basic human rights rely on pure brutal force to accomplish their objectives. However, Thor does not advocate using force against force.

Thor Halvorssen recognizes the importance of exposing the atrocities of oppressive regimes to the general public and to the political leaders of free nations. By raising the awareness of the general public, Thor gains the invaluable support of a populace that will in turn put pressure on their political leaders to take action to help the victims of oppression.

Thor Halvorssen uses a wide variety of resources to educate the citizens of the world about the fate of their fellow human beings who are suffering under repressive, often closed, government regimes. Thor is well known for producing documentaries such as “Sugar Babies” which depicts the plight of children forced into slavery in the Dominican Republic. Take some time to research Thor Halvorssen for more information about his human rights projects and the way ordinary citizens can contribute to the cause of preserving human rights and promoting equality around the world.

Rise of the Youtube Star

There is a new celebrity to add to the entertainment universe. Youtube stars are joining the ranks of movie and television stars. Their work garners millions of views without the massive production costs of traditional production. Youtube stars are also particularly popular with the coveted younger demographic. It has become a big business and the best and brightest are being paid well to produce original content. Here are a few of the biggest stars in the Youtube universe.

Pewdiepie is a comedian and producer based in Sweden, well known for his vlogs and the Let’s Play commentaries. The enormously popular Let’s Play series takes viewers on a play through of video games, giving an effect similar to if the viewer were a friend right there playing along with him. Energetic and goofy, Pewediepie’s channel has gained over 40 million subscribers. This massive following has created a good living for him with his production company making over $12 million in 2015.

The Fine Brothers are another example of Youtube stars who rake in the big dollars. Known for their react videos, which show peoples reactions to trying the food of different cultures or shocking events, have garnered almost 4 billion views. The Fine Bros have also launched two more channels and an original series, totaling over 13 million subscribers in the process. That is a huge number, and is sure to continue growing.

One of the most galvanizing rising stars is Wengie. The Australian born beauty blogger is a sensation among the young fashionistas on Youtube. A natural beauty herself, Wengie gives tips on everything from make-up application to pupil enlarging contacts.

Wengie is also known for posting beauty tips for Asian viewers. She does this because while there are a ton of American and Australian tutorials for viewers, there were not many focused on Asian women. Japanese and Korean cosmetics tutorials simply didn’t exist. Wengie has a bright future in helping others look their best!

Investment Banking and the Expertise They Provide

Martin Lustgarten and Sound Investment Banking
Martin Lustgarten is more than qualified to provide sound investment guidance. He is the CEO at Lustgarten. He specializes in investment banking. He is highly experienced and has an impressive background that promotes confidence and includes sound investments in the entire area of investment banking.

The Vital Role of the Investment Bank
Every company has the opportunity to raise capital. This can be done with the sale of stocks and bonds. The execution of these transactions do require a certain amount of expertise. The role of the investment bank will include:
* the pricing of financial instruments
* the maximizing of revenue to navigate regulatory requirements
* the ability to be a bridge between a large enterprise and the investor
* advise a government and business on ways to meet their financial challenges
* assist them to procure financing
* this can be done with stock offerings, bond issues, and derivative products
The goal of the investment bank is to help find ways that will meet assist in meeting all financial challenges. The outcome will be to procure financing.

The Advisor and the Decisions
There are sound decisions that need to be made in regards to raising capital. The investment bank can be the solid ground that can be leaned on through the process. The investment climate will need to be taken into full account. The advisor will offer needed and sound advice. This will be accomplished through the sophisticated financial models. The advisor will look at all of the current factors and guide each client in the best direction. The analyst will view all the necessary factors. This will include:
* the potential earnings
* how much of a share that the company is worth
* prevailing interest rates
* many more factors

Martin Lustgarten Offers Exceptional Experience in Finance Banking
Martin Lustgarten offers impressive and exceptional experience to the area of finance banking.He is a well-versed individual who can be trusted with the investment decisions that lead to success. Check out Martin Lustgarten’s Slideshare account for more information.

FreedomPop Launches Their New Global Hotspot

FreedomPop just launched their newest venture in their competition with major phone carriers to bring reasonable rates to consumers for their phone coverage. The company is known for buying usage, minutes and text message bundles in bulk quantities, and they sell them to consumers at a discount rate. They also offer a free service to consumers, which consists of 200 MB of data, 200 minutes to talk on the phone and 200 messages to send or receive. In addition to their free service, they offer several other options to folks that need more time on their phones, but their service is much cheaper than the other companies.

FreedomPop recently raised another 50 million dollars in their funding, which will be allocated for use in building their global hotspot. They will soon offer the global hotspot as an additional feature that consumers can purchase. It will start at $49 for the hotspot. The hotspot will work in 25 different countries, which are listed on FreedomPop’s website and in the article about their fundraising procedures that is posted on Recode’s website.

The phone service is great for travelers because it is said to be flawless in its connectivity when changing between countries. It will also involve the use of a SIM card that will be automatically updated as more countries are added to the list. FreedomPop is able to offer the global hotspot by purchasing usage and working with phone companies all around the world to provide a savings and convenience to consumers that travel. For more information, visit the original article on Recode’s website.

Helane Morrison – An Impressive Woman

The recession was devastating, and it showed how many people operated without ethics during a financial downturn that was the worst since the Great Depression. During this time, there were many lives that were adversely affected because of the terrible actions of the ones that were doing shoddy business. The people that operated in an ethical manner stand out. Helane Morrison is one of these people.

Helane Morrison

Helane is a fantastic example of a woman that rose to fame in the corporate world for doing the right things. Her background is a varied one. She has been in journalism, as well as having worked in other fields too, she now is involved in the corporate world, especially dealing with compliance issues.

Helane’s Educational And Business Background

She started out with a degree in Journalism in Illinois from Northwestern University. She became a partner in 1991 with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin, a law firm. Then, she moved on to a position with the US Securities and Exchange in San Francisco. After years of proving her worth, she did what no other woman did before her. She became the Head of Commission and Regional Director. An impressive honor for Helane.

As our world continues to change, people are looking at the future in a skeptical way. They aren’t sure what is coming, if they can invest and feel secure. One thing that is for sure, Helane Morrison is working for the people. She continues to do excellent things that will create a more stable, financial situation for all.


Sam Tabar’s Honorable Philanthropy

Sam Tabar might be a well-known attorney and financial strategist, but he’s also passionate about THINX, so much so that he created his own endeavor on GoFundMe. The company is known for their charitable donations to a cause in Africa, and that wonderful cause is helping women.

The initiative that Tabar wants to raise money for is known as the Africa Wellness Initiative, or AWI. It’s no secret that Africa is suffering when it comes to medical care. Unfortunately, there are many children left in the wake of disease and ultimately death.

The goal behind AWI is to help those children that have been diagnosed with AIDS/HIV. South Africa is crying out for help to upgrade their level of medical care, and with charitable donations, these children can receive medical care that they so desperately need.

Tabar started a GoFundMe account in an attempt to help raise awareness about the challenges these children and women face in South Africa. His belief is that with better medical care children could have a better chance at living.

Tabar is passionate about giving hope to South Africa one child at a time. When you view the account he started he shares that conditions that are common could be treated, which in turn would help these children understand what it means to be in good health.

Tabar also encourages readers to follow him on Instagram for updates for the campaign to raise funds for AWI, and what is happening in South Africa. Who knew that a highly regarded attorney and financial strategist would take such an interest in such a worthy cause?

Tabar is known for his work in Finance and as the CEO of Full Cycle Fund, but he has also worked with the television industry as well. As an individual who has worked in several areas, he is more than happy to share his wealth with others.

Ricardo Guimarães: LinkedIn Ranks Top Business Skills


LinkedIn” is more and more becoming the top global online business networking site. Evidence of this is the increasing amount of visitors and survey reesults of business professionals, cites Brazilian Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG. For business professionals seeking employment, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to establish connections with important individuals within in organizations of one preferred industry. LinkedIn users can also share tips and follow the latest developments in their industry.

LinkedIn is more and more being used by companies with the principal aim of recruiting business professionals for hard to fill jobs. Recently, “Exame” magazine conducted a review of the social network to discover the most sought-after skills in 2015, cites Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG.

The frequency of keywords used to search profiles was used to determine the top skills. The report compiles data from nine nations and included are Brazil, France, and the United States. The results of analysis highlight twenty five skills. In Brazil, statistical analysis and data mining were most searched, cites Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG. Human resources professionals were highly searched for. According to the article, the search for human resource professionals increased by 15% in the year 2015, says Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG.
According to data from LinkedIn, below is the list of the twenty five top skills searched for by Brazilian companies. Ricardo Guimarães has provided the results in the list.

The top twenty five skills most searched by Brazilian companies in the year 2015:
1. Statistical data analysis and mining
2. Mobile site development
3. Quality Assurance software
4. Business logistics
5. Web architecture and frameworks
6. Middleware
7. Engineering and data storage
8. Information security
9. Benefits and compensation
10. Corporate governance
11. Safety at work
12. User interfaces
13. Microsoft development
14. Business Intelligence
15. System Review
16. Recruitment
17. Public policy
18. Engineering
19. Perl / Python / Ruby
20. Java development
21. Business development
22. Social marketing
23. Digital marketing
24. Software process design
25. Shell scripting

It is important for business professionals to constantly update their skills. Professionals should always seek to acquire the skills that are highly valued by employers. This ensures that they will have an edge in competitive job markets as new job openings become available, says Ricardo Guimarães. Update your skils forever!

Ricardo Guimarães is a successful businessman who has inspired brand loyalty through supporting Brazilian sports teams. It is a strategy that has helped Banco BMG to significantly increase its value during Guimarães tenure as president at Banco BMG. Today the bank is widely considered the leading Brazilian bank in the consignment credit market.