CVS to Takeover Target Pharmacy


Last June, CVS, Consumer Value Stores, bought Target’s pharmacy department for $1.9 billion. This comes to $1.14 million for each Target pharmacy. Over 1,660 pharmacies owned by Target will become CVS pharmacies in 47 of the 50 states. Only Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii aren’t participating in the CVS change over. Target pharmacies will remain in business in Hawaii and Alaska. Kantar Retail analyst Amy Koo says that the buyout is a win-win situation for both Target and CVS.

CVS, acting as a subcontract player, makes more than 10 times in profit over the Target Pharmacies. The two companies share the same color logos of red and white. They sell similar products. On Wednesday, February 4, 2016, the first six Target pharmacies to be reopened by CVS happened in Charlotte, Virginia. The complete change over should take place within the next six to eight months. The Target pharmacies will remain open during the transition.
CVS is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States, first established in Lowell, Massachusetts in May 1963. Walgreens is the number one chain pharmacy business in the United States according to Marc Sparks. CVS plans to operate their newly acquired Target pharmacies within the retail store. CVS has most recently acquired Omnicare, a corporate pharmacy supplier, last May.

Go Fund Me Campaign For Animal Shelters In Our Area By Ross Abelow

Have you ever stop to think about how many homeless animals there are nationwide? Statistically speaking, there are over 5,000 animal shelters housing around 20 dogs and more cats per shelter. On average, 60 % of these animals will end up put down and only a small amount of animals actually return to their present owners from the shelters. Only about 10 % of these animals are spayed or neutered putting us at risk for thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens born each day. According to research, only 25% of animals in shelters will find a loving home. This leaves thousands to roam the streets looking for food and shelter daily. Ross Abelow, a local New York attorney, is trying to help the situation by raising money to take care of these animals. He has a go fund me page for strays that will help animal shelters to feed and house these animals until loving homes are available.

Ross Abelow is a wonderful man. He began his go fund me page campaign because he wanted to help the animal shelters take control of the homeless pet population in New York. He hopes to raise around $5000 or more to buy food, blankets, and medicine for these homeless pets. He also hopes that more people will volunteer to help out at these shelters. Volunteers help to cut down the cost of running the animal shelters. This can allow more money to go toward training and marketing these animals for adoption.

Family attorneys do more than draw up living or estate wills. A family attorney can help with most any situation a family member finds themselves in. Ross Abelow is a family man and a family attorney. He loves helping his local citizens with their legal needs. He is responsible for many contracts and proceedings. He will represent his clients in court when there is a need. Ross works with other lawyers providing the counsel that is necessary for New York. He hopes that each person will become more aware of how hard it is to feed all of the animals loose in New York city alone. The more people that join in to help with this project, the more money the city will have to care for these innocent animals. Donate now to the go fund me page campaign-Ross Abelow is sponsoring.

How Well Does Wen by Chaz Work?

WEN by Chaz is filled with several natural oils and plant extracts that are formulated to improve the health of the hair. If you think Wen products may work well for you, a review on of the hair care line by Emily McClure could prove helpful.

On the first day, Emily expressed that she didn’t realize so much of the conditioner was needed for just one application. However, she followed the bottle instructions, and found that her hair immediately felt and looked thicker.

She used Wen conditioner for the next couple of days, and her hair become smoother and more manageable.  She added a few curls to her hair with the curling iron that day as well; by the end of the day, the curls had fallen.

McClure shared on that her friends commented on how shiny her hair was near the end of the week. Overall, she says she’d recommend Wen conditioner, since it makes thin hair look fuller. WEN conditioner also adds intense moisture to the hair, which is another reason the product got a thumbs-up from McClure.



Don’t Hide That Beautiful Face, Use Talk Fusion To Send A Video Message.

Okay, it doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful face or a bad hair day. The facts show that people love to have some face time and see people they are doing business with or a family member who is far away. In the earliest days of the World Wide Web it was not possible to send a video message. That is one of the reasons that Talk Fusion CEO and founder Bob Reina founded this company in the first place.

It is new technology like this that is making business owners rethink the use of video marketing. Video is quickly becoming the marketing tool to use online. People love to see videos and love the feeling of interaction. In reality, video can also be a great way to provide service to your customers too. From a business stand point, who wants to do business with a stranger? It is no secret that people do business with people they know, like and trust. Video marketing is a great way to build trust in you as a person and in your overall brand.

You might be wondering how Talk Fusion and Bob Reina play an important role in video marketing. Bob’s company, Talk Fusion is a video communication business. They offer services that Bob has developed and hand picked. They offer video conferencing, social media products, broadcasting and much more. The platform is easy to use too. You simply record your video message by using any video recording device and upload it to the Talk Fusion platform. Select a template and create your email. Hit the send button and you are done.

The Talk Fusion platform is cost effective too. Everything you need to use it is right there at your fingertips. You get the storage space you need, the easy to use templates, branding capabilities and more, all in one location. The video is right in the email too. This means you don’t have to send the person to an outside source. You should take a look at the Talk Fusion platform today and show off that beautiful face to your family, friends and business neighbors.

The Newly Launched Securus Technologies Video Visitation Application Breaks Records

In December, Securus Technologies, the leading firm in the provision of communication and security solutions to correctional facilities and public safety agencies came forward and announced the launch of their video visitation mobile application. This launch was for the video visitation mobile application aimed at the Android phone users. Two weeks ago Securus Technologies launched the Apple mobile phone application. So far Securus Technologies has successfully launched the video visitation mobile application on Apple operating system and Android operating system (download here).

Recently Securus Technologies came out share the market progress of it’s two applications. So far the Android application that was launched in December has been downloaded over 60,000 times. The Apple application has been downloaded over 5,000 times in the two weeks it has been available. The Securus Technologies says it expects to hit the a million downloads mark by the end of the year. Securus says that its engineering team is working on applications for other mobile operating systems. This includes the Amazon Kindle, Windows, and Mozilla operating systems. Securus Technologies says that it launched the mobile applications to make its services easily accessible to all its clients. It says that it realized that that this day, video communication has moved from computers to mobile phones.

Securus Technologies is the leading service provider in the public safety and correctional facilities industry. It offers a variety of cutting edge technological products that have put it ahead of its competitors in the industry. Securus Technologies invests a lot of resources in its innovation’s department to ensure that it gives its clients the best products. This investment has surely paid off as day after day Securus Technologies come up with new customized products for its clients. Securus Technologies has over 800 patented products that are currently being used in the public safety and correctional facilities.

It offers a platform for monitoring, investing and analysis of evidence by public safety agencies. The THREAD 3.1 is an improvement to the earlier released THREAD 2.1. The firm confirmed that it will be offering free upgrades to its clients with the older versions. Securus Technologies also offers inmate communication services through the Voice Over Internet phones. This allows inmates to communicate with their friends and family all over the world at fairly affordable charges. 

QNET Is Helping Women Become Entrepreneurs

It is encouraging to me that companies such as QNET are becoming such a great benefit to the women of the world. In my readings online I have come upon articles about QNET’s involvement in encouraging women in their business, who make up at least 74% of the independent associate workforce world wide. According to Khaled Diab, QNET’s Regional General Manager, most women have the best business attitude and work hard to build successful associate businesses in his direct sales sector.

The Agency of International Development in the U.S. (USAID) has stated: “Progress cannot be delivered in a vacuum. For societies to thrive, women and girls must have access to education, healthcare, and technology. They must have control of resources, lands, and markets. And they must have equal rights and equal opportunities as breadwinners, peace-builders and leaders.” I too agree that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that causes our societies to progress.

Opportunities for women in the area of direct sales businesses are opening up everywhere, enabling them to become true entrepreneurs of their own private companies. Direct sales have flexible hours that women need to balance work and family life. QNET, as I understand, is one of the biggest of Asia’s direct sales companies. The company is a big supporter of women through their involvement in International Women’s Day. All the women associates in the QNET family can achieve their dreams of success and wealth, because QNET management did not make the mistake of overlooking the importance of women (Glassdoor reviews), unlike some companies I know of.

Believe, and you can achieve. #QNET #SuccessTips

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I have read that QNET was started in Hong Kong. More recently, QNET has established a bigger presence in India. They supply health care and wellness products for women, such as Couleurs makeup products and their skin care line: Physio Radiance.

#QNET enjoys an action packed family day at the Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC). Read more:

Posted by QNET (Official) on Saturday, March 5, 2016

They are a member of the ‘Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.’ They have over 2 dozen offices spread over 100 different countries, including Dubai, Mussafa, and Abu Dhabi. QNET donates to various causes in each country they have a presence in and involves their employees in their philanthropy as well.

The Great Success of Sanjay Shah

It isn’t every day that Snoop Dogg shows up on your front doorstep with his 10 person crew. This is however what happened to Sanjay Shah. Shah was nervous at first and didn’t really know what to do, but it quickly became a very pleasant afternoon of joyful conversation in the garden. Snoop Dogg asked about all of the differences in the two cultures and then went on to speak of his experience in the music industry. This meeting with Snoop Dogg left Shah so inspired that he wanted to create a music festival. This music festival was the type of festival that would make a difference. The cause that Shah decided to focus on was Autism. Thus the festival “Autism Rocks” was born. This wasn’t a small festival either. Large name artists like Lenny Kravitz and Prince have played on the stage at Autism Rocks.

Shah is an individual who has been very successful in both the world of business and the world of philanthropy. There are many that regard Shah as one of the masterminds in the world of investing. He has been very successful as a fund manager and has been able to gain huge returns for himself personally and the investors that he has worked with. There are very few investors who have the skills that Shah has. He has an uncanny ability to act on an investment opportunity the moment that it arises.

Shah has changed the course of his career and started to focus much more on philanthropy lately. There are many lives that can be touched by the autism research that has been taking place due to the funds that Shah has helped to raise. With his son suffering from Autism, it is easy to see why Shah has become so passionate about autism research. Shah is very passionate about finding a cure for this disease and will stop at nothing to help find a cure.