George Soros Explains the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Billionaire George Soros knows that the current refugee crisis in Europe is wreaking havoc on the EU and the rest of continent. Refugees began a mass exodus from Syria starting in 2013 and by 2015 millions of Syrians have over flooded European borders. Greece is the primary nation on that is responsible for holding the refugees. However, the EU and the rest of Europe must find a solution to help alleviate this problem. George Soros clearly revealed that European leaders must be proactive with dealing with this current crisis. According to Soros, EU governments must spend billions of dollars right away to get the problem under control and then shift to maintaining the current system on that they will establish from this effort. George Soros also points out that the current policy set in place by the EU was worked out with Turkey but only enforced by the EU. The currently policy is also seriously underfunded which means that it will be ineffective for combating the problem with Asian and African refugees. The other reason that George Soros gives for the failure of this policy has to do with the fact that very few European countries want it in place. European countries who are required to take in refugees really do not want this problem. However, they must deal with it since they are a part of the EU. Also added to this conundrum is the fact that refugees do not want to reside in just any European nation where they are forced to relocate. Soros also points out that when refugees cross the border they have a tendency to settle into a society and drain it of resources. This has to change. Soros encourages the EU nations to set systems in place that will help immigrants to enter the country and to become contributors to the community where they reside. The key to taking on more immigrants is to have a growing economy that will sustain them. This is the ultimate message that Soros is trying to send to EU governments. Soros’s views on this particular matter is available online at The New York Review of Books. You can access this story by clicking on the previous link. People who are not aware of George Soros, he is the 30th wealthiest person on the Earth. His net worth is in the billions and he is a rare magnate that has immense influence in business, economics and politics. Soros has been around for many years helping to fund political causes, governments and charitable organizations.


VTA Publications Offers Real World Advice And Strategies To Readers

What are the odds that you will be become a success in your lifetime? There are actually many things that play a role in success. Yes, luck is one of them. Inheriting a great deal of money can also increase your chances significantly. However, there are many people who came from nothing to achieve a great deal of wealth and success. Despite how overwhelming the odds may seem, you may be able to beat them.

One of the greatest examples is the 1980 U.S. Hockey team at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. They were overwhelming underdogs in the game against the Soviets. Undaunted, Head Coach Herb Brooks didn’t let the expectation of a colossal beat down lower his spirits. Instead, he changed his strategy. Sportscasters and so-called experts berated him for his approach. By sticking to what he knew, Brooks orchestrated one of the biggest upsets in sports history. His team beat Russia 2-1 purely by changing the strategy.

The morale of the story: ignore the odds. Even if the odds against you are seemingly insurmountable, ignore those odds. Change your strategy to stack the odds in your favor. The law of averages is what most people believe. But, you don’t have to be most people. Never let the odds bother you.

VTA Publications is one of the world’s largest producer of distance learning courses. Since 2012, VTA Publications has provided customers with physical and digital versions of economic and financial courses. The company enlists only the most experienced experts to provide the best information. The company also holds many seminars all over the world.

The VTA website features a number of articles about a variety of topics. Readers can also find many products regarding stocks, options and trading strategies. The company prides itself on providing the reader with real-world knowledge and tools that can help better your life.

EPN Enterprise Radio Features Philanthropist Sanjay Shah

During a recent interview with host Eric Dye in the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Enterprise Radio, Sanjay Shah, the founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks produced an insight on many topics such as Solo Capital creation, Autism Rocks motivation, how to become a great business owner and the expectation of listeners during the 2016 Autism Rocks concert.

A prominent philanthropist, Sanjay Shah is popularly known to be a respectable businessman. Sanjay is greatly known for the creation of the Autism Rocks which is a charity organization dedicated in funding various autism research. Sanjay decided to start the Autism Rocks immediately Nikhil his son was diagnosed with a neurological disorder in autism. However, prior to the formation of the Autism Rocks, Shah founded Solo Capital which is a brokerage firm situated in London. During the interview, Sanjay gave a personal advice on how one would own and manage a successful business.

Shah however claimed that he thought it only applied to any person who was thinking of starting a new business. He also claimed that one of the most important things was not underestimating the total amount of capital required to start a business. One last thing Shah made clear was never to assume that you can do all the work by yourself.

Sanjay has managed to combine his passion for music and love for family since he started being involved with the Autism Rocks. Most of the Autism Rocks listeners are encouraged to get more information from its website. Funding the research is considered to be a critical step especially in developing of greater understanding of the disorder since autism is a life changing disorder

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a renowned philanthropist who started Autism Rocks back in 2014 immediately after Nikhil his youngest son was diagnosed with autism. In order to effectively fuel autism awareness and research, Sanjay thought it would be great if he combine his family love with his music passion.

Sanjay has successfully managed to raise awareness of the neurological disorder by partnering with the music industry. Before starting the Autism Rocks, Sanjay pursued opportunities in entrepreneurship, accounting and philanthropy.

Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking firm that offers comprehensive investment and wealth management services to individuals and businesses located within the United States and the United Kingdom. Their prime method of raising capital is through the placement of equity with high net worth retail investors.
Laidlaw has a 170 year legacy of investment banking and is in the process of expansion with offices located both within the United States and Europe. The over 150 employees facilitate this expansion by the way of having the proper requisites and SEC credentials to operate business on a global basis.

The company culture is entrepreneurial in nature with a high focus on relationship management. This works to aid in the expansion and growth process while supporting the building of a solid foundation with current clients. There is also a secondary tier focus on alternative and creative thinking; finding solutions that others may not consider.

The overall functionality of the company is based upon divvying up the employees into teams that specialize in their particular field of investment banking. Recentl, PR Newswire reported on Laidlaw & Company announcing expansion to Health Care Capital Markets. These teams include an investment banking team, an institutional sales team, a research team, and a trading team. This approach gives comprehension to every investment made and gives security in the conglomerate intelligence of the team.

In short, Laidlaw is your characteristic investment banking service provider that operates upon an experienced base with the incorporation of innovation.

Free Internet?

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The starting free package is for 500MB a month. For a business man just using this for E-mails and quick web searches this is totally ideal, even if you already are fine with your own services provider you can always have this as a backup for that little extra data per month. For others that use there devices for social media or gaming don’t fear. You can purchase more data in a month but even better is that they have free ways or accumulating more data!

To get more data a month is very simple. First you can always refer people to try Freedompop and watch the extra data roll in. They also have other services as well that would get you that sweet, sweet data at no additional cost.

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You already have a phone and don’t want to purchase a new one just to use Freedompop? That is absolutely alright since they have a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program that can quickly get you started.

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Brian Bonar Has Suceeded In Two Different Types Of Business

Many professionals spend their career in one area of business. However, Brian Bonar has been involved in two very different forms of business. Furthermore, he has done well in both of these different sectors of the business world. He became the chief executive officer of a well renowned staffing agency in England. Then, he went on to be the owner of a wildly successful San Diego restaurant as shown by San Diego Magazine. This restaurant is frequently attended by prominent individuals in the San Diego area. He has this restaurant located in an excellent area for a high quality restaurant, the Escondido neighborhood.
Brian Bonar grew up living in Scotland. He was educated at England’s Stafford University. Stafford University is a very well known school, and the university has been seen highly throughout it’s history. His educational background taught him the ins and outs of the business world, and it taught him how to effectively do business in a globalized economy. Brian Bonar became extremely successful at a staffing firm. At this company, he was a very successful CEO.

He certainly picked a good place for his restaurant. Escondido is known for it’s high end shops, quality restaurants, and affluent clientele. Brian Bonar’s restaurant, Bellamy’s, an exquisite bistro, certainly fits right in. Bellamy’s has a reputation of being one of the city’s finest restaurants. It draws customers from a very broad area.

Bellamy’s truly offers something for everybody’s tastes. The more exotic food lover would love some of their selections, such as their eel. However, a lot of selections appeal to more mainstream tastes. They also offer a variety of options for all courses of the meal. There are a number of different options for meat and fish dishes. However, for the salad enthusiast, the beet salad at Bellamy’s also is a good choice. Bellamy’s offers great options for desserts. For dessert, they have saffron panna cotta. This dessert is loved by many guests at Bellamy’s.

In addition to the great food at Bellamy’s, there also is a lot of attention paid to the stylistic elements of the restaurant. The restaurant chose very interesting paintings of jazz musicians to put up. The seats at the restaurant are also extremely comfortable, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and inviting.

Brian Bonar has plans of having multiple successful restaurant businesses in the San Diego area, and he already has been putting the plans into motion. Actually, Bellamy’s is the smaller of his San Diego restaurants. He has 144 acres of land in the San Diego area, and this land will be put to use. People will be able to organize events, using the space. A four star restaurant will be on the grounds.

Ccmp Capital by Stephen Murray– The Leading Global Co-Investment Group

CCMP Capital is a worldwide private equity group that specializes in co-investments. By combining collective in-house efforts and unique skills of our partners, CCMP Capital seeks to sources due diligence and executes it on top-notch investment opportunities. The team spirit allows us to create a more efficient diversification program that cuts across the distinct investment levels of private companies all over the world. Within this realm of opportunities, the company strives to enhance the efficient allocation of financial capital in the most lucrative industries and markets on an adjusted basis.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has a primary goal of improving investment returns through value adding strategies in its portfolio companies as well as on it sourcing partners using its broad knowledge in investment. At the epitome of its philosophy, which was spearheaded by it former President and CEO Stephen Murray, the company strives to make sure that interest is shared equally among all parties involved in all the transactions it undertakes.

One Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a graduate of Boston College in the class of 1984 in Economics and a master’s degree holder in Business Administration from Columbia Business School, was a renowned private equity investor whose philanthropic activities stand up to date. He became the CEO and President of CCMP Capital, an established private equity firm that focused its efforts on growth and buyout equity transaction. He passed away at 52, according to the NY Post.

Benefits of Private Equity

Private equity offers long-term, committed capital to help companies succeed and experience substantial growth. Private equity can be imperative for those who want to (1) start a company, (2) enlarge your business (3) buy out a part of your business, (4) revamp or rebuild a company, or (5) buy yourself into another company. Getting private equity to reinforce your business is different from getting a loan from a bank. When a lender, regardless of whether your business succeeds or fails, funds you he/she has a legal right to every cent generated by the interests on that loan as well as the interest on the unpaid capital.

The bugging question is whether your company is attractive enough to draw the attention of private equity investors. Many budding businesses grow with the sole purpose of providing the owner with a decent livelihood as well as for the fulfillment of the intrinsic satisfaction of owning a business. These small businesses are not used for private equity investments since they cannot provide enough financial returns to the investors. Firms that have a potential to grow are recognized from their economic outlook as well as from the list of their set objectives.

Private equity makes companies to grow much faster than any other businesses funded by other sources. This is because the capital from private equity comes with top-notch management skills from the company’s executives. Private equity is the best way to help you company achieve significant growth, as well as to provide a sound decision-making platform founded on the background of rigid strategies. A company can earn the owners decent revenue without them being involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Melissa Click, Mizzou Professor, Thinks Her Career Should Not Be Cut Short Due To Viral Video

A video of Mizzou professor, Melissa Click, went viral on November 9th thus changing the course of her career as a professor at Mizzou forever. In the video, Click is seen calling for “some muscle” to remove a journalist that was retrieving information from students who were protesting at Mizzou. Once the video went viral Click, a communications professor, was seen as hostile and vehemently against the First Amendment.


Both the professor and the incident are under investigation by the University’s System Board of Curators. Click has also been on suspension since the incident. The esteemed professor is also facing criminal charges. She has been charged with third degree assault. However, the assault charge against her is a mere misdemeanor and Click can avoid prosecution altogether by performing court ordered community service and staying out of trouble for at least a year.


The situation has reverberated throughout the legal, education, and local community. Nearly one hundred Missouri law makers are calling for Click to be fired and she has been subject to upsetting insults and even terrifying death threats. However, the professor is not backing down and has shown great remorse for her actions that went viral due to that video.


She has teamed up with online reputation management firm Status Labs and is urging the public to keep her twelve years of teaching in mind. She does not want to be judged by a single action in a viral video which she has since stated was a mistake. She was not instigating in the video and did not mean to stir any violent reactions. Click states that she cannot defend her actions in the video and that she knows they were wrong. She is standing by her statement which is, “I don’t think one mistake should be the end of a career.”.


Status Labs, the online reputation management company mentioned before, is well known for handling high profile cases like Melissa Click’s. It is their mission to clean up any negative articles or publicity that can be found online so that it does not stay with you for the rest of your life. Some may argue that what is uploaded to the internet stays on the internet but as technology advances the old adage “the past is the past” can now ring true.
The online reputation management firm is headquartered in Austin, Texas but also has offices in New York and Sao Paolo, Brazil. They attend to the public relations needs of celebrities as well as Fortune 500 companies. Darius Fisher is the mastermind behind Status Labs and prior to starting this company he was a political consultant and copywriter. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors.

The Incredible Journey of Yeonmi Park

There are stories out there on facebook that lift us up and inspire us all to make a change. The authors who write these stories are dedicated to changing perceptions of issues going on in the world. These authors have many times educated people all over the world about certain issues that need to be addressed. Yeonmi Park is one of these individuals who has shared her story with people all over the world in order to help make a change. Her journey wasn’t easy, and still is not now that she has so much resistance against her new book.

Park experienced first-hand what it was like to live in North Korea. This terror was one that she was willing to share with readers worldwide in order to educate them about the horrible living conditions in North Korea. Yeonmi Park experienced starvation in North Korea, horrible living conditions, and more before her and her mother were forced to flee the country.

Park of the youngvoicesadvocates has brought to light many of the hardships of not only living in North Korea, but leaving North Korea. Park and her mother had to cross the Gobi Desert, survive human trafficking, and learn to survive on the brink of death. Now that Yeonmi Park is living in the United States, she is having a difficult time adjusting to all of the luxuries that are around us every day. Park states that one of the hardest things to get used to is having food at any market, any time of the day.