Versatile and Hardworking Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Top earning women are not uncommon these days. Women occupy many of the top positions in companies of different sectors on The glass ceiling that has kept so many women from earning their worth has been demolished. So many women have made it to the top of their professions, but many women still remain clueless as to what it takes to be successful. Many of the former obstacles, equal pay, inequality, and lack of top female executives, are obsolete. The government and private sector on have taken steps to ensure that women are giving an equal playing field. Despite all these advantages, some women who are more than fit and capable are still finding it difficult to be successful in their field.

The business world is a sector known to not be friendly towards female executives, and the trend is changing. However, women like Susan McGalla are able to make their presence known in this field with their dynamic personality and work ethic. Women like her are good at networking, knowledgeable about their field, and are able to mentor others, which show their skills and their potential. Susan McGalla knows the traits needed to make it to the top executive spots and stay there. She felt she was destined for greatness and had the confidence, versatility, and passion to achieve her goals. She believed in herself and set her goals. Through this dedication, she created an impressive resume for numerous companies.

McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC based in Pittsburg. In addition to that, she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers. Her experience does span the retail and clothing areas as well. She works with product merchandising and marketing among other areas like branding. She has worked for American Eagle, Wet Seal, and Joseph Horne. For American Eagle, she became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer for the company. At Wet Seal, she was the CEO. Through her hard work, she has earned and retained many top positions in a variety of businesses. Susan McGalla demonstrates what it takes to be successful and is a role model for businesswoman.

Plan a Perfect Party with Twenty Three Layers

There are a lot of ways you can make a party the best it can be. You may not know what you can do in order to plan a party that is going to not only be fun, but that won’t stress you out. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think.

Have a Theme

One of the biggest things you should do is to have a great theme. The theme can be simple, but it can also be something complicated like a wedding or outdoor theme. These will change several things that go with the party planning so it’s important to get the theme down first.


Once a theme has been figured out, you will need to find a good location. If it’s an outdoor theme, then you will need to find a place that will allow you to do an outdoor event. If you are have a theme that can be done inside, then you will need to find a place that will let you have your party. This is most of the battle when planning a party like this. You may want to let Twenty Three Layers do it for you so you can enjoy the party when you are there. They have all kinds of locations they use and are able to get everything you may need in order to have a great party.

The Food

Another huge thing is the food. If you are hosting a birthday party, you may only need cakes or other sweets for the party. If you plan on having warm foods, then you will need to have the buffet warmer that will keep it warm. You can use a catering company for this or purchase your own. If you work with a company like Twenty Three Layers, they will have these options for you to choose from and use. They also can take care of the menu for you instead of you worrying about it.

There are a lot of ways to have the perfect party, but if you know where to start or what company to use, then that is half of the battle with the party planning. You can do it on your own, but why do that when you can hire someone and have a fun time at your party.


Charles Botchway founded Madison Street Capital in 2004. Mr. Botchway is the company’s chief executive officer. The firm headquarters is located in Chicago. It is the leading boutique investment banking company that offers financial consultative service and M&A assistance and also evaluation services worldwide. The company delivers not only capital restructuring and reorganizing services but also it provides acquisition and mergers services as well as bankruptcy and private placement consultative facilities. Madison Street Capital also delivers an estimation of intangible assets services and fairness and solvency opinion services. The facilities provided by the firm position customers to be successful in the international market. The company believes that the clients’ dream and the goal become Madison Street Capital’s objective.

Madison Street Capital invests in underestimated businesses or the enterprises that are ignored in the market capitalization spectrum. They put more focus towards mid and small capitalization companies as they are the central component that motivates the global growth of their clients. They put emphasis on transactions such as fundamental securities analysis and handling portfolio risk as well as protecting capital. Madison Street Capital have experience in associating with middle-market organizations. The company is devoted to providing service and leadership as well as excellence and integrity when offering business financial advisory facilities to private and public companies so that they can execute long term plan.

The company uses its expertise in assisting their clients in a various range of businesses. Madison Street Capital’s experienced experts recognize that every client situation is unique. They demand careful examination and precise recommendations in all circumstances. Madison Street Capital has a good reputation in the investment banking industry for individuals who want to purchase and acquire a business or who are seeking favorable lending or selling a business or those who are building a sound exit plan or even for corporate governance matter. The firm evaluates each customer’s unique requirements first to achieve its objective. Many businesses around the world have put their confidence in Madison Street Capital for their resolute commitment and the high standards of professional.

The M&A Advisor named Madison Street Capital as a qualifier for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital was selected not only for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year but also International and Industrials Deal of the Year. The accolade is highly esteemed as a high point of success in the financial business. The reward is given to companies that are excellence in deal making and streamlining as well as financing and celebrating the contributions and achievements of the leading organizations and experts. The award acknowledged Madison Street Capital’s responsibility in helping the Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. which was led by Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha.

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Three Essentials of Online Reputation Management

In today’s online environment the first thing anyone does when checking out a new business or potential employee is, check them out on Google. What people see online will define you or your business. What many people don’t realize is that even if you enjoy a career out of the limelight, you should keep an eye on your online reputation.
Recently in the Forbes Personal Finance Column, the author writes about the “10 Things You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management.” Online Reputation Management includes a wide variety of services, everything from promoting a personal brand to putting out internet fires. ]

Be Proactive

The article which also appeared on Online Reputation Reviews, urges everyone to be proactive about monitoring their online profile. An excellent LinkedIn profile and social media accounts that show off your skills are a must. This falls under the category of personal branding. If you are a lawyer but a Google search brings up only links to your cycling group, you may have a branding issue that could potential turn off potential employers. As a small business, curating links to good reviews and positive blog posts about your establishment is one of the most important parts of building an online presence.

Hire an Expert

Several of the “10 Things” in the Forbs article point out the fact that not everyone has the time, know-how or ability to personally manage their online reputation. This is where Reputation Management companies can be a huge help to a small business. Not only are they knowledgeable when it comes to building a positive online reputation, they are paid to monitor your online status and will catch negative reviews or unflattering posts associated with you or your business. Let the experts alert you and help you fix an online reputation problem before it gets out of hand.

Fight the Fires

The Internet magnifies things. One bad review or one social media snafu can jeopardize future income and job prospects. Thankfully, as soon as something slides down to the second or third page on a Google search it is essentially forgotten. Reputation Management uses several strategies to get positive information on page one.

Dick DeVos is Among the Top Business Leaders and Philanthropists

Dick DeVos is a former executive who has been involved in a number of different companies such as Amway and the Windquest Group. During his career, DeVos has been involved in the direct sales industry, the finance industry and also professional sports. In each of these industries, he has provided his respective organizations with the direction they needed to reach their potential. When DeVos was running his companies, he helped make them industry leaders and this has helped make DeVos one of the most successful businesspeople in the United States. As well as being involved in business, DeVos has also run for state governor of Michigan as well as becoming a very well known philanthropist.


The first part of DeVos’ career was working at Amway in various positions. During his first stint at Amway, Dick would hold a number of positions in fields such as finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing and research and development. This foundation helped make DeVos very experienced in all aspects of the company. After working in these positions, DeVos would become one of the companies’ vice presidents. While he was one of the vice presidents of Amway, he would help the company expand to worldwide markets and get established in 18 countries. As a result, Amway would reach very high levels of success under the leadership of Dick DeVos.


After, Dick DeVos left Amway, he would then get involved in professional sports. He bought the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association. When he was running the Orlando Magic, DeVos required that the organization have detailed management which would lead to getting the best results at all times. He wanted the organization to use detailed management so that every aspect of the organization was operated properly. This philosophy would help the team become one of the best in the league for the next few years. Therefore, Dick DeVos helped make the Orlando Magic one of the elite teams in the NBA.


In 1993, Dick would return to Amway and serve as its president. As president of the company, DeVos would help it establish a presence in 50 countries and become the industry leader in direct sales as a result. Dick would retire from the company in 2002 and pursue a new position with the Windquest Group. At this company he would serve as its president and participate in the management of technology and manufacturing investment holdings for a few years.



How to Take Advantage of Every Opportunity As It Comes

Graduated from the Oxford University with a law degree and later enhancing it in the Columbia school of law, Sam Tabar has practiced as an associate attorney; before getting into the world of finance. His investment career started by the opportunity to manage hedge funds and has emerged successful since as he now operates his firm and is an excellent strategist. His knowledge of the law, accompanied by the knowledge and experience in the finance market enables him to look at the market in a much keen way and from a different perspective from other strategists.

Sam Tabar’s journey to success
The PMA spearheaded his knowledge on hedge funds. It was here he had the first chance to interact directly with clients and this not only changed and widened his eyes to the greater opportunities presented by the hedge funds, but it also enabled him to spearhead an asset raising team, that developed great asset raising strategies that proved so lucrative for the company. It acquires him a promotion, and he rose in position to the Managing Director and Co-head of business development of the enterprise. The job created a bigger business opportunity, outside the acquired job, he moved from affiliating with the Asian-Pacific region and later working with the Adenval LLC, where he utilized his knowledge of the capital strategy and then started his venture.

As evidenced by LinkedIn, Sam is now a well-known hedge fund manager who acquires high profile contracts from across the world. It sure doesn’t matter where you start; you only need to give your best, and someone somewhere will see your effort and appreciate it. Acquiring new skills and techniques also play a greater role in your road to success. You only need to push yourself just a little harder, and everything else will fall into place.

In Sam’s ventures, he has interacted with quite some clients and learned different languages for efficient business transactions. He is particularly fluent in Japanese and French in addition to English. Among the high-profile, positions are, working at major law firm Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP as a senior associate. Before actually getting in the finance world. Read Sam Tabar’s full story on

JustFab Adds Plus Size Fashion to its Growing Online Retail Base–FABforALL

Online subscription fashion retailer JustFab Inc. wants women everywhere to feel empowered and beautiful. The brand has just launched their FABforALL collection, introducing plus sizes to the market.

Women around the world are applauding the move, because beauty really comes in all sizes. Now, the leading e-commerce website will offer clothing in XS to 3X and 24-34 with the additions of 16W-24W.

JustFab Inc. is celebrating the total woman, and Yuchin Mao, the brand’s head of design, is excited about the possibilities. He says the brand will always be about “style, fit and value” for all the subscribed VIP members. At the moment, Just Fab is growing fast with more than 4 million shopping members globally.

Just Fab was co-founded by business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to give women amazing shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The variety is incredible with more than 1,000 shoe styles alone. All their designs are created and produced in-house at their spacious Los Angeles headquarters.

According to Brandettes, When someone joins the JustFab VIP membership, they receive trendy head-to-toe looks for any style and occasion. Shoppers are saving 30% off regular pricing and earning points toward free loyalty items. Plus, they can cancel their membership any time they want, if they are not completely satisfied.

While many subscription start-ups explode onto the e-commerce scene at the beginning, a majority seem to disappear, unable to maintain the growth and newness. JustFab seems to have conquered those kinds of business challenges, and at this time, the brand is sitting pretty. Learn more about JustFab:

The numbers don’t lie, according to the JustFab Inc. appears to be headed toward an IPO or initial public offering soon. In the first quarter of 2016, JustFab got the green light, turning a profit for the first time. This year, JustFab is aimed at drawing in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year.

The FABforALL Collection with extended sizes is a smart move, the proper move and places beauty where it belongs–available to women of all shapes and sizes.

Some brands get it, and JustFab Inc. is headed in the right direction.