Luiz Carlos Trabuco: A Torchbearer in Brazil’s Banking Industry

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s appointment as the CEO and President of Brazilian baking giant Bradesco in 2009 was greeted with a lot of optimism. The bank had lost pace in the industry owing to stiff competition from its major rivals. Many observers pointed out that Trabuco’s experience would help restore Bradesco’s fortunes, something that has come to pass.

When Luiz ascended to the role, he set out to streamline operations at the bank. He similarly oversaw wide-reaching changes in the institution’s leadership. He sought to prove that success isn’t attested to by impressive rankings only. According to him, success ought to be determined by service delivery. This has been his guiding light since his appointment, and has catapulted him to the heights that he has attained in the corporate world.

Bold Corporate Moves

Trabuco’s time at the helm has been characterized by bold moves that have helped establish Bradesco as the leading player in the Brazilian banking industry. For instance, he oversaw the acquisition of the Brazilian arm of American bank HSBC. The deal was worth a whopping $5 billion and helped Bradesco gain more prominence in the sector. It similarly enabled Bradesco to establish an indelible footprint in the private and investment banking sector. Under the deal, Bradesco took over virtually all of HSBC’s Brazilian operations including branch networks, debts, and assets.

According to Mr. Trabuco, the acquisition was a bold corporate move that enabled Bradesco to achieve what would have otherwise taken more than six years through organic growth. Due to the prominent role that Luiz played in ensuring that the deal was smooth, he was named by Money Magazine as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance. This is a prestigious honor that is bestowed upon corporate executives who have made massive contributions to the financial services industry. Forbes Magazine has named Luiz among the most influential public figures in Brazil on numerous occasions.

Mr. Trabuco’s Impressive Education Background and Career

Luiz has enjoyed a highly successful and enviable career in the baking industry. The Sao Paulo native is an alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo from where he graduated with a degree in philosophy, science, and letters. He also studied at Fundação School of Sociology and Politics from where he holds a degree in socio-psychology.

Despite not having any training in finance, Luiz distinguished himself as an astute banker from a young age. He joined the banking industry at 18 years old working as an office clerk at Bradesco. He handled all duties assigned to him with diligence, something that saw him scale the corporate ladder rapidly. Consequently, he was elevated to the position of marketing director within 15 years. During his stint, he established himself as a proactive marketer. The strategies that he laid down enabled Banco Bradesco to expand throughout Brazil. He similarly oversaw marketing campaigns that has a profound effect on the entire banking industry.

Luiz served in this position for 8 years, which were characterized by massive growth in terms of assets and branches. Mr. Trabuco’s success saw him appointed Bradesco Seguros’ executive vice president. This was an insurance conglomerate that encompassed eight companies. He was appointed the firm’s president four years later. He helped establish Bradesco Seguros among the largest insurers in South America with a 35% market share. Following this success, Trabuco was appointed as the President of Bradesco in 2009.

Notable Awards and Recognitions

Apart from being named Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance, Trabuco has been honored numerously in the course of his incredible career. He was named Insurance Person of the Year in 2006 and 2007. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Don Quixote Trophy among other awards.

Jason Hope- Benefits of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term that is on the lips of so many tech-savvy people in the world. It is considered the future of technology. We live at a time where technological advancements are trending day in day out. Big companies are in a stiff competition to outdo each other. The battleground in this scenario is actually in delivering the latest applications that will support the implementation of this concept. The pioneers in the implementation of this concept will actually be big companies. Take a case of a company that has employed hundreds of workers to run machines. If all the machines have no capacity to communicate with each other or communicate with the operators, it is most likely that an accident can occur. This has happened in many factories where lots of lives have been lost. The good thing is that these incidents can be avoided all together only if these companies can invest in Internet of Things. This concept will ensure that each machine is able to share data with other machines. In such a case it will be highly unlikely that an accident can occur without the knowledge of the operators.

The Internet of Things concept has application in the transport sector too. Take a case of auto accidents. It is possible to prevent auto accidents if vehicles have a way of communicating with each other in case one is fast approaching at an abnormal speed. Such a measure would eliminate very many accidents we see today and consequently saving a lot of lives that perish in road accidents. Internet of Things technology has also the capability of informing the authorities of a vehicle that is misusing driving rules such as over speeding. The fact that the Internet of Things technology can bring such solutions to our roads, it is worth implementing.

The only impediment that we see in the implementation of this technology is that most devices that are in use today have no capabilities of connecting to devices. Up until the time when manufacturers will roll out items that come with such capabilities, the state of Internet of Things shall remain in deep problems. There need to be massive research and development around this sector for it come to fruition.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is popular for being a huge supporter of the Internet of Things Concept. He believes that technology can be used to improve the lives of people. He is actively involved in helping technological startups put up their business operations.

Jason Hope is a holder of a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also holds an MBA from the same institution. He is head of SENS foundation which aims to improve the lives of people through technology.

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Securus Technologies on the Hunt for a Dangerous Fugitive

We were notified that a very dangerous fugitive had escaped the local prison only an hour ago, and the local law enforcement had already set up a perimeter to catch him. My team of fugitive hunters know that these perimeters only work if the suspect hasn’t gotten a ride out of the area. My team believed he was met at the jail and driven to a safe house within that hour.


Since we knew the suspect was most likely going to be deep in hiding for the next few days, we had to find someone who would talk. When dealing with these type cases, it is usually the case that the suspect keeps everything quiet except for a few individuals who helped with the escape to eliminate any information getting to police.


There was zero chance of family or friends helping us find this suspect, so we did the next best thing, we returned back to the prison he just escaped from. The inmates would not tell us anything, even if they knew for fear of being labeled a snitch. That was not why I was in the jail, it was because I knew Securus Technologies had their inmate monitoring system in place, and it was going to do all the heave lifting in this case for me.


Securus Technologies is in over two thousand jails, and all 1,000 employees are dedicating their time to making the world safer for us all to live. The LBS software can pick up on chatter from inmates about any subject, so we were hoping someone would say anything about the fugitive. Minutes after we arrived, one inmate did pick up the phone to see if the package had safely arrived. We knew what this meant, and had officers at that location in minutes to take that fugitive back to jail.


Eric Lefkofsky: American Entreoreneur

Eric Lefkofsky, for those who do not know, is an entrepreneur. He is the co founder and CEO of Tempus and also, the co founder and chairman of Groupon, as well as other things. Tempus is believed to be the start up to cure cancer. It has come together as a team of people who all shared the same goal, which is of course improving patients’ outcomes. Tempus’s goal is to benefit each patient with the treatment of others that came before giving physicians the tool needed to learn as more data is being gathered. Eric Lefkofsky’s role regarding Tempus is the fact that he has donated a ton of money, millions even, to cancer research throughout his life. This shows that he has always cared about how big of an issue cancer really is in the world. That is why he is behind such an amazing plan to try figuring out a way to cure cancer. Eric Lefkosky has been working on Tempus after leaving his CEO position at Groupon. What Tempus really does is build the infrastructure to modernize cancer treatment. Tempus is trying to help doctors, as well as other health care professionals, understand patients’ tumors a lot better than they do now. The data that Tempus has is being used to help these doctors figure out a better care plan and different treatments for patients who suffer from cancer. At the moment, Tempus is only working with the patients who have breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer, but they are definitely expecting to even more types of cancer overtime. Too much cannot be expected in such little time but eventually, it will all be worth it. Tempus is very determined and has faith that they will be able to cure cancer some day and make people happy and learn more about Eric.

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Chris Burch: Hiring the Best Caterers

Arranging a party for anyone is never an easy task, you have to take care of their requirements, their likeness everything. Hosting a party requires a lot of skills, if you want to make that party a huge success and run a business successfully, you need to be the best host. One needs to be accountable for so many things which include table setting, the drinks, decorations, food, music and so many other things, in short, the host has to make a venue amazingly presentable.

Chris Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, received some problem in catering at his own party. So, he wanted to arrange the best caterers in the town, and for that, he did some researches and found Chef Andres Morataya, who he found the most reliable. He also had a clue that Panamanian Chef will arrange their summer party in the best way. Chef Andres was known best for cooking barbecues and other tropical delights.

For his latest innovative offering to the market, check

Chef Andres is an owner of a very famous restaurant which offers a complete farm experience at the restaurant to their customers. His restaurant is named as Panga, which gives fine dining to all his costumers and is one of the famous restaurants in Panama. This restaurant is famous for cooking a unique dishes which people have not seen and experienced ever before. When chef started his business, he did not take anything for granted, he purchased all the expensive equipment that could be used in his kitchen, and he did one of the unique and amazing interiors of the restaurant as well, giving coatomers a very comfortable environment.

Read insights and views from this interview of him, hit

At his party, the chef decided to do something different and innovative, so he created his own grill by bricks and decided to do barbecue on that. He will be taking all his unique ideas and creations; he has done up till yet to Indonesia, where Chris is going to plan his summer party.  Additional article to read on

Chris Burch wanted to throw a summer party because he wanted to experience the unique tropical culture and it’s amazing unique taste as well. Since he was the CEO of the company, click this to learn more about the company,  and he wanted to throw an amazing party for the good reputation of the company, and because of that, he chose the best place and the best chef for his summer party. Chris is also a fan of culture and foreign traditions, and that was one of the reasons he hired Chef Andres for his party. He always wanted to taste the flavors of other cultures and overseas countries, and he also wanted to experience the culture and traditions of people living in South East Asian countries, so he planned his party in Indonesia and hired the best chef who knew all the innovative tropical dishes. For an overview of his diverse investment, hop over to

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Keep party planning simple with these easy to follow tips

Throwing a festive party can be a lot of fun, especially for the ones you love. Keep it easy with these awesome tips from a profession in the field. Starting it off is to get organized. That is the first, most important thing to do. Whip out that pad of paper and start jotting down what you’ll need as far as supplies, where are you going to throw this party, and who’s coming. Speaking of a guest list, start sending out invites as soon as you can. Guests will have plenty of time responding, thus making your job easier. Keep all food and decor easy and simple. Instead of a four course meal, make or buy a bunch of simple appetizers. Pigs in a blanket, salad, cheese and meat platters with dip are so easy to make and can also be purchased at the store. This way you’re not slaving away in the kitchen and instead are enjoying your guests. If you want to include a theme, then it makes making party decor easier. Themes are also a lot of fun and interactive for guests to participate in. A kid’s table is a great way to keep the young ones entertained while their parents take a break from parental duties. You can set up a kid friendly movie, crayons, paper, and some building blocks to keep them occupied. This is optional, but if you are serving alcohol, consider offering a self-serve bar. You don’t have to be the bartender for the night and can relax (which is very important as the host/hostess), plus guests can sip on their drink of choice, not what’s just given to them. Last thing to remember, don’t forget party favors. You will send guests feeling appreciated and ready to attend your next event.


Twenty Three Layers are the top rated corporate event planners in NYC because they have an array of services that can compliment any company. Whether your company needs branding, workshops, or custom printing, Twenty Three Layers is happy to help!


They are a full service event planning company that has worked with many clients from single people, to huge companies. No job is too big or too small. There are countless event planning companies in NYC, that’s why Twenty Three Layers is committed to delivering their clients absolute perfection. Check them out.

Boraie Development: one of the Key Sponsors of the Free Summer Movies Series

During the summer of 2016, the State Theatre hosted the Free Summer Movies Series, an event that was funded by The Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development. The series featured movies, such as Frozen, the Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 3, Babe, Monsters University, and Aladdin, which aired on July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2, August 9, and August 26 in that particular order. Movie lovers had an opportunity to watch their favorite movie either at 10:30 am or at 7:00 pm.

The State Theatre allowed the community to watch all the six movies at zero cost. This offer allowed young people to watch their favorite movies with their loved ones, summer camps, and other friends within the environs of State Theatre. The State Theatre is a renowned 1921-movie center that has turned out to be one of the New Jersey’s most sought after venues for live performance.

Statements from Hiam Boraie, the VP of Boraie Development

Hiam expressed his excitement for sponsoring the fantastic series that gave young people and their families an opportunity to enjoy entertaining movies in a remarkable venue. He added that Boraie Development would continue to support community initiatives that continue to make a positive impact.

Jane Kurek’s sentiments

Jane Kurek acts as the head of The Provident Bank Foundation, which sponsored the Community Access Initiative by the State Theatre. Kurek said that her organization was excited to have participated in organizing and sponsoring the summer event that saw local families enjoy unforgettable State Theatre experiences.

Boraie Development in brief

Boraie Development provides a wide range of services that concentrate on all the parts of the urban real estate sector. The firm has three major divisions: sales/marketing, real estate development, and property management. The company is committed to constructing outstanding properties while offering exceptional services to its customers. Boraie Development’s strength lies in working with the leading financial firms, visionary architects, and competent contractors to ensure all projects are concluded on time.

What makes Boraie Development a real estate development powerhouse?

In every project that handles, it employs its vision, resources, and reliability. The company has become one of the leading developers in New Jersey by leveraging its stellar record that spans over three decades. Apart from its capital, this real estate development giant uses funds acquired from large commercial banks. The company comes up with cutting edge projects that attract financial partners, residents, and tenants.


How Chris Burch and Andreas Morataya Have Revolutionized the Hotel Industry

Hosting a party is one of the few entertaining extracurricular activities that most of us undertake once in a while. Though these events can be fun, the fact that optimum time is required to organize for the right type of food and drinks can be a daunting task for many people. With this in mind, people looking to hold parties have gone a notch higher to seek services from highly-skilled individuals who are well-versed with hosting parties and organizing events. This was the case when the founder of Burch Creative Capital Mr. Chris Burch sought for party hosting services from Chef Morataya; one of the leading chefs in Panama.

Chef Andres Morataya is a well-renowned chef who owns a farm-to-table sit-in restaurant in Panama. The restaurant which is known as Panga primarily specializes in developing a unique dining and feasting experience for each person looking for a tantalizing meal with minimal hassles. As a start-up company, Chef Morataya found it hard to maintain his new business venture due to the lack of funds. However, he saw a leeway and decided to embark on a friendlier way of cooking, a venture he referred to as “back to basics”.  Check this on

The success of his “back to basics” ideas enabled him to build his own grill by using driftwood and bricks in what came to be known as Panga Restaurant.

His services have attracted a wide variety of people who have viewed him as being a professional in his trade. It’s, therefore, no secret as to why Chris Burch chose him in the first place. Later in October, Andreas Morataya will be taking his expertise to Nihi Sumba Island, one of the leading resorts in Indonesia owned by Chris Burch.

Christopher Burch

Chris Burch is the founder and the current CEO of Burch Creative Capital a company mediated with creating value. Christopher Burch journey as a globally recognized business figure began in 1976 while still pursuing his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College. Together with his brother, they invested $2,000 to start the Eagle Eye apparel business venture which eventually grew to profits exceeding $165 million. They later sold the company to Swire Group.  Related article on

Throughout his 30-year career as an entrepreneur and investor, Christopher has overseen the growth and constant rise of more than 50 companies. His success has been attributed to a detailed understanding of the consumer behavior as well as the experience he has gained throughout his young and budding career.   Read insights and views from him, click on

Christopher Burch has also invested his capital in local and international real estate ventures in Florida, New York, Palm Beach, and Nantucket.  Additional article to read here.

Take a quick tour to one of his famous investment on

When Business Magnate Meets a Revolutionizing Chef

In the world of cooking, options are limitless. People all around the world enjoy eating, and different traditions have given rise to very different foods. People who are fortunate enough to experience many cultures often see the biggest variance in foods offered. One of the very famous chefs, who built a name for himself through unique cooking styles, is Panamanian chef Andres Marataya.

Chris Burch, a successful investor and a CEO, is very familiar with the expertise of chef Marataya. Earlier this year, he hired this chef to cater for one of his large and popular summer parties, which was done in the heart of the Hamptons. The chef’s so called “beach-friendly” approach that provides grilled food is what appealed to this Burch. Known for his custom-built grills, chef Marataya was able to provide great experience to all the guests throughout the party

As far as Burch goes, his name is very well-known in the circles of business. His career has been over 40 years long, and his portfolio is almost impossible to compete with. Having started over 4-dozen companies, currently he is in charge of the Burch Creative Capital, visit their website, check on  The vision statement that he goes by is focused on helping those that will impact the community. Thus, as a CEO of the Burch Creative Capital, he looks to invest and lead those companies that are an opportunity in the world of innovation.  For an overview of the diverse investment portfolio, hop over to this.

His success began back in 1976, when him and his brother turned a $2,000 investment into $165 million empire. He has had a chance to even pair up with some celebrities on their business endeavors such as Ellen DeGeneres. His expertise range anywhere from innovative clothes and appeal stores that he ran, all the way to hospitality services where he worked with different food brands. More to read on

Therefore, it comes as not surprise that this millionaire saw great potential in Malaysian chef Marataya. By offering unique and different options for a basic cooking service, the chef was guaranteed to catch attention of Burch. History of his intuition paying off helped him this time too, as he has offered Marataya a position in one of his Indonesian resorts. There, he will have a chance to share his unique craftsmanship and cooking skills with visitors to Nihi Sumba island. Thus, the businessman has found a way to implement unmatched skills of a revolutionary chef, which are granted to lead to something very successful for the both of them!  Related article on

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Fun Earning Opportunities With Traveling Vineyard

When someone says that it is possible to have fun while earning money, they risk being ridiculed. However, it is true that there are fun opportunities for making money. Also, the fun that comes with making money depends on the type of person. For people that are creative, they can find opportunities to get paid to write and even shop. It just depends on finding the right type of company to get involved in. Some people can get paid to run wine tasting events. This is the type of opportunity that Traveling Vineyard offers. The best part is that it is easy for people to get started in.

Online earning opportunities tend to be a lot easier to get into than a regular job. For one thing, all one has to do is sign up with contact information confirm his account. With Traveling Vineyard, people have the choice of signing up or even just emailing the company expressing interest in the opportunity. Then they will be assigned a wine guide who is willing to train them so that they will be able to run a wine tasting event in their home. Then once they are ready, they can start running wine tasting events.

One of the best aspects of Traveling Vineyard is its flexibility. Like many alternative earning opportunities, the member can choose when he works and how much he works. Many people work Traveling Vineyard opportunities as an extra source of income while they work their regular jobs. However, it is also a lucrative opportunity that allows people to earn enough money that they can live completely off of Traveling Vineyard as a full time job. The best part is that there is no drama or pressure on the person that is running the wine tasting event as opposed to working a regular job. For more info about Traveling Vineyard’s Social Media: click here.