Elysium Health’s Commitment to Produce Supplements that Can Result in Better Health

About Elysium Health

Elysium Health was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, who is the director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging at MIT. The company’s mission is to help people live healthier for longer by providing consumers access to proactive health options. They work with leading clinicians and scientists. Elysium Health has been able to come up with clinically backed health products by use of advanced science and technology.

Additionally, Elysium Health is committed to providing new products by researching and doing clinical trials whereby the new product can take up to two years to be available in the market.

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About Basis

With more than 25 years of research behind it, Elysium Health’s first and only product, Basis, is a supplement that supports cellular health. It ensures that the body’s cells maintain substantial levels of NAD+. NAD+ is coenzyme that’s very important for biological processes such as DNA maintenance, regulating circadian rhythms, and energy creation. Medical research has shown that, as people age, there is diminished production of NAD+.

Basis produces two essential compounds that include Pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside. Elysium Healths’ website advises that Basis be taken on a daily basis. The supplement can be used by adults of all ages, and two capsules should be taken every morning with or without food. Most importantly, Basis does not contain any animal product, flavors, artificial colors, nuts, or gluten, making it suitable for many consumers with dietary restrictions.

Why Basis?

Elysium Health has a board of leading scientists who have contributed breakthrough research in various scientific fields. Also, the product has been put through clinical trials that confirmed a rise in NAD+ levels in those who took the supplement regularly. Even further, the ingredients used by Elysium Health have been tested to ensure people’s safety when taking the supplement, and purity testing is always done by a third party.

Cost of the Product

Elysium Health has an available ongoing subscription of $50 per month, or $270 for six months. People who purchase a single  bottle will spend $60. There are additional options in Elysium Health’s website, where you can choose the most suitable subscription depending on your needs and budget.

Waiakea Water: A Leader in Sustainability

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is produced by Waiakea, Inc., which bottles a naturally alkaline water. This bottled water is captured from a single source located outside of Hilo, a town on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Waiakea water is naturally filtered by the Mauna Loa volcano. This water gets its special makeup of calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica. This magically combination creates an unusually smooth, silky water that might be described as gliding.

The naturally alkaline water‘s pH ranges from 7.8 up to 8.8. The difference between standard water is regular water’s pH is 7. The Waiakea water achieves its pH naturally.

Another proud innovation by Waiakea, Inc., is they are switching to the earth’s first completely degradable plastic water bottle. This new packaging will be a 100% recyclable plastic, and they will begin to implement the new containers within the next year. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water takes pride in this groundbreaking feature that will add to the total sustainability of this forward thinking company.

The company is also a partner of TimePlast, which created the only additive for the nano-degradation of plastic that is patented and available worldwide. These bottles will degrade 97% quicker than standard plastic beverage bottles. Traditional bottles will need millions, yes millions, of years to fully breakdow, but with this new patented addition the TimePlast and Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water bottles will degrade in a practical 15 years. TimePlast plastic is still a fully recyclable plastic.

Waiakea, Inc., was created in 2012 and was the first Hawaiian volcanic premium water. The company stands by its mission to provide not only healthy drinking water but sustainability while still contributing back to the community. They donate one week’s worth of drinking water to families in need in Malawi with each liter sold, this program is partnered with Pump Aid.

Louis Chenevert, an Enthusiastic Leader While at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a businessman and a former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, a multinational conglomerate based in America involved in research, development, and manufacturing of high technology products. Louis spent 14 years in General Motors where he worked as the Production Manager. In 1993, he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada and was appointed as the president after serving the company for six years.

Chenevert was elected as the chairman of UTC in March 2006. From 2011 to 2012, he also worked as the Executive Committee of the Business Council’s vice chairman. On December 8th, 2014, Louis stepped down as UTC’s CEO, and in September 2015 he became an Exclusive Advisor at Merchant Banking Division, targeting opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

When Louis was the CEO of UTC, he played a very crucial role and left behind a high standard legacy that has remained hard for other executives to match. Chenevert accomplished some remarkable achievements, such as formulating significant profits in the market even in a recession and procuring Goodrich. This procurement still stands as his wonder deal that signifies exceptional patience and business insight. He spent over a year in continuous negotiations before closing the deal at 18.4 billion dollars.

Louis’ enthusiasm to invest in technologies was vital in driving the future growth of UTC. The vision he had during his tenure as the president of the company is today’s driving force in sustaining the U.S. economy as well as assisting in producing manufacturing jobs that remain in the United States. Today, Pratt & Whitney own manufacturing factories in Georgia, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Maine, and Michigan. These plants make a supply chain that touches every state throughout the country. With an investment of more than one billion dollars, these factories are in a position to meet the needs of the present customer base as well as future clients.

To add to the legacy of Chenevert’s leadership, UTC manufactures the engines of the most advanced jet in the world for both military and commercial users. The company dominates the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry. It also manufactures more helicopters at its unit in Sikorsky than any other firm in the United States. The various plants operated by Aerospace Systems Unit manufacture sensors, actuators, breaks, landing gears, flight controls among others.

Providing Security In The Securus Technologies Way

There are certain companies that make a mark on their clients. An important one amongst these is Securus Technologies. I can vouch for this as I have myself seen how they are flooded with letters and emails from their clients all the time.


These mails are not about complaints. They are mainly asking for help. The clients of Securus Technologies are typically prison and jail officials. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They have to keep the facilities safe.


This is not an easy task. I know this as the prison officials are always lamenting about the criminals making use of technology in order to commit crimes. Hence the prison officials require technology in order to handle such a situation. This is where they ask for help from Securus Technologies.


Many times the jail officials ask Securus Technologies about their covert features. This allows them to know more about the crime before it actually happens. They come to know when the contraband is arriving in prison, or drugs, or arms, or money or even the latest technological gadgets. Then they get information about how it will be reaching the inmates and who all are involved in it. Many times, there are several prison officials who may be taking bribes and allowing all this to happen. Once the plan is clear, a trap can be laid out. This helps to nab the culprit red-handed. Besides, this way the jails remain safe for the inmates too.


Securus Technologies understands the needs of the customers well. I have seen how well they read their mails from clients. They try to understand the need properly and provide products and services accordingly. This is because they understand how important safety is. It is not only for the inmates, but even for their friends, families and the general public too.



Jason Hope Contribution In Making Life Better For The Ageing Population

Who is Jason hope?

Jason hope went to Arizona state college where he earned his degree in finance. He additionally procured an MBA from the universities W.P Carey School of Business. Towards the begin of his profession, Jason made a versatile correspondences organization and now he focuses on biotechnology and investing in new companies.

Jason expectation can be seen in Scottsdale tutoring highschool understudies and creating stipend programs for the entrepreneurs. He has likewise devoted enthusiasm for legislative issues as identified with business all through the province of Arizona. Currently, Jason hope is a business person, futurist, humanitarian and a financial specialist situated in the Scottsdale, Arizona with an enthusiasm for innovation and offering back to his group, and what Jason Hope knows.


Anti-aging research done by Jason Hope

Jason hope contributed SENS started in the year 2010 when he gave ten million dollars to the association. Given these assets, the gathering could set up its Cambridge SENS lab and execute new research activities. From that point forward, he has gone ahead to contribute over $1 million of his cash to the reason of the research. Jason had faith in their work and saw how fundamental it is as far as propelling human solution. It can reclassify the human services, pharmaceutical, and biotech ventures.

Notwithstanding loaning his money related help to SENS, Hope additionally assumes a dynamic part of the gathering’s effort endeavors. As indicated by Hope, restoration biotechnologies to ensure and promote the future well being of the human race.

The modern way discovered and developed the SENS foundation will be useful in treating illnesses, and more toward understanding counteractive action as an approach to make a more drawn out, better personal satisfaction. After some time, unusual digestion progressively harms the body. The research prompts the desolating maladies related to maturity. SENS came up with new scientific disciplines to repair this sort of damage before the body grows savage pathologies, and https://patch.com/arizona/phoenix/futurist-jason-hope-supports-arizonas-skyrocketing-tech-sector.

As to putting resources into solid maturing, Hope doesn’t remain solitary. Increasingly of the country’s wealthiest trailblazers are putting millions toward against developing the foundation.”I trust that my help can help achieve speedier outcomes that will profit humanity all in all,” said Hope.

Contributions of Jason hope

Web Entrepreneur Jason Hope promises half a million dollars to SENS Foundation which will support SENS Foundation’s in its mission to fight age-related diseases and research of regeneration biotechnologies. The worldwide academic group is progressively perceiving the part of restoration biotechnologies intending to age-related infection. A few days ago, Jason Hope declared a $500,000 gift to SENS Foundation, a California-based non-benefit association that attempts to create, advance and guarantee broad access to restoration biotechnologies which exhaustively address age-related malady.

American Express Needs The Burch’s of The World

The baby-boomer brand, American Express, has been running alarming stories on the uncertainty of the future success of the business. A lot of news reports have shifted focus on the unfortunate financial situations of retailers, with majority of them hoping that the digital era will offer them a chance to reinvent themselves. Perhaps one of these parties, the chief executive officer of American Express, Mr. Kenneth Chenault, has been shoved into retirement following the harsh economic climate in business. His replacement, Mr. Stephen Squeri, the new chief executive officer, is expected to reinstate this situation by executing economically viable strategies. Will he manage the situation? Many have asked.

Background information

Chris Burch, the prominent entrepreneur who marries fashion to technology has been loyal to American Express Co. From 1979, until this year, Burch has been confident of the services offered by American Express. The series of events took a turn when he shifted his loyalty to Sapphire Reserve card of J.P Morgan Chase. Chris recalls that the shift was influenced by American Express’s inability to set him up with stronger entrepreneurial networks in the New York industry of restaurants. Most hotel upgrades became a story of the bland. In his communication with the then CEO, Mr. Chenault, Burch stated that he was disappointed. Feedback from customer relations was not impressive.   Learn more about the diversity of his entrepreneurial skills and output, check burchcreativecapital.com.

Is it a first-world issue?

A careful analysis of the situation would present Burch’s disappointment as a first-world problem. Some would even term it as a man-made disaster. Even if that is the case, American Express should work towards redeeming itself by talking the Burch’s of the industry into investment. The stiff competition in the industry needs high-profile entrepreneurs and Burch is one of them. The input of such individuals would be constructive to business.  Know the latest news and his follow on investments, click this..

Personal profile

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur. His values and ethics in business have played a pivotal role in elevating his businesses across the world. Often working with prolific investors in the form of partnerships, Chris Burch has chaired many startups that have turned out to be successful. Burch has been a huge contributor of different economic sectors. His input can be traced back to Burch Creative Capital, the parent company.   Read related article on bjtonline.com.

The Conclusion

Through Burch Creative, many businesses have been elevated thanks to Chris’ ideas and the commitment to develop entrepreneurial brains. Chris Burch has invested in multiple businesses from technology to the latest one, Nihiwatu, a resort that is geographically located in Sumba Island.  Read more about his latest investment, the Nihiwatu resort, hit this link on businessinsider.com.

A must-read article on http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/christopher-maya-j-christopher-burch-hamptons-house-article


Meet Dick DeVos, an Accomplished Entrepreneur, Politician and Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is married to the American businesswoman and politician who is currently serving as the 11th US Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos has spearheaded many campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. The reformist served as the chairperson of Michigan Republic Party for six years. Just like his wife, Dick DeVos also comes out as a reformist. In 2006, Mr. DeVos was the nominee for governor of Michigan for the Republican Party. Dick DeVos, together with his wife, are always in search of innovative solutions for social problems in business. The couple cofounded Windquest Group in 1989; a multi-company group that deals in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Dick DeVos has worked as the president of Amway and Orlando Magic BA franchise at different times.


Born in 1955, Richard DeVos Jr. is the eldest son of Richard DeVos Sr. His father, alongside the late Jay Van Andel (1924-2004) cofounded Amway Corporation – a network sales firm that sells its health, personal care, and household products through dealers. The industry/commercial leader joined Amway Corporation in 1974 and served in different capacities until he rose to the vice presidency in 1984.


He left Amway in 1989 to establish Windquest Group. He would later make his way back to Amway Corporation as the president in 1993 to succeed his father. As it turned out, Amway would not have been in better hands. Dick DeVos presided over the company’s restructuring which led to the establishment of the umbrella firm, Alticor Corporation (made up of Amway, Quixtar, and the Access Business Group). The successful restructuring saw the company expand its operations to over 50 countries on six continents. Dick DeVos retired from Alticor as its president to dedicate his time and efforts to his private venture Windquest Group, and also participate in politics.


Together with his wife, Dick runs the foundation “Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.” Through the foundation, the couple is usually driven by the desire to serve as faithful servants – an attribute they learned from their parents. They offer their support to organizations and programs whose activities are focused on education, community, leadership, arts, as well as justice. Dick and Betsy DeVos make financial contributions to West Michigan Aviation Academy, Inner City Christian Federation, DeVos Institute of Arts Management and Project Clarity.



Dick’s commitment to his community is evident. The fact that he cares about underprivileged children is undeniable. He goes into the books of major philanthropists in the world for starting Education Freedom Fund that gave scholarships to 4000 economically disadvantaged children in Michigan. Among many other things, he co-chairs Grand Action that has become a leader in reviving Grand Rapids. He is also a board member of Willow Creek Association, Grand Rapids Economic Club, Project Clarity, Spectrum Health and the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Besides engaging in philanthropy, business and politics, Dick DeVos has co-authored the book “Believe” with Charles Paul Conn.


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