Amazon is Vulnerable to Competition, According to Jeff Yastine

Investors and stock analysts on Wall Street seem to have almost totally surrendered the entire retail sector of the American economy to Amazon. That’s been especially true since Amazon took over Whole Foods.

However, one courageous investment writer dares to express a contrarian opinion. He wrote an article outlining how companies could compete against Amazon in the retail space. Nobody knows yet whether or not they will, but they could. That’s especially true if certain companies partnered with each, each leveraging their separate assets to go against the online retail giant. Read this article at to know more about Jess Yastine

That lone voice in the wilderness is Jeff Yastine, editor of the Total Wealth Insider newsletter from Banyan Hill Publishing. Yastine spent over two decades as a prominent financial journalist. As Senior Correspondent for PBS Nightly Business Report, he was nominated for a Business Emmy Award. He also interviewed many business and investing experts, including Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Michael Dell.

Yastine points out two companies that have extensive warehouse and distribution center networks around the United States that an enterprising tech giant such as Google could partner with to compete with Amazon’s ability to ship items quickly to consumers within the country, especially through their highly successful Prime program.

The first of these companies is of course eBay, the company Amazon and Jeff Bezos once competed against fiercely. Although not as large as Amazon, eBay has evolved far beyond just facilitating auctions for private parties. They have many customers and many sellers. And they a strong offline delivery infrastructure.

The second is Grainger, which sells many types of industrial products across many diverse markets around the country. It took owns a lot of distribution infrastructure around the country that could be used to store items until ordered online. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg



And the Kroger supermarket company is well-positioned to compete against Amazon even though their stock price went down 35% when Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods. They have 3,000 stores around the country, and they are beginning to implement no-cashier technology to keep their labor costs low. Plus, they sell a broad range of food products that are more in demand by most American consumers. Whole Foods is oriented toward health and organic foods. If Amazon expands much beyond that, they will be diluting the Whole Foods brand. But the growing popularity of organic foods is putting them into regular supermarkets, and that is where most Americans shop for groceries.


Jeff Yastine specializes in writing about value stocks for his readers to buy before their market prices go up to their true value.

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Rocketship Education: Exploding into the Future


Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools established to serve low-income students who have limited access to first-rate schools. Founded in 2006, the organization focuses exclusively on elementary education. Rocketship counts Bill and Melinda Gates, the Andre Agassi Foundation and the Obama Administration as early and pivotal financial contributors to its cause. The core focus of Rocketship is to use intense online learning to help students – who may have fallen behind academically – advance to their appropriate grade level education. The network currently manages schools in the San Francisco Bay area, Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C. By placing schools in underprivileged, economically challenged areas, Rocketship is determined to eliminate the achievement gap in the K-5 age group.

Students at Rocketship schools rotate between labs throughout the school day. Between labs, students are given time to engage in art, music, gardening, play time and the like. Rotating students through varying modules throughout the school day allows for a smaller teacher to student ratio. Paraprofessionals are instrumental in the curriculum because of the heavy use of online learning. Also, Rocketship relies heavily on the engagement of parents and the local community to strengthen the educational partnership. The three pillars that guides Rocketship Education are personalized learning, talent development and parent power.

A unique feature of the Rocketship model is the inclusion of special education students in a standard classroom setting. A special needs student will spend up to 80% of her day in a standard classroom with the aim that all children have potential. “Mainstreaming” in education is not a new concept and it is mandated by the federal government. However, the personalized approach by Rocketship educators ensure that special needs students are given the additional supports that she needs. This is a win-win for all students: the special needs student experiences the curricula presented to all students while the “typical” student learns empathy and understanding in relation to the diverse needs of their peers.

Rocketship Education has seen many successes related to test scores and high retention rates. One of the main objectives of the enterprise is to remain flexible in its approach to educating children who may have started out a step behind. As technology evolves, flexibility will continue to be important in closing the achievement gap.

Stream Energy To Support Hurricane Harvey Victims

Stream Energy is a famous direct selling company that is slowly changing the lives of the people in the society. The organization specializes in the provision of connected life services, and it has managed to do exceptionally well in the market. The management of the company recently announced that it had taken several measures to ease the suffering of the independent associates and customers who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The natural calamity took place just recently, and it has left very many people with huge losses. Families have lost homes and properties due to this huge disaster that left many shocked. Get details on Stream Energy at

Stream Energy has donated $25000 to the prestigious American Red Cross so that the families affected by the storm can be helped too. Apart from giving out this significant amount, the organization has also promised to give all the support possible to the one hundred and twenty-seven people who have been affected by the disaster. The institution will show its support by waiving all the late fees on all energy invoices that were generated in August and September. Stream Wireless clients who are based on these reasons do not have to worry about any late fees, especially during this period because the company will take care of the bills.

The direct sales community at Stream Energy has also announced to the public that it will be supporting the affected team because they believe that they should assist one another in tough situations. This group has already started a crowdfunding campaign that will be channeled to help all the independent associates that have been affected in the area. Stream Energy has made things better for this group by stating that it will match the donations given up to $25000. The organization is also expected to monitor the situation during the relief effort, especially in the Texas coastal areas. Read more about Stream Energy at

Stream Energy has been on the market since the year 2005, and it has proven that it is an organization that worries about the needs of its employees. The company has also made it clear to the members of the public that it will be making more community projects in the future. By giving the numerous support, the organization has assisted so many families, especially young children and women.


How Rick Smith Made Secures One of the Top Prison Industry Companies

Because Rick Smith knew what it would take to run a professional prison industry company, he was prepared to do everything he could to make Securus the best it could be. He had always wanted to provide people with different opportunities and that was how he was giving everyone a chance to have a better prison. The administrators of the prisons that Securus was in were able to enjoy the benefits that came with a support company. They were also able to sit back while they dealt with some of the other problems that were going on in the industry. For the people who ran the prisons, Securus was the blessing they were looking for. It was their way of giving people what they needed and giving them all the options that would allow them to be successful in every instance. They knew they would need to use these opportunities to get better with what they were doing. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

For as long as Rick Smith was working as the CEO of the company, he knew he would need to make sure things were getting better. He also knew there would be other ways he could be successful if he was providing people with things like the kiosk that Securus offered. The kiosk was simple for inmates to use and it cut down on some of the issues administrative staff would have to deal with. It all went back to how Rick Smith was able to make things easier for people and how he was doing the best job possible with the things he was facing.

Looking at things like the kiosk gave Rick Smith Securus the motivation he needed to continue helping other people. He had always wanted to make sure there were other opportunities and there were things people could deal with while they were running the prison. It went back to what would make things easier for people and what would allow them the chance to try their best at different opportunities. Prison administrators would give everyone a chance to feel better about the prison they were working in through the use of different things in the community. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

As long as Rick Smith could do his best with the Securus opportunities, he felt confident there would be a way for him to try different things. He also knew there would be other ways he could give back to what people were looking for. As long as Rick Smith was doing his best job possible, he was confident in the skills he had and with the options he had to make things easier on his clients. Securus continued to serve people and show prisons the most positive parts of the experiences they were dealing with.


George Soros Funding Charitable Causes and Initiatives Across the Globe

Even though the world is progressing at a massive pace and many positive changes are happening world over, the political landscape of just about every country, it seems, is going against its people. The people in just about any country you name today are not happy with their government, and primarily because most of these governments are working for the benefit of the large-scale corporations who funded election campaigns or are indebted to their favors during the election. There are not many wealthy or influential people out there, with few exceptions, who genuinely want to uplift the low-income communities or work for the benefit of the people.

George Soros is one of the most famous public figures in the United States, who is not only a wealthy businessman but also a political contributor, thought leader, an author, a philanthropist, and a speaker. George Soros continues to propagate his idea of the open and democratic society in every way possible, whether it is the articles he writes, the seminars and conferences he speaks in, or the speeches he gives at large-scale public events. He has been using his wealth in a very meticulous manner to ensure that it is used to help make a positive difference in the world we live in and uplift the poor and needy people from their downtrodden conditions. Whether it is supporting the education of the students from the low income and black communities in the United States or the elsewhere or supporting the movements like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, George Soros has never been hesitant in coming forward.

It is because of his bold moves that he is also often criticized by the people and even the governments. Many of the world governments where he has outreach in through his non-profit organization, Open Society Foundation, feels that George Soros is trying to influence the politics of their countries. However, what he is trying to do is awaken the people from their complacency and ignite in them the passion for fighting for their rights. In the developed country as the United States, the people minorities and immigrants are oppressed and their rights not respected. It is because of such negativity that George Soros feel that Capitalism has rightly become a threat that people should be warned about. In a recent article, he wrote that people no longer have to worry about Nazism or Communism because Communism is what they should be actually concerned about today.

George Soros has given away a total sum of $32 Billion in his life to charitable causes and continues to give away as much as he can. The recent move of George Soros of giving away $18 Billion to his foundation, Open Society Foundation, brought him back to the limelight. He feels that it is the right way to use the fortune he has accumulated over the years. Open Society Foundation works with hundreds of organizations located in different parts of the world to help make a difference that promises a better future for the generations to come.

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