What Chris Burch Did To Nihiwatu Resort Upon Buying It

If you’re wondering where the best place to vacation on a romantic getaway be it a honeymoon or another occasion to escape with the one you love, you’re probably thinking of places such as Sandals in the Bahamas, a place in the Caymans or Bora Bora, or maybe you’ve heard of Nihiwatu. This is a vacation place recently bought by investor and serial entrepreneur Chris Burch. Burch put $30 million into building some of the world’s best beachfront vacation houses with exterior designs that resemble some native jungle huts, but the interiors are so finely furnished from exquisite designs on the wooden floors and walls to the most-comfy furniture imaginable. When you venture outside the hotel rooms, you’re greeted by a clear blue ocean and nature spots along the pathways which can take you to places you might get a special massage. And Burch himself loves the property so much that he has a large home there with an outdoor pool that gives all who swim in it a great ocean overlook (architecturaldigest.com).

It took many years before Chris Burch could afford a home out in Nihiwatu, but his journey to billionaire is quite remarkable. He came from an average middle-class family in Pennsylvania and attended the Tilton Boarding School when he was young. As a college student at Ithaca College, he started his first business selling sweaters he would buy from a factory. He started out just selling them around the campus, but soon his customers grew to other nearby colleges and to other cities, and before long he had his own retail corporation, Eagle Eye Apparel started. The company was a big success for 21 years until Burch sold it.

Chris Burch took part in a few other business investments after selling Eagle Eye Apparel including the Internet Capital Group and Tory Burch. He started his own venture capital business in 2008 known as Burch Creative Capital which has been the main source of funding for companies like Poppin office solutions, Brad’s, Actua, C. Wonder, Voss Water and Powermat (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/burch-creative-capital-announces-new-and-follow-on-investments-to-founder-chris-burchs-portfolio-300389216.html).  He had actually invested in another big hotel property prior to Nihiwatu known as the Faena Hotel + Universe, a 5-star resort bought in Buenos Aires by developer Alan Faena. Burch is also a former film producer who put together a 1992 film known as “Watch It.”  For more reading, check releasefact.com.

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Ted Bauman: Why Bitcoin Will Never Work!

What is wrong with Bitcoin? That is the problem that readers of The Bauman Letter were presented with. Ted Bauman, a well known financial expert and analyst, explained in full detail what exactly is wrong with Bitcoin. There is a big problem with Bitcoin that will definitely prevent it from becoming the global currency that so many so called experts out there claim it will become. There is no chance of Bitcoin growing any significant amount if this problem is not resolved. Until then, it will remain a currency that is far from being used on a global scale and is limited to select few online merchants. Follow Ted Bauman at stocktwits.com

Let us imagine the following story. It is a bunch of years down the road, and you are on a business trip. You have parked your car in the garage at an airport. After being away for a few days on a tiring business trip, you finally get back and all you want to do is head home and enjoy yourself. You go to the garage and you want to pay the fee that will let you take your car out of the garage. However, you need to pay with Bitcoin, perhaps because the machine does not accept anything else (remember, this is just a theoretical situation that may take place many years down the road) or because you forgot your wallet or your credit cards and you do not have any cash. You pay Bitcoin by using the machine, which connects to your account. You wait for the machine to let out your car. A minute goes by, and then another minute goes by. Five minutes pass. Then ten. Finally, an hour or two later, you are let out. Read more at ezinearticles.com about Ted Bauman

This is not a scenario that may never happen. If everyone truly switches to Bitcoin, then this may be a huge problem. The truth is that Bitcoin takes a long time to process transactions. It can only handle a certain amount of transactions per second. Already it is taking many minutes and sometimes up to an hour or more for a transaction to go through. If everyone starts using Bitcoin, the technology behind it will simply not be enough to sustain all the transactions going on. It will simply not work.

Ted Bauman is the editor of the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing. He offers expert advice on investments. More info can be found at https://tedbaumanguru.com/


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Of Bradesco: The Leadership Adapted For The New Future

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco

There’s so many information we can read today about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. The online articles we can learn today have a series of features getting disseminated about Luis Trabuco Cappi of Bradesco, but to make sense of it all, let’s read this short digest about him in the article below.

The Bloomberg Announcement

After the latest news of the retirement of Lazaro de Mello Brandao, now 91 years old, from Banco Bradesco SA, there’s now triggering story about who is going to replace him. The fact that Bradesco is Brazil’s second-largest bank today by market value makes it even more difficult to replace the chairman. Fortunately, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is available and is more than skilled and experienced to handle the tasks from the position.

After Mr. Cappi accepted the position of being Bradesco’s new Chief Executive Officer, there will hardly be a lot of problems in the new area of Mr. Luiz Cappi mainly because ever since he was 16 years old, he’s already been trained on how to handle large positions. His background also makes him a perfect man to incorporate the new ideas and management policies of Bradesco. After all, he’s a new talent and because Bradesco wants to be in the forefront of the industry, they got him in.

Bradesco’s decision to pick Mr. Trabuco is also a symbolism of their choice to pick someone who can respect their decision for their pool of talents. This is especially challenging, especially because Bradesco right now has a series of shares that fell to about 1.2 percent and has reached to about 39-percent, at least according to its year-to-date score. Now that there is new management in Bradesco, there will be more to expect in what the company is about to get regarding leadership management.

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Who Is Luiz Trabuco and What’s Next For The Bradesco Bank?

For starters, you probably already know that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has a degree in Philosophy, and it’s his passion for such liberal arts that also pushed him to take postgraduate studies in Social Psychology at the Fundacao Escola d.e Sociologia e Politica, which is one of the renowned schools in Sao Paulo. The professional career of Luiz Trabuco before he became Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer started about 48 years ago. Indeed, there’s a series of line of professions and name behind him before he finally held a position at Bradesco.

Some of the prominent positions he held before becoming a chief officer at Bradesco include being an Investor Relations Officer and Executive Vice President in a different department at Bradesco. He’s also once the President of the Federacao Nacional de Saude Suplemantar, which is the equivalent of America’s National Federation of Supplementary Health.

What’s next for Bradesco Bank now that Luiz Cappi is now the CEO of Banco Bradesco S.A. is that it will employ and make most out of the skills that Luiz Cappi has learned from all the positions that he held over the years.

Board Memberships
To know his competence, it’s also necessary to include here the various board memberships that Luiz held over the years. Some of them include Branco Bradesco’s S.A. branch and also Bradesco Leasing S.A. – Arrendamento Mercan.til. His affiliations with large groups also increase the chances of Mr. Cappi to succeed in his position as the new CEO of Bradesco. These affiliations include the ones with the University of South Pacific and Banco Bradesco Europa S.A.

Truly, Mr. Luiz is one of the prominent leaders today that can help lead and grow a company as big as Bradesco itself.

Jeff Yastine Uncovers The Next Big Thing In Technology

Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill Publishing has identified the next big investing opportunity. He says that government regulation is a huge expense for most businesses, especially those in the insurance and banking industry. While this has always been the case it never became truer than after the financial crash of 2008. In the wake of that federal regulators put in place many new rules that are very expensive to deal with. Visit Jeff Yastine at medium .com to know more.

Due to these regulations, Jeff Yastine has identified regtech as the next big investment opportunity in the technology sector. Companies in this industry are creating software that will help other industries, particularly insurance and banking firms, deal with government regulations in a far more efficient and less costly way. So far there are around 80 companies in the regtech industry, he says, and almost all of them are still privately held. He expects many of these companies to grow in the next few years and some could even have an initial public offering.

Much of the government regulations are reasonable but they do put a large burden on companies. Banks, for instance, have to confirm the identity of every new customer due to federal regulations regarding fraud and money laundering. It can cost a bank $10 million a year to do this task but if they use one of the new regtechs that cost can come down to around $300,000 all while accomplishing the same thing.

Jeff Yastine has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015 and he lives in Delray Beach, Florida. For many years he has been talking and writing about investing and other financial matters. For many years he was a senior correspondent for the PBS show Nightly Business Report and was once nominated for an Emmy.

It was at the University of Florida that he graduated in 1986 with a telecommunications degree. After working for PBS he had joined an investment company called Oxford Club LLC as their editorial director. He also had a top position at Newsmax Media for few years before joining Banyan Hill Publishing. Read this article at stockgumshoe.com to know more about Jeff Yastine

Total Wealth Insider is the financial newsletter that Jeff Yastine edits. He performs research into sectors of the economy as well as individual companies in order to uncover great investment opportunities. His research and writing have resulted in Total Wealth Insider being one of the most popular reads of its kind in the industry. Learn more:https://plus.google.com/+JeffYastine


Meet Ara Chackerian, a Philanthropic Medical Health Investor

San Francisco-based Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and a business owner who works as a general partner at Work in Health Technology. He attended Florida State University and has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He is a renowned philanthropist after a successful career in the healthcare technology industry. He has worked for several decades starting companies that have gone ahead to come up with different diagnostic imaging services that specialize each in a given area. For example, founded BMC Diagnostics, where he served as CEO for over a decade.

Ara Chackerian has held many other leadership positions at health companies. For instance, at PSS/World Medical, he was solely liable for overseeing profits and losses involving distribution facilities with over 400 employees. Under his leadership, he managed over $150 million in annual revenues. Ara Chackerian also served at Pipeline Health Holdings, LLC as the executive chairman until 2017. Ara Chackerian is also the founder of Embion/Provider Links. Currently, Ara serves as a board member at a number of orgnaizations including Limonapa, LLC, TMS Health Solutions, Pipelinerx and NorLuyce.

In partnership with leading physicians and business associates, Ara Chackerian is currently raising attention and awareness for transcranial magnetic stimulation through TMS Health Solutions. This is a mental health treatment innovation company with the potential to help people with severe mental health conditions. Additionally, Ara Chackerian is the president and co-founder of Limoapa Teak, a Nicaragua-based teak farm. Limoapa Teak uses best ecologically-favorable practices and aims at providing employment opportunities for the local community.

Ara Chackerian belief is that if a person makes it his goal engaging other people in their life, they will gain ideas from those life experiences. He credits his family for developing such an attitude in him and regards himself fortunate for it. He is interested in digital healthcare such as telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare applications. You can search on Google for more.

See more: https://www.slideshare.net/BradHummel3/tms-health-solutions-introduction

Jeremy Goldstein: Promoting a New Kind of Incentive

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who is based in the city of New York, and he made a name online because of his ability to foresee several economic changes that would affect the whole population who are putting all of their money in newly evolved markets like the cryptocurrency market. Jeremy Goldstein have written a recent article which stated that companies should be thinking about giving their employees an incentive in the form of EPS. The method is a contemporary idea, and according to Jeremy Goldstein, it is one of the most viable incentive options for the companies today. According to article written by Jeremy Goldstein, the EPS would provide several advantage for the company that is offering the incentive, but there are also some disadvantages that the company should be looking for.



Jeremy Goldstein has listed down some of the reasons why the EPS should be the incentive of choice for private companies. He noted that the EPS system would be viable for the companies because their value at the stock market would become higher. The more that the company would offer an EPS incentive for their employees, the higher the chances of their value would become. Additionally, employees who are receiving EPS or similar shares would become financially literate, and they would spend more time in studying how the stock market works. Employees would also have the option on keeping their shares and waiting for its trading price to increase. This would give employees a chance to increase their instance of earning high revenues just from trading their stocks.
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Jeremy Goldstein also pointed out the disadvantages that can be encountered in using the EPS an an incentive source. They noted that people living in the city would not go through a computer based incentives but would still prefer a magical door because for them, it is more like a business capital. Jeremy Goldstein has proven with his articles that an EPS based incentive is truly making miracles especially for the employees who are having issues with how they would be receiving their bonuses. The EPS continues to become a positive incentive choice both for the employees and the companies.



Always In a Giving Mood: Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a man who enjoys giving to those he loves. He has made a living out of taking a simple idea and making it worth millions. He has been in the investment business for more than forty years and knows a good idea when he sees one. He has made it his business to put his money where his mouth is and it seems to pay off handsomely for him. He is an expert when it comes to building and putting together great hotels such as Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia, click businessinsider.com, and Faena Hotel which was his starting point in the hospitality business. He also works with big names in collaborative ventures as well. Some of these include ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Voss Water.  Refer to burchcreativecapital.com for additional details.

The holidays, in particular, can be stressful for some people but not for Chris Burch. he really enjoys finding a quirky off the wall gift for someone he cares about. This year is no exception. He has found some really good ideas for his family and makes a charitable donation in the name of the recipient of the gift as well. Some of the gifts that he has found are from companies that he has a personal stake in. Some of the ones he has already found are a Snowe Home Candle Set, candy from Fatty Sundays or Pretzables which are two of his favorite stores, and a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote. These are the kinds of things that Chris gets for his family because he knows they won’t buy these for themselves. Chris also says that giving should not be done during one specific time of the year, it should be done all year long. that is good advice from someone who knows how to invest.

Chris Burch is a man who knows how to spread the wealth when it comes to his family. He knows how to find a good idea and turn it into a big money maker for the partner of the client. After more than forty years in the business, his advice is worth the effort to listen to, check ideamensch.com.

Additional article on http://www.bjtonline.com/business-jet-news/billionaire-chris-burch


Matt Badiali Reveals the Secrets behind the success of Real Wealth Strategist

Recently, an online publication did an interview with Mr. Matt Badiali explaining his huge success in the natural resource stock market. When asked about how he came up with the idea of Real Wealth Strategist Mr. Matt Badiali explained that it all came from having ordinary people struggle to invest in natural resources successfully due to their highly speculative and cyclical nature. Another reason that made him start his own newsletter on natural resource investing was the fact that at the time there was a scarcity of individuals with the right skill set doing publications in an effort to help the struggling ordinary natural resource investors.

Considering the academic qualifications of Mr. Matt Badiali given that holds a Bachelor’s of Science in earth sciences and a master of science in geology for Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively and the vast experience he has gained in Finance spanning a period of more than 10 years helping his friend come up with ways of investing for the ordinary person, he knew he had the unique skill set required to help everyday investors on main street to be successful in investing in natural resources, energy, and metals .

In May last year, Mr. Matt Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing and launched his first newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist. Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter whose main focus is stock recommendations about the most lucrative investment opportunities in the natural resources sector, metal and even the energy sector. In the past months, the newsletter has been able to build a strong network of readers who are always ready and willing to jump on to the next issue to have a piece of the natural resource stock recommendations in a deliberate and conscious effort of making good money in the process. Read more on Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing
Speaking of good money, a number of his readers have more often than not reported huge gains in the natural resource stock marketplace with some reporting as high as double-digit to triple-digit gains on their initial investments. One of the things that helps Mr. Matt Badiali come up with the best natural resource stock recommendations is his hands on deck approach whereby he goes all around the world speaking to the people that matter in the industry including chief executive officers of different companies at the respective company’s headquarters to the man on the field who understands the day to day running of the operations of the company in an effort to find the best possible natural resource investment idea.



How Fabletics Inspires and Encourages Individuality

When people think about fashion, they think about the limits in variety as well as the apparent policing and dictatorship of outfits. A lot of women allow themselves to be told what they should wear. Often times, it is often clothes and outfits they may not necessarily like. Meanwhile, the types of clothes that they are willing to wear are often left out because of the discouragement. Fortunately, Kate Hudson and other promoters of individuality are encouraging people to explore their own tastes so that they will be able to see for themselves how they would feel in the outfits they truly like.


One thing about people is that they may be surprised at the effect their choices have in public. For instance, many people who may have thought a certain outfit or item may have gotten them ostracized or ridiculed in public may actually get them the praise and attention they have always wanted. This can go a long way towards bringing up their sense of self worth. There seems to be a lot of benefits that come with breaking some rules every now and then. One of these benefits is the realization that there are plenty of different tastes out there.


One rule breaker that Kate Hudson has presented to the public is Fabletics. One thing that makes Fabletics such a rule breaker is that it takes it upon itself to bring style to active wear. As a rule, the active wear category of clothing was basic. After all, people wore these clothes only to work out, not to impress people in gym with their fashion. This ignores the fact that many people use the gym as a place to meet. With Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s statement is that a workout is as good of a reason as any other to look good. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that people try to get in shape is so that they can look good. Therefore, clothing can reflect that purpose as well. When people find clothes that helps them feel confident, they will have more energy to pursue their goals of fitness.

Securus Technologies Expands Payment Service With Latest Move

On January 4th of this year, Securus Technologies of Dallas- TX announced that they have acquired government payment processor, GovPayNet. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but GovPayNet will continue to operate under that name. The deal is part of Securus’ plan to expand their debit and credit payment processing business. GovPayNet currently has contracts with over 3,500 government agencies, covering over 26 of U.S. counties. Bob Pickens, CEO of Securus, looks forward to expanding and streamlining services to current customers and securing more contracts in the future. GovPayNet is headquartered in Indianapolis and has been in operation since 1997.


Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that has expanded its services over the past decade by purchasing over 20 companies, making it the largest of its kind in the United States. The company provides inmate self-service in the form of phone, video, and surveillance services. They also provide biometric analysis, incident and emergency management, and investigative services to government agencies. Their corporate office is located in the Dallas, TX area and they employee over 1,000 people in 3 other regional offices. With the acquisition, they estimate to have the capability to process over 4 million debit and credit payments each year.