OSI Group: Global Food Solutions Empire

People don’t really know what food solutions are; it’s food in a bag. That includes bags of chips and other snacks, but it’s mostly frozen meals and most of the things found in grocery stores that come directly from farms or ranches. Actually, some fresh food-based food solution companies do ship directly from farms and ranches.

Regardless, food solutions are a big part of the world’s food supply. Without these companies, the world would very quickly go hungry. One of the most premier food solution companies is OSI Group, headquartered in the United States. OSI Group provides concept to-table solutions to millions of consumers around the world.

Like all the great food companies, OSI Group focuses on delivering innovative and imaginative foods to consumers. They work with all sorts of foodservice and retail food brands to come up with, develop, and distribute the next generation of food solutions.

When customers work with OSI Group, they get 100 percent from the company every time. OSI Group offers its partners the most precise specifications, efficiency, and trustworthy expertise. Since OSI Group works with customers from all over the world, their customers have access to their global flavor knowledge.

Every company says that their employees are the driving force behind their success. At OSI Group, that’s a fact that’s shown by the number of innovative products they’ve created over the last 100 years. All of their employees are goal-oriented and passionate about exploring new possibilities and food opportunities.

The secret to OSI Group’s success is the environment they keep their employees in. Most companies try to provide a good work environment, but OSI Group takes a step further. At OSI Group, they’ve created an environment that challenges, stimulates, and rewards their employees on a daily basis. It’s one of the main reasons so many people want to work for OSI Group.

Like every modern food company, OSI Group is focused on creating healthier food options. They can only do that with the help of the next generation of food experts. They need constantly need fresh ideas to keep them ahead of the competition.

They offer jobs in several countries, and they all work together and share ideas to keep OSI Group afloat. With passion, innovative, and a shared belief, OSI Group will make a better difference.

To know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Always be On the Light on Stock Matters With the Incredible Ted Bauman

The stock market is like a wave in the ocean tossed about by the wind. It may look very calm in one day then the next day the unexpected happens. This calls for every investor to be well updated with the current stock market trends. Credit goes to Editor Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill who keeps investors well updated with his Alpha Stock Alert. He is also the editor of The Bauman and Plan B Club where he writes about diverse alternatives to a better investment. Learn more about Ted Bauman at dailyforexreport.com for more info.

Mr. Ted Bauman since his arrival at Banyan in 2013, he has been writing weekly publications and daily newsletter called The Sovereign Investor Daily. He basically specializes in asset protection, global migration issues, strategies that lead to low-level investment and privacy. Prior to becoming an established editor, he worked as a researcher and writer in 2013 and as an editor of Smart Money Alert. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman served at Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of International Housing Programs where he had exposure of traveling to the Caribbean and Latin America. He wrote on diverse topics which were related to international development during his research in his escapades.

In his commitment to serve, Ted Bauman has served in South Africa in various executive roles majorly as the Fund Manager in Non-profit sectors. He is a very common figure in international journals like Small Enterprise Development and Environmental and Urbanization, Cape Times, Journal of Microfinance, Cape Argus, New Internationalists etc. His financial skills were enhanced by joining the University of Cape Town where he studied his Master’s Degree in Economics and History. Ted was born in Washington DC, later migrated to South Africa where he developed his career for almost 25years and later in 2008 came back to the US in Atlanta where he stays with his family.

Ted Bauman has traveled to more than 75 countries where he has learned the skill of diversification. In his publications and newsletter, called The Bauman Letter, Ted has helped and enriched the lives of many people using his own personal experience on how to identify a viable business opportunity.

In his latest publication on the “5 Trade War Plays That Will Make You Rich”, Ted advises investors on which stock to watch out for in China and invest on them despite the rumors of war. Most of the most important things used in China are usually imported hence buying stocks of the companies China is dependent on will work for investors. Check: https://stocktwits.com/tedbauman


Dr. Mark Mckenna’s Ventures into the Aesthetic Medical Field

Mark McKenna is a successful businessman and a doctor as well who acquired his medical degree from Tulane medical school. Dr. McKenna decided that he would double up as a doctor and entrepreneur when he was still studying for his degree as he wanted to make a lot of money. It is for this reason that the doctor ventured into the business of real estate located in New Orleans when he cleared his education. However, the 2005 Hurricane Katrina was a great setback for the doctor as he suffered a huge loss amounting to millions in just a night. Nonetheless, the doctor rebuilt the estate but later closed the business and relocated to Atlanta where he established ShapeMed.

How Dr. Mark McKenna Established his Medical Services

ShapeMed Company specialized in providing cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, Botox injections, and advice services on nutrition and weight management. Moreover, Dr. McKenna offered the business for sale in 2015 whereby a gym chain known as Lifetime Fitness purchased the premises and he became part of its staff. Further, Dr. McKenna exited the company after it was sold out to another private equity and he began working on the medical aesthetic facility that will be known as the “OVME”.

The OVME which is pronounced as “of me” will take the region of Buckhead by storm in the field of medical aesthetics. OVME will be offering its visitors minimal procedures that will give the body a fabulous makeover to help in living life to the fullest and boost confidence. What’s more, OVME will incorporate four grand treatment rooms and a private room for personal consultations. Dr. Mark McKenna aspires to use improved technology to transition the anesthetic healthcare sector by delivering unparalleled services to the residents of Atlanta.

Furthermore, Dr. Mark McKenna who has had long experience of over twenty years in the medical field has patients who always come back to his premises. The patients believe in his medical services as he has treated them over the years. He had first started his practice in medicine after his graduation from the university and worked with his father in Louisiana, before establishing ShapeMed in 2007. Additionally, the Dr. Mark McKenna is excited to have the OMVE opened to continue with his passion for providing the best aesthetic treatment in Atlanta and its environs.


Other Fascinating Facts About Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is an alumnus of Saint Hilaire College and a Business Management Degree holder from the said educational institution. He got employed as the President of Lojas Marisa, and became the Senior Director of T5 Partipacoes since 2008.

While he is a highly accomplished business man and executive, Rodrigo Terpins is more popularly known as one of the best rally drivers in all of Brazil. His interest in the rally sports gave him the chance create the Bull Sertoes Driving Team composed initially of himself, his brother Michel Terpins and two others. To date, they are considered to be one of the elite driving team within the Brazilian car racing competitions.

The car they used for the contests is the T-Rex, which is from the MEM Motorsport – one of their sponsors. The vehicle is constructed with a V8 engine for extra power to help navigate rugged and harsh roads. The vehicle is also carbon sealed to prevent excess carbon dioxide emissions and help maintain a healthy environment. The T-Rex has been Rodrigo ally in winning most of the contests he took part in.

Rodrigo Terpins has always been exposed to the world of sports since his father, Jack Terpins, was a professional basketball player in the past. Although he did not enter the world of basketball he took another way to show his sports abilities, and this came by way of his participation on the race tracks of Brazil. Check out mundoraiam.com to know more.

And like his brother, Michel Terpins, Rodrigo Terpins believe that being persistent is the key to achieve success in anything, including their respective driving careers. In his past interviews with the media, Rodrigo was recorded to have said that his past experience in the rallies were good lesson teachers that helped him become a better driver.

To be able to keep abreast of the developments around him, Rodrigo Terpins created numerous accounts on the social media. His accounts can be seen on various networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. His goal in having the said accounts is to maintain his presence on the web and likewise foster a decent online standing.

See more: https://pt-br.facebook.com/rodrigo.terpins

The Community Principles of Kevin Seawright

Finance businessman, Kevin Seawright, has had a strong desire to help the community, government, and public education system in some way. And he certainly has throughout his career. He began his adult life by earning a degree in Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame-Mendoza College of Business and then an MBA from Almeda University. He has had a vast amount of experience throughout the financial industry for over 14 years. This includes such things as administrative operations, team enclosure, and business penetration. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

After his post-high school education, Seawright served as the Director of Operation for the City of Baltimore. While still working for the city, he also worked as the CFO of the Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks. In 2011, he made the transition to working in the private sector. He currently serves as CFO and vice president of Newark Economic Development Corporation. In this role, he has proven to be one of the most influential personalities in today’s business arena. He has particular proved invaluable to the work of Newark.

His leadership assistance has produced a huge increase in annual returns. Kevin Seawright has been instrumental in the development of Human Resource Information System development. This system has helped with things like staff information management, scheduling, and attendance. In addition to his work with Newark, Seawright is also presently serving as the interim Executive Director of Operation of Baltimore City Community College. Kevin Seawright also recently completed the Executive Leadership Program as one of the requirements of his position with Newark.

One of his biggest professional accomplishments is the founding of RPS Solutions LLC, a Baltimore-based firm that deals in the contracting and sale of properties in financially stressed communities. Industry experts say that in all likelihood Seawright will continue to play a decisive role in the business world in the near future.

See more: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Increasing-Baltimore-Homeownership-is-Goal-of-RPS-Solutions-New-Partnership-with-National-Community-Stabilization-Trust-1002309082


Wes Edens is Ironically Reaping Big Returns in Subprime Lending

Successful businessman Wes Edens, Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group and Head of Private Equity is ironically reaping big returns in subprime lending. Wes Edens has provided strategic information and insight into alternative assets and subprime lending, in particular, that has catapulted Fortress Investment Group into one of the largest and most respected subprime lending firms in the world. By providing opportunities for individuals to purchase houses with less than perfect credit qualifications through various lending organizations, Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group has established long-term returns on investment from various income streams in the alternative asset market.Wes Edens has achieved a long career in successful leadership positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of some of the most well-respected investment firms and other lending institutions in the in the world. He received his education from Oregon State University with the Bachelors of Science in Finance and also a Business Administration Degree as well.

After his college career, he began working at various investment firms and created a skill for analysis and evaluation of key variables for profitable portfolio positions. He quickly began a progressive career of advancement in leadership and eventually decided to found the Fortress Investment Group where he is currently Chief Investment Officer. During the recession of the late 2000s, the Fortress Investment Group was hit with significant losses during the financial crisis and in the subprime market in particular. Consequently, today Fortress Investment Group through the leadership of Wes Edens ironically is reaping tremendous financial gains from the subprime lending market.

With the knowledge and information gained from the recession and the aftermath throughout the recovery process of Fortress Investment Group, the country, and the world, information was obtained to streamline the approach to investing that would benefit not only those individuals that receive the lending opportunity but also Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group specializes in the investment and distressed assets a liquid credit Investments and undervalued assets in their global investing portfolio. They have a knowledgeable dedicated staff of more than 100 skilled professionals that manage assets and various geographical locations and provide evaluation and analysis of assets from around the globe. The key insight of Wes Edens at Fortress Investment Group is reaping tremendous returns on investment within the subprime lending sector and providing valuable opportunities for home ownership and other small business endeavors for the general population.


Who is Chris Burch?

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is an investment company with an unorthodox method to investment. It uses a combination of creativity, applying imagination, incubation, support, and scale in order to capitalize on new market opportunities and Burch’s vision, entrepreneurially. This leads to the creation of disruptive brands and businesses as described by Burch, which have direct, positive, and long-lasting effects on consumers’ lives. In taking a look at his track record, Burch has a remarkable record for success. Over his 40-year career as an investor and entrepreneur, Burch has been involved in the building of more than 50 successful companies. He credits this level of success to his understanding of consumer behavior which combines with his knowledge in international and direct sourcing (ideamensch.com). Burch’s company’s portfolio includes many companies, from that of Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin, to ED by Ellen DeGeneres. It currently prides itself on its development of various lifestyle and consumer product brands, including retail, apparel, home furnishings, hospitality, organic foods, and those in the technological industries.

Burch currently resides in New York, New York, as well as in Miami, Florida. If someone were to classify the type of investor that Chris Burch is, it would be that of an individual, angel investor. Burch was educated at Ithaca College, from 1972 to 1976, where he studied business. Since his education Burch has come a long way, with investments in companies ranging from HueCore Inc to Hooch. Today, Burch holds a number of board positions. He is the advisor to See The SEEN, a social travel platform which targets replacing travel sights. As of August 18th, 2014, he is also an investor and advisor to Grability, which is a company providing mobile technology for businesses to enable them to create online stores. In addition to this, Burch is also an investor to Chubbies, an e-commerce store selling what are self-described as radical shorts for men. His other two board positions lie in Poppin, a company offering trendy and affordable office products, as well as in Nihi Sumba Island, where he is an investor as well as partial owner.

With all of this success Chris Burch became a billionaire in 2012. He achieved this stature of wealth through his various diversified portfolios, as well as through his radical investing company Burch Creative Capital. Burch began to become known for investing in addition to his personal portfolios, which he did so with the Guggenheim Partners. Overall his career can be looked at as a success story for a fashion industry entrepreneur, check bjtonline.com.

Ted Bauman, The Finance and Economic Trends Advisor.

Ted Bauman has been an editor in Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He is the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and Plan B Club where he focuses on asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues and privacy.

Mr. Bauman was born in Washington D.C. and grew up on the eastern shores of Maryland. At a youthful age, Ted emigrated to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town for his Economic and History postgraduate degree. He started his career in South Africa where he worked with various non-profit organizations, serving in several executive positions. He was majorly involved with low-cost housing projects where he served as the fund manager. He was the founder of Slum Dwellers International, which has already provided housing to over 14 million people in 35 countries. He has spent the larger part of his career life helping people have a direct access to much-needed resources and lead better lives while being unlimited by the corporate greed and government oversight. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Ted is the founder of The Bauman Letter and sovereign Investor Daily, his weekly newsletter. Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Ted worked with major organizations such as United Nations, European grant-making agencies, South Africa’s government and World Bank as a researcher, consultant, and writer on finance, urban planning, and housing matters. On returning to the United States in 2008, Ted worked for Habitat for Humanity International as the Director for International Housing Programs. He has also worked as the Smart Money Alert’s editor.

In his career, Ted Bauman has traveled to over 75 countries transversing through the different continents. It’s during this time that Ted gathered his extensive knowledge in economic matters and investments in the different countries. He uses this knowledge to enrich his subscribers to The Bauman Letter, his monthly publication, on the different economic opportunities and personal solutions.

Ted also publishes articles on the economic trends, investment ideas, taxation, and his views concerning the future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Medium.com and in CrunchBase. In one of his articles in CrunchBase, Ted highlights what he believes is the main problem with Bitcoin. In his article, he says that its slowness in processing transactions is its greatest weakness as a currency. The 6.5 transactions per second processed by the bitcoin network are way too slow compared to credit cards which have over 2000 transactions completed in a single second. Ted says that unless something is done to solve this problem, bitcoin may never be a viable currency especially with the impatience nature of people. Learn more: http://www.gold-eagle.com/authors/ted-bauman


Pursuing Greatness in Fighting Cancer: Dr. Clay Siegall

Owning a successful company/business is easier said than done. The first thing you’ll need is a product that is in high-demand and then you’ll need a target-audience who’ll purchase the products. In a sense, this is exactly what Dr. Clay Siegall has done. This phenomenal professional has guided his company straight to the top of the ranks. In most cases, success won’t come easy, but you’ll need to have the fortitude to work your way through the dismay. The cancer-research community is the perfect personification of this notion, and Seattle Genetics epitomizes this notion to the highest degree.

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., has come full-circle in the cancer-research community. He started his career over three decades ago, and he has worked his way to the top via hard work. Many of Siegall’s contemporaries refer to him as being a natural-born leader. On top of that, Siegall is a man of multiple titles, including being a scientist, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a doctor. He has graduated from two of the country’s most prominent higher-learning institutions. This includes the University of Maryland as well as George Washington University. Thanks to his thirst for knowledge, Siegall has attained an undergraduate degree as well as attained a medical doctorate. His passion for fighting cancer comes from having first-hand experience with this deadly disease. Siegall’s very own dad was taken by cancer, and he saw just how disheartening the disease truly was. After working with various industry leaders such as the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health, he founded a biotech company in 1998.

Siegall has been using this biotech company to fight cancer, and the company has seen great success. Its medications are some of the most advanced cancer-fighting medications to date. By launching an office overseas, Dr. Clay Siegall will now be able to hold on to the medications’ rights as well as provide its very own marketing on an international level.

Great Investors Are Not Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty

Great Investors Are Not Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty

In the world of investments, on thing can be said about Matt Badiali. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. The founder of the newsletter the Real Real Wealth Strategist is no stranger to gathering and collecting samples of contaminated water and dirt as an environmental geologist in Miami, Florida. Being a scientist is not for the faint of heart. This experience, however, was just the beginning of the learning process for Badiali. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook

Today, as an investor in natural resources and an author, going out into the field and getting your hands dirty is what separates ordinary investment advisors from the leaders of the pack. Matt Badiali is definitely an investment expert. His philosophy is “if you want to write about something, go out and see it.” He states that he has traveled the world to visit businesses and companies he was interested in investing in. He travelled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Ppua New Guinea, Vancouver, and the Yukon to conduct research and meet with the investment experts, board directors and the CEOs of mining and oil companies. He has explored mines and worked on oil rigs in the ocean to broaden his understanding of how natural resources are produced and mined. He studied the maps of sites depicting the presence of natural resources, analyzed the core samples from gold mines, and looked at the production of oil wells. He has also owned his own oil wells.

All of these experiences, as Matt Badiali says, has prepared him as a “profitable investor.”

By profitable, he means making over $1 billion on his investments. He makes this investment information available in the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. This is the same research that he sells to all of his top investors.

Read more: https://seekingalpha.com/article/132836-matt-badiali-focus-on-golds-prospect-generators