Matt Badiali Explains How The US Congress Created Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali says he knows how it is nowadays where someone comes along and tries to push yet another investment scam on you. He has seen many of these over the years during his time in the finance industry. The usual pitch they make is that you can work just a couple hours a week on something and make incredible amounts of money from it. These scams usually involve binary-options trading or yet another life-changing opportunity in the multi-level marketing industry.

What this type of climate has created is one where people will recoil even from perfectly valid business ventures, he says. He knows this first-hand because he introduced Freedom Checks and they sounded so good many people assumed they were just another scam. Matt Badiali, whose background is in geology and finance, says that he can vouch for them because they’re real and something created by the United States Congress.

His educational background is rooted in science. He first attended Penn State University after finishing high school, earning a degree in earth science in 1992. After working for a few years as a geologist he went back to school and graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2000 with a master’s in earth science. He pursued a doctorate in this subject but dropped it in order to enter the financial industry.

He found out about Freedom Checks from a well-known financial advisor. What he found out was that in 1987 Congress wanted to boost the domestic production of oil and gas. America was far too dependent on foreign sources and it was a huge national security risk. They passed the 26-F Statute which enabled some oil & gas firms to reorganize as a Master Limited Partnership (MLP).

Matt Badiali says how this works is that any organization that wants to be an MLP needs to derive 90 percent of their income from drilling, producing, or transporting these natural resources. The oil & natural gas must be sourced in America. Once they are an MLP the federal government requires that they return 90 percent of their profits to people who own their stocks. Matt Badiali says owning these stocks is extremely lucrative.

Flavio Maluf; The Critical Entrepreneur

Dedicate yourself and strive for perfection in whatever you’re doing. This is a famous quote by one Flavio Maluf; an entrepreneur born in a wealthy family of a political background. His father was a politician and a known entrepreneur. Despite being born from a wealthy background, Maluf worked hard and started his own business premise. He now runs a business empire for himself.

It’s ironical how Mr. Maluf became a successful entrepreneur yet in he holds a degree in Mechanical engineering. Two very different fields. Businesswise, Flavio Maluf offers advisory services to aspiring and prospective entrepreneurs and those already in the young stages of the entrepreneurship undertaking. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Flavio advises those aspiring to join entrepreneurship to proceed with caution. He discourages them against a common misconception among many business people who tend to think that in business you work less and earn much. Instead he tells them that business is like a continuous journey of progressive hard work .from Flavio’s point of view, for a business to grow and succeeded, one must dedicate their time and commitment towards the business.

Another false belief that Maluf refutes is the money issue. It’s common among many business people who tend to think that one must have large sums of money to start a successful business. To Maluf, there are some business models which necessarily do not call for possession of large sums of capital. Maluf argues that, successful investors invest in ideas, not the capital.

Mr. Flavio Maluf advises entrepreneurs not to overlook the aspect of innovation and creativity. It’s not about working hard, but working smart instead. He urges business owners to be ready to identify the rare opportunities and to help grow and further the dynamics of the business enterprise.

Maluf is the president of the Grand food Company. He gets business ideas from reading extensively from the already existing literature and from the internet. He then forwards the ideas he obtains for discussion with his team to evaluate which idea is liable to be incorporated into his business.

Maluf, just like every other successful entrepreneur adore the technological advancement and the role technology is playing in the business world. He appreciates the technological evolution of companies and how they are bringing in new ideas into the business.

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Western Union and PSI: The New Way Of Receiving Your Currency

The way consumers get their money has always been at the forefront of technological advances. Having a way to transfer currency from the comfort of their couch or bed is one of the ways banks and other money institutions are making errand running more convenient for the consumer. Western Union and PSI Pay are making themselves a very big part of the solution.


If you are an ecoAccount holder, then you will love the fact that Western Union and PSI have formed a partnership to make transferring your money an easy thing to do. Because most Americans do either mobile banking, computer banking, or both these two companies decided to come together to give you a unique experience when it comes to how you move your money around. There are plenty of options when using the services of these two companies. When transferring money through wiring services, it was normally a slow process but because of technology, you can receive your money or send it to someone within a matter of seconds. Yes, there are people that are still not willing to change how they do money transfers and having it done online may scare them. However, they can not stop technology from moving forward. You can it keep innovative minds from wanting to come up with the next big thing when it comes to how you handle your money.


Western Union is the most trusted source to transfer your money through. They have been around for over 150 years. To stay competitive, they have partnered with PSI Pay to help people who are transferring money regularly to do it faster and in a more efficient way. This keeps Western Union in the middle of the innovative technological advances that everyone uses for convenience. They have more customers and have been diligent in keeping there loyal ones with the use of PSI-Pay.


So go on ahead and do your money transfers. Watch how quickly the money makes its way into your ecoAccount. You will be glad to have Western Union as your money transfer institution for your financial needs.

Guilherme Paulus’ enduring legacy in the hotel and tourism industry

When it comes to investments in the tourism industry in the Americas Guilherme Paulus is a prominent investor whose investments since the 1970s has flourished and grown tremendously to achieve global recognition. Guilherme Paulus himself has achieved much as far as the hotel and tourist industry is concerned. As the chairman of the board of governors at the CVC Company, Guilherme Paulus has overseen tremendous growth and strategic partnerships with other companies including the GJP Group. The company’s style of leadership and management has managed to rake in millions of dollars in the form of revenue which has transformed CVC into one of the biggest and most prestigious players in the tourism industry in Brazil. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at

Paulus’ progress in leadership in the tourism industry has earned him much reputation. According to his evaluation, the Brazilian tourism industry is still in its nascent stages of growth and development. He estimates that much is expected, especially in the next one decade. He attributes tremendous growth in the tourism sector to the good incentives that the government has put in place as far as motivating the growth of the industry is concerned. The political will to package Brazil in the international market as a top tourism destination is the government’s top priority as it is estimated that the move would help create revenue as well as creating jobs.


Guilherme Paulus has, in turn, harnessed this knowledge to invest further in the development of top-class as well as middle-class type of hotels to reap from the thriving tourism industry. Strategic analysis of Guilherme Paulus’ investments in the tourism and hospitality industries reveals his strategic initiatives are meant to diversify as well as consolidate his company’s investments. Guilherme Paulus’ investments in the tourism and hotel industries are expected to outlive his legacy especially since he recently got enlisted as one of the top Brazilian billionaires of our time. His legacy as far as financial stability and muscle is concerned is further enhanced by the numerous diversification projects in other parts of the country as well as South America, especially in the construction of new hotels and golf courses. Read more at Wings Journal about Guilherme Paulus.

Investment Firm Executive Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a longtime professional who has worked in the financial sector. Over the course of his career, he has spent time working as an analyst, research specialist, managing director, partner and global head of investor relations. During his career, Henry has been very successful at helping firms locate and expand to other markets throughout the world. He has also proven himself as someone who is able to help clients get the best service as well. After working for a couple of top London firms, Henry moved to the United States to become a top executive at Fortress Investment Group. Several years later, he would join another investment firm called Angelo, Gordon & Co.

At the beginning of his career, Gareth Henry worked at London based firms as an analyst. In this position, Henry would spend his time making calculations on stock values in order to help his supervisors make key investment decisions. This position also required Henry to help create proposals for clients as well. His next position was as a researcher where he would find information about asset classes and make recommendations on which ones to invest in. While working as a research specialist, Henry was able to learn a lot about different types of financial assets and which ones would best benefit clients.

After his stints as both an analyst and a research specialist, Gareth Henry would relocate to the United States to pursue opportunities as a top executive for investment firms. He joined Fortress Investment Group in the early 2000’s and served a couple of very important positions. One of these positions was as the global head of investor relations. At this position, he was responsible for interacting with clients and helping them learn more about what Fortress has to offer. This position also entailed providing advice and feedback to clients and helping them get the best assistance possible. Henry would then become managing director where he was responsible for expanding the firm’s business and client base. Gareth Henry would later join Angelo, Gordon & Co and hold the same titles that he held at Fortress Investment Group.

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Conservative Education Reform Is On The Way Thanks To Betsy DeVos

There has never been a better time to be a conservative living in the United States of America. The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most iconic political moments in recent history and the ascension of Donald Trump to the role of the Presidency is something that the history books will not forget about. While President Trump is stealing headlines on news stations all around the world, it is the hard work of his cabinet that may be pushing the legislation to change America forever. While there are many high-profile names in the Trump administration, we feel compelled to talk about one of the lesser-known names: Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States of America and she is one of the single most important positions in the entire world of American education. Betsy DeVos didn’t serve in the government prior to being nominated for the position. In fact, for the past 30 years, Betsy DeVos has been working to render change in the field of education while operating solely as a private citizen. Alongside her husband Dick DeVos, Betsy has become the face and voice of conservative education reform in the United States of America.


Conservatives have gone a long time since having their own brand of education reform to fall in line behind. Whether it is fair or not, education reform has largely been seen by the public as a progressive cause, not strictly a conservative one. With that being said, DeVos has given conservatives something to rally around and that voting enthusiasm could lead to changes in public policy that impact millions of children all across the country.


The direction that Betsy DeVos has been focusing on for the past thirty years is that of school choice. School choice is a conservative perspective on the allocation of funding for educational systems in America. Right now, the federal government gives federal money to public schools. Betsy DeVos, and many other prominent conservatives believe that this money should be spread around into other educational institutions as well: charter schools, private schools, home schools and more. Betsy DeVos doesn’t believe that the government should play favorites with children and she also doesn’t believe that parents should be punished for choosing an alternative path for giving their children an education.


School choice is a contentious subject that will be hard to push across the aisle toward Democrats and progressives. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has the full power of the United States government behind her. There has never been a better time for school choice to become a reality than now and with any luck, and continued voter enthusiasm, school choice might be brought into action before the end of the Trump Administration.


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The contributions of David McDonald to the growth of OSI Group

New technology has contributed a lot to the growth of various industries. The food industry has also benefitted from the growth of technology and firms that have embraced technology have successfully established themselves. Technology has led to the invention of advanced ways of preserving food, and that has facilitated bulk storage leading to the expansion. That is why the industry has been growing over the years, and investors have developed an interest in the industry. One of the most successful food companies in the world is the OSI Group. The company has succeeded due to several reasons. The firm leadership has contributed a lot to the growth of the company. Leadership is essential to the growth of any firm, and that is why OSI Industries has been growing exponentially. David McDonald is one person who has contributed to the growth of the company.

He has been working at the organization for more than thirty years, and that means he has acquired a lot of knowledge and skills to run the company. The best part is that David McDonald started working at the company after his university education. He obtained his degree from the Iowa State University. He had pursued animal science that meant that he was ready and qualified to work for the company. Since then his career path has been successful, and he has managed to achieve a lot for the company. McDonald is now serving at the company as the president. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

OSI Group has been running successfully for many years. It has a long story of success after it was started by a German immigrant who was living in Chicago. The founder wanted to supply quality meat to the locals and also wanted to expand. The company has grown to other parts of the world because of stable leadership from people like David McDonald. He believes in working with others as a team. The workers at the company are treated as a large family, and they work in a friendly working environment. That is one factor that has led to the growth of OSI Group under the leadership of David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin. These two leaders have left no stone unturned as they seek development in the company. They have use the experience of many years that they have acquired from the different organizations they worked for before to assist OSI Group.

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