Deirdre Baggot, a Reputable Bundled Payments Expert

Deirdre Baggot is a well-known payment expert and healthcare business strategist. She has extensive experience and knowledge in the health care industry as clinician and hospital administrator. Deirdre is also famous for his role as the pioneer of the bundled payments model. She is also an innovative consultant with an eye on developing innovative payment models for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Learn more on

Deirdre has many years of valuable experience in the healthcare sector. She began her career in 1997, at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Her roles included coordination of resources and staff nurse. She also served as the hospital’s administration group manager. After six years of service at the hospital, Deirdre moved to Michigan. She joined the University of Michigan Health System, where she worked as a business analyst and administrative manager for three years. Due to her outstanding performance, Deirdre received the Six Sigma certification award. She also won another award for her extemporary leadership in safety.

Deirdre Baggot is a respected voice in the health care sector, especially on matters concerning bundled payments. During her period as the head of ECG’s Bundled Payments practice, the Congress invited her to shed more light on the efficiency and applicability of bundled payments. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services appointed her to conduct an expert review of Bundled Payments for Care Initiative. Additionally, Deirdre has served as the leader of the Bundled Payment Demonstration for the Acute Care Episode. As an authority on the subject of Bundled Payments, she is often invited in high profile conferences as a guest speaker.

This year, Deirdre Baggot announced that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would commence using the bundled payment model. In this model, the payer will pay a definite amount for all services and care, which a patient will receive for a specified period. In case the hospitals and the doctors manage to offer relatively cheaper services, then they will benefit more. The idea is to encourage the provision of quality services at an affordable fee. Compared to the traditional fee-for-service, the post-acute providers, doctors, and hospitals will get paid more if they deliver care services that are less costly than the bundle.



Sunday Riley: More Than Just A Sunday’s Best For Skin

Sunday Riley is high in quality as it is high end. Taking all things skin-care to another level, Sunday Riley offers a variety of skin care products as well as cosmetics. This Houston-based company is named after the creator of the brand, Sunday Riley.

In The Beginning

In an article, it begins with two friends chit-chatting about skin-care. It goes on to introduce Sunday Riley. It’s beginnings and the creator of the brand. Sunday Riley was created by a “cosmetic chemist and a product formulator” of the same name. Because she is hands-on in creating her products, she does not need to enlist other cosmetic chemists to do the work for her. This, in turn, reduces the end cost for consumers. One day in 2009, Sunday Riley took her creation and made a business pitch to a well-known department store. At the time, the Sunday Riley brand wasn’t named Sunday Riley, in fact, the product didn’t have a name at all. It is said that a buyer recommended and “insisted” to use her own name for the product’s brand. Today, Sunday Riley, the cosmetic chemist and product formulator, is now Sunday Riley the skin-care brand.

A Brand That Works

Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) empathized with people when it came to being frustrated with skin-care products. She didn’t want to create products just for the name. She wanted to create products that were effective and displayed real-life results. She wanted to create products that were only the best for people. Because she formulates and creates her own products, her brand has an “unlimited research and development budget …” So she’s created this amazing brand, her next steps were advertising it. As many know, there are many skin-care and cosmetic brands to name out in the market. She needed her products to be introduced to the world. She decided on a “word-by-mouth” approach. In today’s digital age, social media is the new way of advertising. She shared samples of her products with some of the biggest names in social media as well as up-and-coming reviewers.

In summary, throughout the article, it tells its readers the various price points of the brand and highlights some of its products. The packaging of their products was also mentioned in the article. A consumer states that sometimes skin-care packaging can be intimidating, however, Sunday Riley’s packaging of their products has changed that for them.

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Randal Nardone: The Financial Expert

Randal Nardone is an experienced financial expert and a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. After completing school, Nardone was hired at a law firm where he became an executive committee member and partner. He later joined Blackrock Financial Management where he worked as a financial manager. In 1997, Randal Nardone left the company to join UBS as the managing director. After a year, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group Company. He became the company’s CEO from 2013 and oversaw the creation of subsidiaries companies. Besides, Nordone was the CEO and COO of Fortress Investment IV and V, principal at Fortress Credit Corporation.

Nardone has co-founded and served as the president, COO, and secretary of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. Currently, Randal Nardone serves as the principle and company’s CEO. His hard work has made one of the world’s billionaires after being featured on Forbes’ billionaires’ list with a net worth of $1.8 billion and ranked position 557. Randal Nardone’s success has enabled him to serve in the leadership capacity in various company. For instance, he is the president and chairman of Springleaf Financial holdings’ and the president of Ncs 1 LLC’s. Moreover, Nardone is the secretary and vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings’. Find out more about Randal Nardone at

Before founding Fortress, Randal Nardone served as the COO, Secretary and portfolio manager of RIC Coinvestment Funds. From 1999 he was the chief operating officer and secretary of IMPAC Commercial Holdings. He worked as the director of Eurocastle Investment Limited since 2006. From 2007 to 2008 Nardone was the director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda and also the director of Florida East Coast Holdings. By the beginning of 2010, Randal Nardone served as the Director of OneMain Holdings. All these leadership positions Nardone held were as a result of his dedication and hard work towards achieving the companies’ objectives.

Randal Nardone’s experience in private equity, credit, management, and finance has made him a busy man as he serves as the director of several companies such as the SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd, Aircastle Limited, Brookdale Senior Living Inc. and New Media Investment Group. Randal Nardone is also a family man and a father of one child.

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Why You Should Join AIA As An Architect

Robert Ivy the executive vice president and CEO of American Institute of Architects. AIA is one of the most established and well-managed professional organizations in the United States. It was established in 1857 and has a membership composed of architects and interior designers. It is the largest professional body that covers this industry. Ivy joined this organization as CEO in 2011. Throughout his leadership, he has made some significant steps to make this body the best there is in the country. He has taken up the role of leadership in this company and has executed it with passion. He has applied all the experience he has gathered from this industry for the decades he has been an architect.

Robert Ivy has the best qualifications as an architect currently. He has been named “Master Architect” a title that goes to the best in the industry. He is the first architect to earn this title in the 21st century. He has played an important role in the growth of other organizations related to architecture. Before appointment as CEO, he was working for with Architectural Record, the best architectural publication in the world. Under his tenure as the editor-in-chief, this publication earned the National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

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Robert Ivy was recently crowned with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The award is given to highly accomplished personalities with roots in Mississippi who are doing something to improve art in the world. Some notable figures like Morgan Freeman have received the award. Robert Ivy becomes the first architect in the world to receive this award, an indication of the great services he has offered his country.

Robert Ivy is encouraging young professionals to join professional organizations such as AIA because they have the potential to make their careers successful. Professional organizations form good grounds for interaction with experienced professionals and possibly your employers. Also, these bodies keep the members updated on this profession. Young graduates should embrace professional bodies because they have more a lot to offer them in terms of career development.

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The career journey of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is among the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world. Besides being a philanthropist, he has also launched a vast number of investments in the country. His educational background has served as a boost to his career. Most of his ventures are entirely based on the health sector, and he continues to cater to the health needs of many people across the globe. Lefkofsky passionate about offering immediate help to all people living with cancer worldwide. Due to the many problems and health issues that cancer patients go through. He launched the Tempus firm that relies on the use of innovation and modern technology to handle their numerous issues.

The career of Eric Lefkofsky has been majorly based on technology based investments. He relies on his diverse knowledge on the field to design new models of equipment that facilitate the success of the numerous tasks in the field of health. Besides, he has also partnered with a vast number of other coma pies to ensure that he reaches out to many individuals affected by this diseases. Additionally, he is also a founding partner at the Lightbank firm. He also worked with many other companies like Mediaocean among others before focusing on his business ventures.

Eric has always shown a great passion for meeting his goals. He believes that his leading ability to pursue his dreams highly contributed to his today’s successes. He further says that he passed through many challenges as he strives to peruse his passion and the fact that he did not give up on it, he has continued to discover new things over time that have inspired him to keep moving. He continues to inspire many people through his investment advice and the things they can do to ensure that they stick to their path of success.

Organo Gold

There are so many benefits of taking Organo Gold Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma has been used for many centuries for oxygenating and alkalizing the body. It has been found to aid in the combat of arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, degenerative conditions such as cancer, and adult-onset diabetes.Organo Gold Ganoderma Lucidum has many useful applications including the stimulation of immune cells which help to prevent infections. It is also a very effective treatment for yeast infections and helps to fight uncomfortable inflammation.

Organo Gold Ganoderma Lucidum is part of the Weight Loss and Maintenance Kits that Organo Gold offers. It is a mushroom grown in the Wuyi Mountains and is organic.It is also known as the “King of Herbs” and promotes health and wellness. It is a very convenient way to take this herb since they are in capsule form that you can take three times daily. You can even add this ingredient to your favorite recipes to infuse your food with its a beneficial properties.Ganoderma Lucidum can help to reduce stress, and it has been proven to decrease pain. It is also able to help those who take it to lose weight since to originate the body and oxygen is necessary for keeping your metabolism revved up.

It can also reduce cholesterol levels and can alleviate inflammation in the caused by allergies.It is a useful tool used by many to prevent cirrhosis and helps to support the liver. Other health benefits include improved skin texture, reduced fatigue, better digestion, more energy, ad increase brain power.Organo Gold offers products are organic and natural and are a great alternative to over the counter and artificial chemicals that may also come with unwanted side effects. They are a global company that promotes balance, freedom, and well-being through their high quality products.


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Dherbs Shares Why We All Need Occasional Full Body Cleanses

Dherbs, Inc., is a privately held company that was launched in 2004. It was founded by entrepreneur A.D. Dolphin and he serves as the chief executive officer. This company is headquartered in Los Angeles and features herbal and organic dietary supplements. In 2014, Shape magazine stated that they had one of that year’s “Top 10 Detox Diets”.

This company’s cleansing product, Full Body Cleanse, was featured on The Paul Harvey Morning Show. A.D. Dolphin showed up to explain to the audience and viewers just what his company is all about. He has been a wellness guru and cleansing expert for several years and wanted to show people how is products can help them get clean. He stated that the human body is like a car in that occasionally it needs a tune-up. His products help clean out the body by eliminating things such as toxins, undigested food, and other unwanted things in the digestive tract. Follow Dherbs on Twitter for updates.

Over the years he has helped many other celebrities than Paul Harvey improve their health, lose weight, and otherwise achieve their fitness goals. This includes Anthony Anderson, Nash, Kim Kimble, Brandy, Roland Martin, and Elise Neal. He has changed the lives of celebrities and other people by providing them with the Dherbs products that he says gives them an “internal shower”, washing away the bad stuff.

In order to achieve a full body cleanse with this company’s products, you consume six of their formulas each day along with eating a raw vegan diet. This process lasts for 20 days after which you will look and feel better than you have in years. It sounds like a tougher process than it actually is.

Each day a lot of pollutants and toxins along with things that can cause infections to enter your body. The sources of these include processed foods, pesticides, cleaning supplies, makeup, smoke, air pollution, and water that hasn’t been filtered. A full body cleanse washes all of this out and gives you the opportunity to start fresh from a better, cleaner place.

The kidneys and liver naturally clean these types of negative things out of the body. The way we live nowadays, though, can overwhelm the body’s natural defenses. We use toxic cleaning products on the surfaces we prepare food on, the air is filled with pollutants such as car exhaust, and we have food on grocery shelves that contain a host of chemicals so they have long shelf lives. All of this means we need cleansing routines in our lives.



What Has Jacob Gotlieb’s New Altium Capital Has to Offer the Healthcare Industry?

Jacob Gotlieb’s experience and success and a healthcare industry have earned him respect and title of titan for the healthcare industry. After successfully running such alternative investment firms in the industry like Merlin Biomed Group and Visium Capital the medical doctor and finance strategist is back with Altium Capital, which promises to disrupt the healthcare industry investment scenes one project at a time.

But why Altium Capital and what big projects has it recently undertaken?

Coming up with Altium Capital

In 1998, Jacob Gotlieb joined Merlin Biomed group, an alternative investment firm specializing in the healthcare industry and headed by Stuart Weisbrod, as a portfolio manager. The hedge fund would, however, wind down in 2005 and this prompted him to start his own health industry investment firm, Visium Capital. The new firm took off rapidly and reached a peak in 2016 with over $8 Billion in assets under management but would also be forced to wind down in early 2017.

Altium capital is, therefore, a continuation of Jacob Gotlieb’s longstanding vision of coming up with one of the most disruptive health investment platform for both his investors and industry players. It specializes in spotting and investing in technologically influenced brands and their equally innovative medical devices and treatment options.

Recent investments

While the company may still be in its developmental stages, this hasn’t stopped it from making bold investment moves including taking up a 5.6% percent stake in Oramed pharmaceuticals. The investment was inspired by Oramed’s development of an oral treatment alternative for diabetes patients that seeks to get them off the hook of the injectables.

Altium capital has also invested in the Dublin-based Amarin Corporation, a pharmaceutical that specializes in the development of drugs that improve cardiovascular health. In its most recent move, Altium, which currently shares office space with Weisbrod’s Iguana Healthcare Partners, has also invested in the replacement therapy inspired Oragenics. The funds are meant to help the pharmaceutical develop and commercialize their antibiotics that take on drug-resistant bacterial strains associated with several infectious diseases.

Ted Bauman And Why He Feels US Stocks Could Fall

While most investors are still are eagerly awaiting even higher stock prices here in the US, there are other financial experts who believe that the bull market has run its course. Economist Ted Bauman has become rather bearish on the US stock market. Mr. Bauman feels that it is more important now to focus on wealth preservation and low-risk investing strategies. He has listed several reasons why he feels the bull market in the US is going to come to end.

Ted Bauman feels that interest rates are going to exert pressure on the US stock market. The Federal Reserve has been rather aggressive in its monetary policy by raising the fed funds rate and unwinding its balance sheet. Due to all the debt in the financial system, many financial experts believe the US economy cannot handle interest rates over three percent. Ted Bauman also feels that ongoing trade war with China and the Trump Administration could be the catalyst to end the bull market in US equities. The Trump Administration has placed tariffs on Chinese goods and the Chinese government has responded with its own tariffs. Mr. Bauman pointed out that China could easily retaliate against US multinational companies that earn revenue from doing business with China. This lost revenue would eventually cause the profits of these companies to drop substantially, eventually resulting in lower share prices.

Even if the bull market in US stocks were to end, Ted Bauman does not advise investors to ditch stocks completely because they could rebound rather quickly, like the 1987 market crash. Although he is against the trade war between the two largest economies, he feels that the trade war has now created an opportunity for investors to sell some overvalued American equities for undervalued Chinese shares. China’s currency depreciated at a quick pace after trade war tensions began. Soon after the yuan depreciated, the Shanghai Composite started to fall and is down for year around twenty percent. Ted Bauman also feels that investors should not neglect to have bonds in financial portfolio, as this could be a great cushion for investors if US stocks fall.

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A Tinder Tale of Sexual Harassment with Whitney Wolfe

Sexual harassment is wrong, no matter what form it takes. Whitney Wolfe agrees with this fact. Why? Because she was victimized by an organization called Tinder. Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of the online dating app, Bumble. This online dating platform was birthed in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal at Tinder. Whitney Wolfe was treated unjustly and unfairly by her members of her former company, Tinder.

The dating site Tinder has been around since 2012. This dating site was created by Sean Rad, Joe Munoz, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen and Dinesh Moorjani. Whitney Wolfe was also considered a founding member as well. She was instrumental to marketing the organization to potential clients. The people she targeted were college students and other young adults. This age group would be the focus of this app.

While the dating app was growing in popularity, Whitney and co-founder Justine Mateen had developed a relationship. This relationship was going strong and it seemed as if Wolfe and Mateen would end up being the perfect couple. However, things had drastically changed for the couple by the middle of 2014. Soon, Wolfe and Mateen had ended their relationship at a company party. Both parties were not happy with each other. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

Shortly after the couple split, Whitney revealed that she was pushed out of the Tinder organization. She also pointed out that Mateen was controlling and verbally abusive. It was discovered that Mateen and other co-founder had sent sexist emails and messages to Wolfe. They also did not like her being labeled as a co-founder of Tinder because she was so young and pretty. Some of the co-founders believed this would make the company look like a joke. Eventually, Wolfe had taken the organization to court and proved that she was wronged. Now, there is a negative relationship between Tinder and Bumble. Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy

Whitney Wolfe has moved on from the Tinder ordeal and learned from it. She is now operating one of the most successful dating sites in all of history. Her experiences have also helped her to establish Bumble as a feminist bastion for women. Wolfe will no longer be exploited by misogynistic views from any man. She designed to put Bumble first because it reflects her stance on life and where women are headed in modern times. Bumble Founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine Entertainment Board