Always In a Giving Mood: Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a man who enjoys giving to those he loves. He has made a living out of taking a simple idea and making it worth millions. He has been in the investment business for more than forty years and knows a good idea when he sees one. He has made it his business to put his money where his mouth is and it seems to pay off handsomely for him. He is an expert when it comes to building and putting together great hotels such as Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia, click, and Faena Hotel which was his starting point in the hospitality business. He also works with big names in collaborative ventures as well. Some of these include ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Voss Water.  Refer to for additional details.

The holidays, in particular, can be stressful for some people but not for Chris Burch. he really enjoys finding a quirky off the wall gift for someone he cares about. This year is no exception. He has found some really good ideas for his family and makes a charitable donation in the name of the recipient of the gift as well. Some of the gifts that he has found are from companies that he has a personal stake in. Some of the ones he has already found are a Snowe Home Candle Set, candy from Fatty Sundays or Pretzables which are two of his favorite stores, and a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote. These are the kinds of things that Chris gets for his family because he knows they won’t buy these for themselves. Chris also says that giving should not be done during one specific time of the year, it should be done all year long. that is good advice from someone who knows how to invest.

Chris Burch is a man who knows how to spread the wealth when it comes to his family. He knows how to find a good idea and turn it into a big money maker for the partner of the client. After more than forty years in the business, his advice is worth the effort to listen to, check

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