American Express Needs The Burch’s of The World

The baby-boomer brand, American Express, has been running alarming stories on the uncertainty of the future success of the business. A lot of news reports have shifted focus on the unfortunate financial situations of retailers, with majority of them hoping that the digital era will offer them a chance to reinvent themselves. Perhaps one of these parties, the chief executive officer of American Express, Mr. Kenneth Chenault, has been shoved into retirement following the harsh economic climate in business. His replacement, Mr. Stephen Squeri, the new chief executive officer, is expected to reinstate this situation by executing economically viable strategies. Will he manage the situation? Many have asked.

Background information

Chris Burch, the prominent entrepreneur who marries fashion to technology has been loyal to American Express Co. From 1979, until this year, Burch has been confident of the services offered by American Express. The series of events took a turn when he shifted his loyalty to Sapphire Reserve card of J.P Morgan Chase. Chris recalls that the shift was influenced by American Express’s inability to set him up with stronger entrepreneurial networks in the New York industry of restaurants. Most hotel upgrades became a story of the bland. In his communication with the then CEO, Mr. Chenault, Burch stated that he was disappointed. Feedback from customer relations was not impressive.   Learn more about the diversity of his entrepreneurial skills and output, check

Is it a first-world issue?

A careful analysis of the situation would present Burch’s disappointment as a first-world problem. Some would even term it as a man-made disaster. Even if that is the case, American Express should work towards redeeming itself by talking the Burch’s of the industry into investment. The stiff competition in the industry needs high-profile entrepreneurs and Burch is one of them. The input of such individuals would be constructive to business.  Know the latest news and his follow on investments, click this..

Personal profile

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur. His values and ethics in business have played a pivotal role in elevating his businesses across the world. Often working with prolific investors in the form of partnerships, Chris Burch has chaired many startups that have turned out to be successful. Burch has been a huge contributor of different economic sectors. His input can be traced back to Burch Creative Capital, the parent company.   Read related article on

The Conclusion

Through Burch Creative, many businesses have been elevated thanks to Chris’ ideas and the commitment to develop entrepreneurial brains. Chris Burch has invested in multiple businesses from technology to the latest one, Nihiwatu, a resort that is geographically located in Sumba Island.  Read more about his latest investment, the Nihiwatu resort, hit this link on

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