Chris Burch Life and Career

Chris Burch is a prominent business owner who has had a great career. During his life, he has started multiple companies and made a positive impact on others (  He is the type of person that many business owners aspire to be. He began his first company while he was attending school. He learned valuable lessons through the experience. He eventually let someone else manage the company after he sold his part of the business.

Although Chris had experience running an apparel company, he wanted to focus on other industries. He developed an extensive real estate portfolio which helped him invest in other projects. He is the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort is one of the most luxurious places in the world. Wealthy people from all over the world stay at the resort each year.

Real Estate

Chris has a passion for business for a variety of reasons. He is the type of person who wants to build wealth quickly. He started buying real estate investments when he was young. He enjoyed the passive income, and he used his business proceeds to buy more. He now an extensive real estate empire with properties in various states and countries ( Many people ask his advice related to real estate investing due to his broad experience in the industry.

Future Goals

Although Chris has enough money to retire, he wants to use his time and energy to make a positive impact on the world. He is involved with numerous charities and other organizations. He gives both time and money to causes that he cares about. He also mentors young business owners in his community. Although he is nearing the end of his career, he is still excited about the future. He plans to stay at the Nihiwatu Resort several weeks this year.

Michael Hagele Talks About His Career And Investments

Michael Hagele is a Silicon Valley lawyer. He chose early on in his career to specialize in the technology sector, in particular companies in defense, aerospace, internet, and biotech work. Over the years he has also chosen to invest in some startups in this sector. Additionally, he has founded and invested in several companies in both the hospitality and restaurant industries. Visit at to learn more.

When Michael Hagele was just starting out as a lawyer he worked for a legal firm called Fenwick & West LLP. He spent a number of years helping different companies while working in this organization’s Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He gained quite a bit of experience in legal issues such as stock option plan administration, intellectual property rights and strategies, corporate governance, employment issues, and managing the details of a merger and acquisition transaction.

Eventually, he decided that he would rather work as an independent lawyer. He feels that small legal practices can serve their clients better than the big practices can. He offers his clients very good quality legal services while also keeping his legal fees affordable for them. He says by running a smaller operation he can keep his costs down which means he doesn’t have to charge as much as the big firms do.

In order to get new clients, Michaell Hagele relies on great word of mouth and social media. He says that the effective use of social media is vital nowadays in growing a business and making meaningful connections with clients. He says he knows not to overdo it when it comes to social media but when used correctly it really helps him show others what products and services he brings to the table.

When talking about one failure he has had as an entrepreneur, Michael Hagele quickly points to the time he opened a new restaurant where a celebrity chef was involved. Problems arose when this chef wasn’t at all interested in being compensated in equity in this new restaurant rather than drawing a salary. Hagele says he feels it is vital to work with people who have an ownership stake in the firm because that makes them really push to make sure the company is successful. Learn more:


Matt Badiali and his Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali and his Freedom Checks

In the recent past, the media has been flooded with advertisements about freedom checks. In one of these advertisements, Matt Badiali is even featured holding a check worth $114,287. Most of the viewers quickly write it off as a scam, thinking it too good to be true.

The most considerable injustice being done to these freedom checks, however, remain to be the lack of clear understanding of what they are or how they operate. The fact that most people have no idea who Matt Badiali is do not help to support the cause either. Matt Badiali is an established financial analyst with a vast knowledge of geology. The geologist is a Master’s Degree holder from the reputable Florida Atlantic University. His qualifications have seen him travel across different countries in the world to do various inspections and interrogate CEOs of major mining companies. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

These freedom checks are not from the government, far from it actually, they are private checks. In fact, these checks are entirely different from the government Patriot Checks. This particular check is an investment. It is noteworthy that their introduction got done through an investment newsletter, Bauman Letter by Ted Bauman. Ted Bauman has been travelling all over the world gaining economic experience. Therefore, a journal by Ted Bauman is credible enough. Simply put, they are a promise of a load of money from something they are about to sell you. In truth, these checks represent commitment where repeated investments are made to receive pay-outs at a later date.

In reality, Mr. Badiali is promoting Master Limited Partnerships (MLP), a business partnership that functions as a publicly traded limited partnership. This statement means investors get to enjoy tax-related advantages of a partnership and profits are only taxed upon reception by your investors. Furthermore, MLPs get to enjoy the advantages associated with companies that have gone public. The partnerships for MLPs are traded nationally with dramatic tax benefits and the enhancement of cash flow through the distribution of assets to its investors. These partnerships are not new and their presence in the market date back to 1981.

It is, therefore, safe to state that most websites, claiming these prospects to be a scam fail to grasp these checks work. The high returns are as a result of not being subject to income tax. Furthermore, their use is as easy as buying shares of any other stock. Check:


Kevin Seawright: A Leader in Real Estate Development

Kevin Seawright is commended for the leadership training he received and his work in the various business arenas. Seawright completed a certification program at Notre Dame University’s Mendoza College of Business in Executive Leadership. He is widely acknowledged for his expertise in public accounting and as an executive in finance. Seawright has worked for over 15 years in areas such as: facility management, financial operations, and managing organizations in a financially prudent manner. Read more at Markets Insider.

Seawright held management and executive positions in Baltimore government. He rose through the ranks in Baltimore government where he started as a Managing Director and culminated his public service career in Baltimore city government as the Chief Financial Officer in the Department of Recreation and Parks. In the public school system, Seawright was recognized for assisted leadership with allocating funds to meet transportation needs.

In addition to his roles in government, Seawright held positions in the private sector. Kevin Seawright has served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Newark Community Development Corporation. Seawright is also commended for his role as the Vice President of Tito Contractors, a Washington D.C. construction company. As the financial manager, Seawright had a key role in the development of many Tito Contractors housing projects during his tenure.

After his employment with Tito Contractors, Seawright returned to the Baltimore area to continue his real estate pursuits. Kevin Seawright founded Real Property Solutions LLC (RPS) in 2015. RPS is a residential real estate property firm which builds and renovates homes. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Currently, Seawright’s duties with RPS involve serving as the CEO and leading corporate operations.

A milestone was achieved by RPS achieved when the company collaborated with The National Community Stabilization and Trust (NCST). RPS obtained the company’s first housing contract in April 2018. The new partnership between RPS and NCST allows the company to receive information on homes available in the Baltimore area prior to other real estate companies. Seawright is leading RPS in fulfilling the company’s aspiration of assisting individuals with purchasing affordable homes in Baltimore. Visit:


Mike Baur On Getting New Ideas for Startups

Mike Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, which helps businesses that are just getting started become successful. He and his partner are based in Freiburg. Mike Baur is forty two years old, and he helps new startups both financially and with the mental process of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


In an interview with the online magazine Red Bull, Mike Baur was asked how to come up with a good idea. The interviewer said that in order to become successful, you need to have a good idea. You need an idea that is brilliant. Every successful startup has such an idea. How can new entrepreneurs come up with such an idea?


Mike Baur laughed and said that he does not have to tell people how to come up with good ideas. The truth is that good ideas come to you by themselves. If you work hard and you have an innovative spirit, there is no doubt in his mind that new ideas which are good will come to you and surprise you. This does not mean you should stay at home and waste time playing video games while waiting for a new idea to come to your mind. Instead, you should go out there and try to do things that are useful for your business. While you do that, new ideas will always flash into your mind with sudden streaks of inspiration. You should then grasp onto those ideas because they are worth it. A lot of the time, an idea will come to you when you realize that there is a gap in the market. Sometimes you will see that a certain product is needed but not being produced. At that point, an idea for a new business will flash into your mind. You can become the person who will produce that product and satisfy the need of the people who want that product. Then you can become successful.


Mike Baur added that many people do not dare to follow through on their ideas. He said that people do not know how easy it is to test out your new idea these days. You can set up a website in just half an hour, he said. That is already a start. You can use Whatsapp to communicate with people and start a test group in no time at all.


Offers New Products and Services

The banking industry is going through multiple changes. Many people are tired of dealing with a large bank that does not prioritize customer service. As a result, some customers are turning towards local banks. A local bank is a reliable option for anyone who wants to receive excellent customer service and have multiple loan options.

Nexbank is an example of a bank that is taking advantage of the current banking trend. Nexbank is located in Dallas, and it has expanded over the past few years. Anyone who has ever banked with Nexbank can attest to the quality customer service team at the bank.

Loan Products

Nexbank offers a wide range of lending products. With the strong housing market in Dallas, many customers need to get approved for a mortgage. Some mortgage lenders struggle to connect with customers. Nexbank offers various mortgage options for people who are at different levels in their finances. This is an excellent way for people to get approved without needing a perfect financial position to do so.


Sales and profits have grown rapidly over the past few years. Numerous people are excited about the future of Nexbank. The bank is in talks to acquire a smaller bank in the local area. Acquiring a smaller company is a proven strategy for companies to utilize when growing.

Nexbank has a robust financial position. Even during the last recession, Nexbank was still growing at a steady pace. The leaders of Nexbank have done a great job positioning the bank for success in the coming years. Anyone who wants to work at Nexbank should apply. The company is currently hiring for various banking positions that can be a huge benefit to anyone who receives a job offer. With the strong economy in Dallas, many industry experts expect that Nexbank will become a leading bank in the area.

Former Manufacturing Tycoon Louis Chenevert Sits Down With Ideamensch

Louis Chenevert could be considered a modern day Andrew Carnegie or Henry Ford due to the way he helped United Technologies Corporation put out aircraft engines, commercial HVAC systems and many other patents at a rapid pace. He is now retired after nearly 40 years in manufacturing, but he is able to look back on his career and say the job is well-done. Chenevert sat down with the editor of Ideamensch to take a look back over his career.

Chenevert brought up some of UTC’s major aircraft engine models that came out like the F135, the GTF, the Gulfstream G500 and G600 and buying out models at Goodrich aerospace as some of his biggest accomplishments. He was asked about how ideas were formed at UTC and he said he was able to have small groups used effectively to compartmentalize them and then later roll them out. He says companies can be most productive if the focus is always on the objective and stays away from “internal politics” or other distractions. And Chenevert says who you surround yourself with and how you treat your customers will be reflected in the kind of company you run.

Louis Chenevert is Canadian-born though he currently resides in Hartford, CT and has made his biggest career accomplishments in the US. He got his business degree and later his doctorate at the University of Montreal. He started out as the operational manager of a production plant for General Motors, and then moved to a better paying position at Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of UTC located in Canada. He became the vice-president of operations and then president for the next eight years there.

Louis Chenevert moved to UTC in 2006 as its chief operating officer and two years later became its CEO. The company grew its contracts both in commercial and military aircraft development, and its stock also has remained strong over the years and shareholders have never seen defaults on dividends paid to them. Chenevert won several awards during his time there including the 2010 Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics and the 2060 FDNY Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award. Though Chenevert is retired, he does act as a part-time advisor for the Goldman Sachs merchant banking branch.

FavioMaluf: What Makes A Lucrative Deal

Flavio Maluf is the vice chairman and the CEO of the company Eucatex. Recently they have ben trying to find ways to expand and grow larger. They have finally found an opportunity to do this through working with other companies. The company which is headed by Flavio Maluf has found its perfect match and are happy to be collaborating. They both manufacture and process parts that each other could use so the deal is mutually beneficial between both parties.

Eucatex and Duratex have decided to do business between each other. The Eucatex will give a farm for some the of the thin plates of wood in Botucatu. Duratex’s wants to focus on the farm for raw material manufacturing. This is next to a Duratex factory that is in Itapetinga. The Duratex factory in Botucatu has 280 employees and has huge production numbers of 200,000 m³ a year. This is a great exchange and opportunity as the business is worth about 60 million dollars. Duratex is going to continue work in its factory in Itapetinga in April of the same year. Visit to learn more

Flavio Maluf has the responsibility of sharing information with employees and partners. Flavio Maluf the President of Eucatex, yesterday night informed the workers and directors of the company in Botucatu, and how the business deal gives them the ability to plan better sales, maintenance and losses or wasted materials. Mr.Maluf is proud to reported that the business should have CADE approval. They will have a chance to broaden their scope to places like Brazil. Furthermore, Flavio the deal will increase fiber plate productivity by 70%. Also, it will increase the paint capacity by 30 percent and the paper printing by 40 percent. Overall this new business proposition will benefit both sides greatly. Both will get opportunities for new products, positions, and jobs domestic and indirect. Learn more:


Paul Mampilly: Is There Anything Substantial Behind Bitcoin?

Paul Mampilly has a newsletter that is called Profits Unlimited. It is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing, and it is highly regarded as one of the best information sources for investing and finance news and advice. Visit the website to learn more.

In one of his newsletters, Paul Mampilly compared the Bitcoin mania to the dotcom bubble in the in 1990s. There are many comparisons that can be made about the two incidents. During the dotcom bubble, many new tech and internet companies were starting up. The problem was that many of these companies did not do anything. All they had were a website and some half hatched plan. They did not have any track records, and they were not making profits. However, the internet was all the rage because it was so new and had great potential. People were investing in these new companies that did not have anything substantial to back them up. The prices of their stocks were soaring very high. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hil

Paul Mampilly said that during the course of research for his article, he discovered that twelve stocks went up by more than one thousand percent during the dotcom bubble in 1999. Another seven stocks went up by nine hundred percent or more. Some of these companies became very big and made it to the NASDAQ index. However, says Paul Mampilly, there was nothing underpinning the entire dotcom boost. Paul Mampilly himself sold his stocks at the end of the year of 1999, as he wrote in his article. He said that he was feeling pretty foolish, as he saw that the stocks were going up and up even after he sold his shares in the companies. However, a year or two later, he was very happy that he did what he did. The stocks eventually crashed, and Paul Mampilly did not lose any of the money that he invested in the dotcom stocks. Not only that, but he made a nice profit. However, his friend lost all of her money. She made over six figures by investing in the dotcom industry, but she lost all of it, which is terrible. Paul Mampilly believes that the same thing can happen in the cryptocurrency industry. A big crash can wipe out the profits of all those who made money during the bubble. There is nothing underpinning the big boost in Bitcoin prices, just like before. Visit:


All about Chris Burch and His Nihiwatu Resort

Christopher Burch as a businessman is an investor and entrepreneur who was born on 28th March 1953. He is a founder and CEO of Burch creative capital. This is a film that is located in New York City, which helps to manage the ventures investments and also brand development. He has also contributed to the rise of multiple technologies and also luxury brands. Mr. Christopher Burch was also a board member of the continuum group and Guggenheim capital.

He attended Ithaca college where his success began in 1976 when still an undergraduate student. Together with his brother Bob they were able to invest $2,000 where they started Eagles Eye apparel. The business grew up to $165 million and later sold it to Swire group in 1989. Mr. Burch used his technical abilities where he found the nexus between implementation and innovation and was able to attain unusual success.

In 2004, Mr. Burch helped his wife launch Tory Burch fashion label where he served as the chairman of the company. In December when he sold half of it, and he was owning 28.3% shares, the company was worth $3.5 billion. He was able to establish J. Christopher capital LLC later in 2008. It was later renamed Burch creative capital. The aim of establishing this company was to be able to manage his investments. Later in 2011, he launched C. Wonder, accessories, apparel, and a home decor retailer where he later sold it to Xcel Brands.

James McBride partnered Mr. Christopher Burch and together they purchased Nihiwatu Resort which was located in Indonesia Island. This was in Sumba, 2013 and they invested $30 million where they renamed it in 2015 by the name Nihi (

At Nihiwatu Resort located on an island, they built itineraries which help to transcend traditional experience during the vacation. They help to foster the guest creativity and passion. They also help them disconnect from their former hyper-connected lives, and it allows them to connect to with the earth and community. Each and every experience one attains is singular and custom which is catered in a way that enables to fit each and every guest differently.

The rooms of the resort are just more than hotel rooms. The guest feels more than just a new way of enjoying the life. The designs are made in a way to make the guest feel comfortable like home. It is described as among the best hotel in the world.

Connect with Burch on Instagram, LinkedIn.