Brian Bonar Has Suceeded In Two Different Types Of Business

Many professionals spend their career in one area of business. However, Brian Bonar has been involved in two very different forms of business. Furthermore, he has done well in both of these different sectors of the business world. He became the chief executive officer of a well renowned staffing agency in England. Then, he went on to be the owner of a wildly successful San Diego restaurant as shown by San Diego Magazine. This restaurant is frequently attended by prominent individuals in the San Diego area. He has this restaurant located in an excellent area for a high quality restaurant, the Escondido neighborhood.
Brian Bonar grew up living in Scotland. He was educated at England’s Stafford University. Stafford University is a very well known school, and the university has been seen highly throughout it’s history. His educational background taught him the ins and outs of the business world, and it taught him how to effectively do business in a globalized economy. Brian Bonar became extremely successful at a staffing firm. At this company, he was a very successful CEO.

He certainly picked a good place for his restaurant. Escondido is known for it’s high end shops, quality restaurants, and affluent clientele. Brian Bonar’s restaurant, Bellamy’s, an exquisite bistro, certainly fits right in. Bellamy’s has a reputation of being one of the city’s finest restaurants. It draws customers from a very broad area.

Bellamy’s truly offers something for everybody’s tastes. The more exotic food lover would love some of their selections, such as their eel. However, a lot of selections appeal to more mainstream tastes. They also offer a variety of options for all courses of the meal. There are a number of different options for meat and fish dishes. However, for the salad enthusiast, the beet salad at Bellamy’s also is a good choice. Bellamy’s offers great options for desserts. For dessert, they have saffron panna cotta. This dessert is loved by many guests at Bellamy’s.

In addition to the great food at Bellamy’s, there also is a lot of attention paid to the stylistic elements of the restaurant. The restaurant chose very interesting paintings of jazz musicians to put up. The seats at the restaurant are also extremely comfortable, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and inviting.

Brian Bonar has plans of having multiple successful restaurant businesses in the San Diego area, and he already has been putting the plans into motion. Actually, Bellamy’s is the smaller of his San Diego restaurants. He has 144 acres of land in the San Diego area, and this land will be put to use. People will be able to organize events, using the space. A four star restaurant will be on the grounds.