George Soros; a Man of the People

George Soros is a man who understands hardship well enough. He was born in Hungary at a time when religious and racial segregation was at its pick. The tyrannical Nazi regime had imprisoned his own father for only being of the Jewish. Indeed, George had been given a lemon early in life, but he decided to make lemonade out of it. His success and wealth have been a blessing to many because he is world-famous for his charitable work.

According to the Washington Times, George Soros has been very instrumental in ensuring that the voice of the people of Ferguson is always heard. He resolved to get involved because of the extra-judicial killing of Michael Brown. Through his funding, many non-profit organizations have the much-required resources that enable them to conduct their primary business of protecting the civil and human rights of the people. According to Politico, the protests in Ferguson sparked a national debate on the effects racism.

According to the Washington Times, Mr.Soros has spent over 33 million dollars in funding grass-root activist groups. The contributions, according to the Washington Times, have empowered those activists who are on the ground in Ferguson. This emboldened from Mr.Soros’ contribution transformed a criminal event that would have lasted a day in nation-wide protest.

One of the activist groups that has benefited from Soros financial might is Colorlines. It is an online site that is keen on reporting about racial matters. Race Forward publishes the news site. This group, according to the Washington Times, receives money to the tune of 20,000 dollars yearly from Soros’ foundation. This online news site was very vocal during the Black Lives Matter Campaign. Learn more about his profile at

It has also been reported that Soros gave 5.4 million dollars to Ferguson and Staten Island last year. This contribution was for the purpose of furthering police reforms and empowerment of the grass-root groups situated there. Another beneficiary of George Soros funding is the Hands Up Coalition. The group, according to the Washington Times, has made it its key priority to take the Ferguson protests nationwide.

George Soros believes that people must participate in decision making. He believes deeply in democracy and the formation of an inclusive society. Apart from funding activist groups, George Soros has been instrumental in party politics. He is a supporter of the Democratic Party and has done quite a lot for the party regarding funding some of its candidates. He has also been involved in numerous quests for helping countries that are under dictatorial regimes to free themselves. He has done that by funding nonprofit groups like The Independent Diplomat. The Independent Diplomat played a big role in liberating Kosovo. It also helped liberate the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

George Soros is a man who has the interests of the people in at heart. He is the champion of the weak and voiceless. He is also a businessman of great skill and repute. He achieved the greatest heights of his business shrewdness in 1992. He anticipated the UK Black Wednesday and positioned himself to make a quick one billion dollars from his short sale of ten billion dollars. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Go Fund Me Campaign For Animal Shelters In Our Area By Ross Abelow

Have you ever stop to think about how many homeless animals there are nationwide? Statistically speaking, there are over 5,000 animal shelters housing around 20 dogs and more cats per shelter. On average, 60 % of these animals will end up put down and only a small amount of animals actually return to their present owners from the shelters. Only about 10 % of these animals are spayed or neutered putting us at risk for thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens born each day. According to research, only 25% of animals in shelters will find a loving home. This leaves thousands to roam the streets looking for food and shelter daily. Ross Abelow, a local New York attorney, is trying to help the situation by raising money to take care of these animals. He has a go fund me page for strays that will help animal shelters to feed and house these animals until loving homes are available.

Ross Abelow is a wonderful man. He began his go fund me page campaign because he wanted to help the animal shelters take control of the homeless pet population in New York. He hopes to raise around $5000 or more to buy food, blankets, and medicine for these homeless pets. He also hopes that more people will volunteer to help out at these shelters. Volunteers help to cut down the cost of running the animal shelters. This can allow more money to go toward training and marketing these animals for adoption.

Family attorneys do more than draw up living or estate wills. A family attorney can help with most any situation a family member finds themselves in. Ross Abelow is a family man and a family attorney. He loves helping his local citizens with their legal needs. He is responsible for many contracts and proceedings. He will represent his clients in court when there is a need. Ross works with other lawyers providing the counsel that is necessary for New York. He hopes that each person will become more aware of how hard it is to feed all of the animals loose in New York city alone. The more people that join in to help with this project, the more money the city will have to care for these innocent animals. Donate now to the go fund me page campaign-Ross Abelow is sponsoring.

Thor Halvorssen is a Dedicated Human Rights Activist

Many people living in the United States and other relatively comfortable Western nations tend to take a lot of basic freedoms and liberties for granted. Most people go about their daily lives giving little, if any, consideration to the wonderful blessings that living in a free society offers. Unfortunately, in many countries, citizens and residents are subjected to unimaginable human rights violations from their own governments. These unfortunate people suffer from a wide variety of human rights violations ranging from suppression of freedom of speech and association to outright slavery and torture. Fortunately, the Human Rights Foundation is there to help the oppressed victims by raising public awareness about oppressive regimes and by using peaceful means to relieve their suffering. The Human Rights Foundation was incorporated in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen. The HRF has an office in New York City that has been in operation since 2006.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a highly-motivated and active advocate for human rights. Thor makes it his life’s mission to expose the egregious human rights violation that take place everyday in the world. Repressive regimes all over the world systematically and routinely deny the citizens and residents of their countries the most basic human liberties and freedoms. Thor established the Human Rights foundation in 2005 as a means to fight these oppressive regimes by exposing their crimes to the public and using international political pressure to force these corrupt and brutal regimes to reform. Thor Halvorssen understands that these vicious and corrupt regimes that have contempt for basic human rights rely on pure brutal force to accomplish their objectives. However, Thor does not advocate using force against force.

Thor Halvorssen recognizes the importance of exposing the atrocities of oppressive regimes to the general public and to the political leaders of free nations. By raising the awareness of the general public, Thor gains the invaluable support of a populace that will in turn put pressure on their political leaders to take action to help the victims of oppression.

Thor Halvorssen uses a wide variety of resources to educate the citizens of the world about the fate of their fellow human beings who are suffering under repressive, often closed, government regimes. Thor is well known for producing documentaries such as “Sugar Babies” which depicts the plight of children forced into slavery in the Dominican Republic. Take some time to research Thor Halvorssen for more information about his human rights projects and the way ordinary citizens can contribute to the cause of preserving human rights and promoting equality around the world.