Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Works Well For Those Who Can Handle Rejection

One of the inevitable things that one is going to face in dating is rejection. For those that are interested, rejection is not just someone saying no to someone who asks them out. Rejection can occur at any point in the date or relationship. People can go out on a few dates and then decide that they see the other person as just a friend. This is a form of rejection. In fact, this type of rejection may hurt even deeper than the other form of rejection because one has taken the time to get to know the other and has decided that they are not a match.

With other dating apps, people experience the shallow form of rejection. However, Whitney Wolfe has put together an effective app. More people are going to meet one another with Bumble. Whitney Wolfe herself has decided that the point to online dating is to actually get somewhere. Therefore, people have found it easier to connect with someone and go places to enjoy themselves. However, getting the date is not the end of all problems. It is only a beginning. Therefore, it is important for one to actually find a way to make it work for people.

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With Bumble, people have to learn how to deal with the deeper form of rejection. Among the ways that they can deal with it is by realizing that they have actually gotten somewhere. They have convinced someone to give them a chance so that they will be able to enjoy themselves. One thing that could help with is give them hope that they can find someone else that will give them the time of the day. Whitney Wolfe herself can advise people on how they can handle rejection. One of the points of rejection is to recover from it and move on.

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I am very excited to announce that ClassDojo has set in motion a new tool, Student Stories. This very fundamental tool allows students to add additional pictures and videos to their portfolios and share them with their parents. Students will definitely be able to include their parents and bring them along for the ride of their learning adventures. This is an awesome way to develop a less intricate connection between students and parents while developing an understanding to different assignments. The device allows students as well as teachers to add different materials to their creations without having to remember any difficult username or passwords. There is a QR code put in place which allows the students to scan the code and pick up where they left off. However, teachers has to confirm any added material before it is sent out for viewing by parents. Student Stories is a very brilliant idea that opens doors for many students who may have not been able to voice their opinion or exactly what they were trying to say verbally. It also gives parents an opportunity to have front row seats to the hard work and creativity that their children are putting forth on a daily basis. I am sure that this is a great start for an outstanding communication platform between teachers, students, and parents. With the creation of Student Stories, it will allow many students to be able to come together and have fun working as a team. A positive culture within the classrooms is definitely something that is needed in each and every school. Every parent want their child/children to go to school and feel comfortable so that learning can feel as natural to them as possible. ClassDojo has certainly made room for a ground up change within the school systems to develop better communication skills, better student-teacher relationships, as well as student-parent relationships.

Although ClassDojo may be viewed as a simple creation, I think that it will have a very high success rate. The main goal of ClassDojo is to offer parents an open door to their student’s behavior in the classroom. By students being knowledgeable of the fact that their parents will be notified of their behavior, I think that it will cause less behavioral problems from students.

ClassDojo has the potential to create stress free classrooms where teachers can continuously teach versus having to stop and discipline a child from time to time. Students will be more engaged with doing the best of their ability to make their parents and teachers proud.


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