The Great Success of Sanjay Shah

It isn’t every day that Snoop Dogg shows up on your front doorstep with his 10 person crew. This is however what happened to Sanjay Shah. Shah was nervous at first and didn’t really know what to do, but it quickly became a very pleasant afternoon of joyful conversation in the garden. Snoop Dogg asked about all of the differences in the two cultures and then went on to speak of his experience in the music industry. This meeting with Snoop Dogg left Shah so inspired that he wanted to create a music festival. This music festival was the type of festival that would make a difference. The cause that Shah decided to focus on was Autism. Thus the festival “Autism Rocks” was born. This wasn’t a small festival either. Large name artists like Lenny Kravitz and Prince have played on the stage at Autism Rocks.

Shah is an individual who has been very successful in both the world of business and the world of philanthropy. There are many that regard Shah as one of the masterminds in the world of investing. He has been very successful as a fund manager and has been able to gain huge returns for himself personally and the investors that he has worked with. There are very few investors who have the skills that Shah has. He has an uncanny ability to act on an investment opportunity the moment that it arises.

Shah has changed the course of his career and started to focus much more on philanthropy lately. There are many lives that can be touched by the autism research that has been taking place due to the funds that Shah has helped to raise. With his son suffering from Autism, it is easy to see why Shah has become so passionate about autism research. Shah is very passionate about finding a cure for this disease and will stop at nothing to help find a cure.