How EOS Stands out in Beauty Supplies

The Fast Company published story behind the company who took the lip balm market by storm is as unique as the product produced. The spherically shaped beauty tool is the main selling piece of merchandise from the EOS(Evolution Of Smooth)’s beauty line. EOS is the brainchild of founder’s Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. Mr. Dubitsky was not part of the EOS lip balm’s debut, though, as he had moved on to pursue overseeing a different product line. Sanjiv Mehra’s background in and experience with the corporate world along with Jonathan Teller’s knowledge of entrepreneurship assisted in helping EOS find a profitable and recognizable niche in a fairly solid marketplace.

For Teller and Mehra, their creation had to set itself apart from the standard lip balm. A slender stick or tube shaped ( package is a universal look for the lip treatment. EOS’s lip balm is unique in the fact that is shaped spherically to appeal to the sense of comfortable to hold and the product itself is raised so one can hold it right up to their lips and apply without touching the product itself. The containers have appealing and fun colors, organic makeup and are a convenient size to hold and store at home and on the go. Marketing their brand was another challenge, but with the help of key celebrities who were seen using EOS, heavy social media presence, utilizing the power of beauty blogs, and collaborating with popular brands to create an EOS combined product.

EOS is currently the second most widely bought lip balm on ULTA, competing with Burt’s Bees as the first. It has been featured in and raved about by both Allure and Cosmo magazine and is sold at most major drugstores across the US.