James Dondero Joins Office of the CEO for MGM

James Dondero was recently asked to join a table of elite individuals who have spent their careers in the entertainment industry. These individuals have signed on with MGM to temporarily act as the companies Office of the CEO, a title that is currently open. While Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, or MGM, goes through the process of finding their new CEO through their current leadership transition, James and his fellow task-mates will be responsible for carrying on the work of the CEO. Although James Dondero is primarily familiar with the tasks of the business industry, many of those sitting at his table have dabbled for years in the entertainment business. Individuals from Pixar, Xbox, CBS, Viacom, and more are seated in the office of the CEO with James. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

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With over 30 years of experience in the business industry, James Dondero is a clear choice to add to anyone’s roster. James acquired his Bachelor of Science in Commerce at the University of Virginia in the late 80’s and went on to work for JP Morgan Chase & Company for a year after that. It didn’t take long to show his chops with the financial training program at JP Morgan, and it launched him into his dream job with American Express where he would manage over $1 billion in fixed income funds. After several years of mastering this position, James moved on to accept the role of Chief Investment Officer at the Subsidiary of Protective Life and turned it into a $2 billion success story with his expertise and guidance. In 1993, James Dondero became the president and co-founder of an investment firm in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital Management was a dream come true for James Dondero and acts as his source of success now. Although one might think this would be enough for someone, James still finds time to give back to his community through a donation team at Highland Capital Management. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.