Ricardo Guimarães: LinkedIn Ranks Top Business Skills


LinkedIn” is more and more becoming the top global online business networking site. Evidence of this is the increasing amount of visitors and survey reesults of business professionals, cites Brazilian Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG. For business professionals seeking employment, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to establish connections with important individuals within in organizations of one preferred industry. LinkedIn users can also share tips and follow the latest developments in their industry.

LinkedIn is more and more being used by companies with the principal aim of recruiting business professionals for hard to fill jobs. Recently, “Exame” magazine conducted a review of the social network to discover the most sought-after skills in 2015, cites Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG.

The frequency of keywords used to search profiles was used to determine the top skills. The report compiles data from nine nations and included are Brazil, France, and the United States. The results of analysis highlight twenty five skills. In Brazil, statistical analysis and data mining were most searched, cites Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG. Human resources professionals were highly searched for. According to the article, the search for human resource professionals increased by 15% in the year 2015, says Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of Banco BMG.
According to data from LinkedIn, below is the list of the twenty five top skills searched for by Brazilian companies. Ricardo Guimarães has provided the results in the list.

The top twenty five skills most searched by Brazilian companies in the year 2015:
1. Statistical data analysis and mining
2. Mobile site development
3. Quality Assurance software
4. Business logistics
5. Web architecture and frameworks
6. Middleware
7. Engineering and data storage
8. Information security
9. Benefits and compensation
10. Corporate governance
11. Safety at work
12. User interfaces
13. Microsoft development
14. Business Intelligence
15. System Review
16. Recruitment
17. Public policy
18. Engineering
19. Perl / Python / Ruby
20. Java development
21. Business development
22. Social marketing
23. Digital marketing
24. Software process design
25. Shell scripting

It is important for business professionals to constantly update their skills. Professionals should always seek to acquire the skills that are highly valued by employers. This ensures that they will have an edge in competitive job markets as new job openings become available, says Ricardo Guimarães. Update your skils forever!

Ricardo Guimarães is a successful businessman who has inspired brand loyalty through supporting Brazilian sports teams. It is a strategy that has helped Banco BMG to significantly increase its value during Guimarães tenure as president at Banco BMG. Today the bank is widely considered the leading Brazilian bank in the consignment credit market.