All About the Academy of Art University

The New York fashion week that is held is a way in which new names are put into the spotlight. On September 9th of 2017, the Academy of Art University held their 21st runway show, which was located at the Skylight Clarkson Square. In the 2017 show ten graduates displayed five womenswear collections and two menswear collections. The designers were from diverse backgrounds from places like China and Maine. There was a wide range of different ideas, fashion, and craftsmanship throughout this runway show. The audience was quite impressed with the collections that were displayed. One of the people from the audience was Ms. J Alexander and from the famous TV show Americas Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, whom is the director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA. There is only fifteen minutes for them on the runway, but it is done in front of career mentors, their friends and peers, and it was also streamed live for the world to see.

Some of the favorite looks from the show include the following:

Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, which was outwear and dresses made from vinyl, PVC, and fabrics put together.

Eden Slezin, MFA Fashion Design, which was created from the bay area. This was inspired by the designers love for vintage and individuality.

Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design, from Los Angeles, CA. This was inspired by the emotions she went through in dealing with the loss of her aunt.

Carlos Rodriguez, BFA Fashion Design, he was born in Mexico City, Mexico but raised in Clarksburg, California. His collection was made up of traditional hand and machine embroidery techniques.

Saya Shen, MFA Fashion Design, whom is from Beijing, China. This collection was inspired by landscapes; especially snow, the trees, and the ocean.


How Fabletics Inspires and Encourages Individuality

When people think about fashion, they think about the limits in variety as well as the apparent policing and dictatorship of outfits. A lot of women allow themselves to be told what they should wear. Often times, it is often clothes and outfits they may not necessarily like. Meanwhile, the types of clothes that they are willing to wear are often left out because of the discouragement. Fortunately, Kate Hudson and other promoters of individuality are encouraging people to explore their own tastes so that they will be able to see for themselves how they would feel in the outfits they truly like.


One thing about people is that they may be surprised at the effect their choices have in public. For instance, many people who may have thought a certain outfit or item may have gotten them ostracized or ridiculed in public may actually get them the praise and attention they have always wanted. This can go a long way towards bringing up their sense of self worth. There seems to be a lot of benefits that come with breaking some rules every now and then. One of these benefits is the realization that there are plenty of different tastes out there.


One rule breaker that Kate Hudson has presented to the public is Fabletics. One thing that makes Fabletics such a rule breaker is that it takes it upon itself to bring style to active wear. As a rule, the active wear category of clothing was basic. After all, people wore these clothes only to work out, not to impress people in gym with their fashion. This ignores the fact that many people use the gym as a place to meet. With Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s statement is that a workout is as good of a reason as any other to look good. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that people try to get in shape is so that they can look good. Therefore, clothing can reflect that purpose as well. When people find clothes that helps them feel confident, they will have more energy to pursue their goals of fitness.

Whitney Wolfe creates Powerful Dating App

Wolfgang is really turning up the heat when it comes to the concept of dating. She is someone that has managed to create one of the most exciting concepts when it comes to creating a dating app that does not have all of the harassment that has played so many other dating apps in the past. This has become one of the things that women have taken a look at because the dating app community has evolved in so many ways thanks to Whitney Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe is the creator of Bumble, and this has become one of the most enlightening dating apps for people that want something that it is new and enticing. Women are the ones that make the first move with this dating app, and that is one of the main reasons that people have taken interest in this type of dating app atmosphere. Whitney Wolfe has been able to create a smart dating app by connecting to Facebook and only allowing people that had Facebook accounts to sign up for the app. This may have been one of the best things that she could do when it came to building an app environment for singles.

Whitney Wolfe has made it possible for more people to engage in the concept of dating through apps because she has created the type of atmosphere that feels safe. So many people are trying to build better relationships as they searched for the right person. Whitney Wolfe is someone that wants to facilitate this. She wants to be the change in the dating app world that people would like to see.

Whitney Wolfe also had her mind set on building better communication apps for the social media and networking environment as well. This is why she created the app that was called Bumble BFF. He also created an app environment for people that wanted to network with Bumble Bizz.

It definitely makes it easier for people to become acquainted with friends and make better connections when they are utilizing the Bumble app that Whitney Wolfe created. She is on a roll with social media, and this app has already been predicted to be one of the best when it comes to the world of social media apps. People love Bumble, and they love what Whitney Wolfe is doing with Bumble. It has already been confirmed to be a billion dollar app.

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Whitney Wolfe Creates A New App To Help Women Find Friends

Whitney Wolfe is the successful creator of a popular dating app called Bumble. In an effort to help women who have recently moved to a new city or state find friends she has created Bumble BFF. With a swipe women can find other women who are trying to find friends in their area. Once you establish your criteria you start to receive friend matches. If you want to widen your selection you can increase the distance you are willing to travel within the app. You can accept or discard any requests and arrange to meet any potential friends anywhere you feel comfortable such as a restaurant for lunch, a park, or even a sporting event.

According to Whitney Wolfe in just under a week Bumble BFF received in excess of one million swipes. Sixty percent of these swipes were women trying to find friends in their area. Since Bumble already has three million users the chance of connecting with a new friend is fairly high. Whitney Wolfe has created the very first app with a feature allowing individuals to find friends. She decided since Bumble was already being used as a way to make friends by using a few sentences in their profile she would make it official.

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University where she was a Kappa Kappa. When she founded Tinder she used he knowledge to pitch app to sororities all over the country. This helped the app grow quickly and become so successful. Whitney Wolfe has marketed both the Bumble and Bumble apps as an empowerment to women. Her backing was secured through a Russian entreprenuer known for being private, secretive, and legendary. Two of the designers Whitney Wolfe used to develop the app for Tinder are currently working on her new app.

Whitney Wolfe believes there are not enough apps with women as the leaders. Her desire was to create an app that would be different which is why she made the addition of Bumble BFF to the original Bumble app. Her creativity and originality have greatly contributed to the success of the apps.

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Doe Deere’s Unique Business Strategy

Doe Deere appears to be living the dream! Running her company with her husband, sporting the brightest hair shades (and totally getting away with it), and creating a company that offers what many others had not, Doe has been climbing her colorful ladder of success! Of course, although many of us are wondering what new cosmetic shades will be released next, a lot of people are also curious as to how Doe Deere become so successful at such an accelerated speed. Making sure that her company was attention-grabbing (because who doesn’t notice fluorescent purple lipstick?), Doe caught the eyes of many, one fun shade at a time.

Perhaps it was Doe’s culture shock that first inspired her. When she was seventeen years old, Doe moved to the United States, as she had originally resided in Russia prior to the big move. Realizing that the United States was full of new opportunities for her, Doe didn’t waste any time. Upon arriving in New York City, Doe Deere joined a band, where she became a musician, as well as met the man of her dreams. Later on, the two musicians married, and decided to take their artistic talents to a new field. Together, Doe Deere and her husband created Lime Crime. Their company’s name resembles the bright and daring characteristics of Doe Deere, as the name is also fitting of the makeup shades that it produces.

Why were bright (sometimes neon) the colors that Doe Deere decided to work with? In an interview with Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere answered this question by stating that she liked promoting things that weren’t ordinary. She explained this passion by telling the interviewer about her first business she ran when she was just thirteen years old…selling temporary tattoos. Doe Deere said that she began by wearing them herself, followed by informing her schoolmates and friends that it was totally okay to wear a temporary tattoo. Quickly, Doe Deere made temporary tattoos cool, and her first business succeeded! Applying her teenage experience to the big world of business, Doe Deere made bright and pastel shades the new hype. She started by sporting the shades herself (as she realized that much of the beauty industry didn’t even create these shades). Her hair switches fun shades as well, allowing others to see that one’s beauty can be achieved outside of the traditional box as well.

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