The career journey of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is among the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world. Besides being a philanthropist, he has also launched a vast number of investments in the country. His educational background has served as a boost to his career. Most of his ventures are entirely based on the health sector, and he continues to cater to the health needs of many people across the globe. Lefkofsky passionate about offering immediate help to all people living with cancer worldwide. Due to the many problems and health issues that cancer patients go through. He launched the Tempus firm that relies on the use of innovation and modern technology to handle their numerous issues.

The career of Eric Lefkofsky has been majorly based on technology based investments. He relies on his diverse knowledge on the field to design new models of equipment that facilitate the success of the numerous tasks in the field of health. Besides, he has also partnered with a vast number of other coma pies to ensure that he reaches out to many individuals affected by this diseases. Additionally, he is also a founding partner at the Lightbank firm. He also worked with many other companies like Mediaocean among others before focusing on his business ventures.

Eric has always shown a great passion for meeting his goals. He believes that his leading ability to pursue his dreams highly contributed to his today’s successes. He further says that he passed through many challenges as he strives to peruse his passion and the fact that he did not give up on it, he has continued to discover new things over time that have inspired him to keep moving. He continues to inspire many people through his investment advice and the things they can do to ensure that they stick to their path of success.

Ted Bauman And Why He Feels US Stocks Could Fall

While most investors are still are eagerly awaiting even higher stock prices here in the US, there are other financial experts who believe that the bull market has run its course. Economist Ted Bauman has become rather bearish on the US stock market. Mr. Bauman feels that it is more important now to focus on wealth preservation and low-risk investing strategies. He has listed several reasons why he feels the bull market in the US is going to come to end.

Ted Bauman feels that interest rates are going to exert pressure on the US stock market. The Federal Reserve has been rather aggressive in its monetary policy by raising the fed funds rate and unwinding its balance sheet. Due to all the debt in the financial system, many financial experts believe the US economy cannot handle interest rates over three percent. Ted Bauman also feels that ongoing trade war with China and the Trump Administration could be the catalyst to end the bull market in US equities. The Trump Administration has placed tariffs on Chinese goods and the Chinese government has responded with its own tariffs. Mr. Bauman pointed out that China could easily retaliate against US multinational companies that earn revenue from doing business with China. This lost revenue would eventually cause the profits of these companies to drop substantially, eventually resulting in lower share prices.

Even if the bull market in US stocks were to end, Ted Bauman does not advise investors to ditch stocks completely because they could rebound rather quickly, like the 1987 market crash. Although he is against the trade war between the two largest economies, he feels that the trade war has now created an opportunity for investors to sell some overvalued American equities for undervalued Chinese shares. China’s currency depreciated at a quick pace after trade war tensions began. Soon after the yuan depreciated, the Shanghai Composite started to fall and is down for year around twenty percent. Ted Bauman also feels that investors should not neglect to have bonds in financial portfolio, as this could be a great cushion for investors if US stocks fall.

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Sheldon Lavin – A Global Icon

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, and is also the President of OSI International Foods LTD. OSI is a meat processing industry and they have protein products as well as vegetables, sauces, and baked goods. Sheldon Lavin got started in the meat processing industry when he arranged financing for the first meat processing company in Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin has an academic background in accounting and finance and because of this, he had continued involvement with financing the first meat processing company in Chicago. The company was named Otto & Sons originally and the name later changed to OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin later became the owner of OSI Industries.

Sheldon Lavin had a vision for his company from the beginning, and that was to become a world class food processing enterprise. Today the company is in 17 countries and in more than 80 facilities. Sheldon operates his business like a famly which is how he was able to create a global force for his business.

Sheldon believes in giving back to the community and is involved in many charities. Sheldon has received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy, and he was also honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP. These awards were for his dedication to service and to the Chicago community.

Sheldon is considered the best boss to work for by his employees. Sheldon is very proud of the work he has done as well as the people who have helped him along the way. Sheldon makes sure that the people who works for him know how much they are appreciated and they are compensated for their work.

OSI Group has been ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest company and has a $6.1 billion net worth as of four years ago, so today it is much higher. Sheldon has been recognized internationally and locally for his philanthropy and business savvy work. While Sheldon is indeed a global icon, he is a father of three children whom he raises with his wife while giving back to the community.

Wes Edens is Ironically Reaping Big Returns in Subprime Lending

Successful businessman Wes Edens, Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group and Head of Private Equity is ironically reaping big returns in subprime lending. Wes Edens has provided strategic information and insight into alternative assets and subprime lending, in particular, that has catapulted Fortress Investment Group into one of the largest and most respected subprime lending firms in the world. By providing opportunities for individuals to purchase houses with less than perfect credit qualifications through various lending organizations, Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group has established long-term returns on investment from various income streams in the alternative asset market.Wes Edens has achieved a long career in successful leadership positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of some of the most well-respected investment firms and other lending institutions in the in the world. He received his education from Oregon State University with the Bachelors of Science in Finance and also a Business Administration Degree as well.

After his college career, he began working at various investment firms and created a skill for analysis and evaluation of key variables for profitable portfolio positions. He quickly began a progressive career of advancement in leadership and eventually decided to found the Fortress Investment Group where he is currently Chief Investment Officer. During the recession of the late 2000s, the Fortress Investment Group was hit with significant losses during the financial crisis and in the subprime market in particular. Consequently, today Fortress Investment Group through the leadership of Wes Edens ironically is reaping tremendous financial gains from the subprime lending market.

With the knowledge and information gained from the recession and the aftermath throughout the recovery process of Fortress Investment Group, the country, and the world, information was obtained to streamline the approach to investing that would benefit not only those individuals that receive the lending opportunity but also Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group specializes in the investment and distressed assets a liquid credit Investments and undervalued assets in their global investing portfolio. They have a knowledgeable dedicated staff of more than 100 skilled professionals that manage assets and various geographical locations and provide evaluation and analysis of assets from around the globe. The key insight of Wes Edens at Fortress Investment Group is reaping tremendous returns on investment within the subprime lending sector and providing valuable opportunities for home ownership and other small business endeavors for the general population.


The Remarkable Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is an editor who has written in the total wealth insider magazine. Jeff commenced his editorial career in 2015 when he was the editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing. The editor has been in the stock market for twenty years where he has also hosted numerous events as a financial journalist.

The total wealth insider is a magazine that is fully equipped with business ideas that could propel an individual to greatness. Individuals who have read the magazine have prospered in their endeavors. Jeff Yastine is the head of the magazine where he has won prestigious awards including being nominated for the Emmy awards. The magazine has been successful in the financial matters that it has incorporated in the magazine.

Jeff Yastine has carried out exclusive research when writing about important matters. The editor has been able to write about the changing value stocks in the market every month. Jeff has also written about technology companies that have been successful in the market. Eighty companies have launched their products and services. Profits have been enhanced by the companies since great investments have been made in the companies.

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The retail sector has been utilized well by the big companies. The companies are able to distribute their products easily to the companies through the high technology that they have embraced. The banking sector has also embraced new technology according to Jeff Yastine on The banks are using the technology in their investments where the criminals are prevented from accessing the banking area.

Jeff Yastine has approved the Navy Seal which the entrepreneurs can invest. The airplanes have proved to be worthy and useful since they can capture vital information faster. The military organizations on have employed the navy seals in their operations which have always been successful. The publishing company is headed by a number of great figures.

Jessica Cohn is the managing director of the company. Ian Dyer has also been employed as an internal analyst. The publishing company contains other prominent figures. Jeff Yastine has also written about the investment figures where eighty companies have been selected for having outstanding products. The companies have uplifted the banking and insurance sectors greatly.

Individuals have been able to access important information through the measures that they have put in place. The super Tacano has also proved useful to the military since its faster than any other machine. The hedge fund managers have tremendously succeeded based on the Jeff Yastine’s advice.

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George Soros; a Man of the People

George Soros is a man who understands hardship well enough. He was born in Hungary at a time when religious and racial segregation was at its pick. The tyrannical Nazi regime had imprisoned his own father for only being of the Jewish. Indeed, George had been given a lemon early in life, but he decided to make lemonade out of it. His success and wealth have been a blessing to many because he is world-famous for his charitable work.

According to the Washington Times, George Soros has been very instrumental in ensuring that the voice of the people of Ferguson is always heard. He resolved to get involved because of the extra-judicial killing of Michael Brown. Through his funding, many non-profit organizations have the much-required resources that enable them to conduct their primary business of protecting the civil and human rights of the people. According to Politico, the protests in Ferguson sparked a national debate on the effects racism.

According to the Washington Times, Mr.Soros has spent over 33 million dollars in funding grass-root activist groups. The contributions, according to the Washington Times, have empowered those activists who are on the ground in Ferguson. This emboldened from Mr.Soros’ contribution transformed a criminal event that would have lasted a day in nation-wide protest.

One of the activist groups that has benefited from Soros financial might is Colorlines. It is an online site that is keen on reporting about racial matters. Race Forward publishes the news site. This group, according to the Washington Times, receives money to the tune of 20,000 dollars yearly from Soros’ foundation. This online news site was very vocal during the Black Lives Matter Campaign. Learn more about his profile at

It has also been reported that Soros gave 5.4 million dollars to Ferguson and Staten Island last year. This contribution was for the purpose of furthering police reforms and empowerment of the grass-root groups situated there. Another beneficiary of George Soros funding is the Hands Up Coalition. The group, according to the Washington Times, has made it its key priority to take the Ferguson protests nationwide.

George Soros believes that people must participate in decision making. He believes deeply in democracy and the formation of an inclusive society. Apart from funding activist groups, George Soros has been instrumental in party politics. He is a supporter of the Democratic Party and has done quite a lot for the party regarding funding some of its candidates. He has also been involved in numerous quests for helping countries that are under dictatorial regimes to free themselves. He has done that by funding nonprofit groups like The Independent Diplomat. The Independent Diplomat played a big role in liberating Kosovo. It also helped liberate the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

George Soros is a man who has the interests of the people in at heart. He is the champion of the weak and voiceless. He is also a businessman of great skill and repute. He achieved the greatest heights of his business shrewdness in 1992. He anticipated the UK Black Wednesday and positioned himself to make a quick one billion dollars from his short sale of ten billion dollars. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Brad Reifler’s Encourages Young Adults To Start Investing Early

Brad Reifler encourages young adults to increase their financial knowledge and try a number of proven financial tips. He believes that investment tips are critical in changing one’s life and overcoming the financial frustrations that many young adults face.

Brad asserts that when the youths start investing early, they will not have to worry about their retirement.

Brad posits that budget is the key to financial success. Just like business budgets, personal budgets should be developed carefully. A good budget should outline one’s projected revenue and expenses. It should also focus on important expenditures.

The document should always allocate some of the income to savings. One’s expenditures should be less than the projected income to cater for unforeseen expenditures and avoid debts.

Crunchbase revealed that Brad Reifler advises young adults to pay all their taxes. Although for salaried people the tax is automatically deducted from their income, self-employed individuals have to make such payments by themselves. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Failure to comply with tax laws can result in severe consequences. Brad asserts that the youths should pay for their health insurance and 401K on time. These deductions lower one’s total income. Budgeting should be done based on the net salary.

Brad Reifler contends that compound interest is a magic to one’s savings. At the end of every year, interest from saved money is added to this amount and the new interest is charged based on the total of the initial sum and the previous interest.

By compounding this amount over several years, an individual can make more wealth and reinvest the amount in other ventures. This way, one will have safeguarded his or her retirement life.

Despite the fact that people may access student loan with non-existent credit history, an individual needs a good credit record to secure some loans such as mortgages.

Prompt payment of credit card loans and rent can greatly help one to have a better credit history. Brad encourages young adults to focus on building their net worth through accumulating assets and cash.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler is a financial expert and an entrepreneur. He is the current chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management. In his successful career, Brad has founded several companies.

Some of them are Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Corporation. Brad Reifler’s exceptional business acumen saw Pali Capital make over $200 million in profit.