Equities First Holdings Earns Reputation Due to Its Alternative Financial Solutions

As a leader in stock-based lending services, Equities First Holdings boasts a large client base due to its fast lending process. The company targets wealthy individuals and business owners who require immediate funding solutions. EFH has been in operation for the last 14 years and has successfully issued more than 600 loans. The company has nine global offices that foster its lending services.


EFH’s lending services are provided on a deal-by-deal policy. The company focuses on offering funds to its clients during their time of need. EFH also adopts a five-step lending process that is secure and efficient.

The Lending Process of EFH

If you are in need of a stock-based loan, you should contact the company’s customer care team. When contacting them, you should provide details regarding your loan collateral and amount. Once EFH’s lending team reviews whether you qualify for a loan, they will calculate the interest rates and draft the terms of the lending agreement. If you agree to the terms provided, you should sign the agreement and transfer document, and then hand over your collateral. EFH will immediately transfer the funds to your account. The agreed interest rates only apply during the lending period. If this period is exceeded, you will be charged extra cash depending on the period you take to repay the loan. EFH only returns collateral to clients who have completed paying their loans.

Why EFH outperforms other lenders

Equities First Holdings guarantees the security of the loans it provides. The company also adheres to industry standards during the lending process. EFH offers interest rates as low as three percent on loans. The company can only retrieve the money a client has borrowed based on the collateral pledge. This pledge also allows customers to use stock market shares as collateral when seeking funds for their personal and professional projects. As a consumer, you are entitled to retaining all dividends. This means that once you pay the loan fully, you receive the pledged collateral. Equities First Holdings has earned a reputation for its high loan-to-value ratios. Once you seek funds from EFH, you are entitled to a 75 percent loan-to-value ratio.

Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking firm that offers comprehensive investment and wealth management services to individuals and businesses located within the United States and the United Kingdom. Their prime method of raising capital is through the placement of equity with high net worth retail investors.
Laidlaw has a 170 year legacy of investment banking and is in the process of expansion with offices located both within the United States and Europe. The over 150 employees facilitate this expansion by the way of having the proper requisites and SEC credentials to operate business on a global basis.

The company culture is entrepreneurial in nature with a high focus on relationship management. This works to aid in the expansion and growth process while supporting the building of a solid foundation with current clients. There is also a secondary tier focus on alternative and creative thinking; finding solutions that others may not consider.

The overall functionality of the company is based upon divvying up the employees into teams that specialize in their particular field of investment banking. Recentl, PR Newswire reported on Laidlaw & Company announcing expansion to Health Care Capital Markets. These teams include an investment banking team, an institutional sales team, a research team, and a trading team. This approach gives comprehension to every investment made and gives security in the conglomerate intelligence of the team.

In short, Laidlaw is your characteristic investment banking service provider that operates upon an experienced base with the incorporation of innovation.