Gareth Henry helps LGBTQ

Being an activist can have it’s pros In this community to be an activist means to be an example, having a voice, and much more. It can be hard at times because you have a lot of opinions and you have to learn the ins and outs of putting yourself on a pedestal. This has become the new life of Gareth Henry.

He is an activist for the gay community in Jamaica. He helps rescue people in LGBTQ community that need help escaping prosecution or even death. In Jamaica same sex marriages are still not legal. It is almost a crime, and because the gay community does get a lot of negative backlash, he finds it very important to step foot and help out in a place he grew up in. He has helped people report crimes, and he has had friends that have been injured and attacked because of their sexuality.

Things like this go unnoticed because hate crimes against gays has become so normal. Gareth Henry takes prides in saving the lives of others because he has had the personal experience with his own friends. Gareth Henry has experienced hate for wanting to help others that believe in same sex marriage. He has been repeatedly beaten three times by policeman. On goers watched this happened and since then, he wanted a new life in Canada. He is now a residence of Toronto, Canada, but that has not stopped him from being an activists.

His experiences with rescuing these individuals is so gruesome. From intestines being ripped out by pit bulls, to people being dis-membered, and having acid thrown on their bodies. The details are despicable, but this is what keeps Gareth Henry going. Gareth Henry volunteers in Canada helping people become comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. The outcome is not always what you may hope for, but it is his duty to help.

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