George Soros Funding Charitable Causes and Initiatives Across the Globe

Even though the world is progressing at a massive pace and many positive changes are happening world over, the political landscape of just about every country, it seems, is going against its people. The people in just about any country you name today are not happy with their government, and primarily because most of these governments are working for the benefit of the large-scale corporations who funded election campaigns or are indebted to their favors during the election. There are not many wealthy or influential people out there, with few exceptions, who genuinely want to uplift the low-income communities or work for the benefit of the people.

George Soros is one of the most famous public figures in the United States, who is not only a wealthy businessman but also a political contributor, thought leader, an author, a philanthropist, and a speaker. George Soros continues to propagate his idea of the open and democratic society in every way possible, whether it is the articles he writes, the seminars and conferences he speaks in, or the speeches he gives at large-scale public events. He has been using his wealth in a very meticulous manner to ensure that it is used to help make a positive difference in the world we live in and uplift the poor and needy people from their downtrodden conditions. Whether it is supporting the education of the students from the low income and black communities in the United States or the elsewhere or supporting the movements like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, George Soros has never been hesitant in coming forward.

It is because of his bold moves that he is also often criticized by the people and even the governments. Many of the world governments where he has outreach in through his non-profit organization, Open Society Foundation, feels that George Soros is trying to influence the politics of their countries. However, what he is trying to do is awaken the people from their complacency and ignite in them the passion for fighting for their rights. In the developed country as the United States, the people minorities and immigrants are oppressed and their rights not respected. It is because of such negativity that George Soros feel that Capitalism has rightly become a threat that people should be warned about. In a recent article, he wrote that people no longer have to worry about Nazism or Communism because Communism is what they should be actually concerned about today.

George Soros has given away a total sum of $32 Billion in his life to charitable causes and continues to give away as much as he can. The recent move of George Soros of giving away $18 Billion to his foundation, Open Society Foundation, brought him back to the limelight. He feels that it is the right way to use the fortune he has accumulated over the years. Open Society Foundation works with hundreds of organizations located in different parts of the world to help make a difference that promises a better future for the generations to come.

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