Handy Now a Premier Brand in the Cleaning Industry

Online cleaning services and home repair services are booming, and Handy is set to announce incredible profits from its recent sales. The domestic cleaning firm has earned over $1 million from bookings every week only two years after its inception. Handy also grew from $3 million total run rate to about $52 million. The cutting-edge on-demand economy service presents a better model for service and consumers experts. With the Handy’s new mobile app, clients view it as an ATM they carry around. It helps one to select their convenient hours on top of offering an attractive hourly wage. The revenue growth comes as Handy and Homejoy took measures in recently to restructure their operations through rebranding and launching new apps for various mobile devices.

Interestingly, consumers are positively responding to the new idea of the smart booking services via their cell phones. According to NYC Tech Mommy, the firm’s personnel are meticulously vetted. Both Handy and Homejoy provide services that are beyond home cleaning services that have catalyzed the ballooning of companies’ revenues. Approximately 85 percent of the firm’s revenues emanate from cleaning, and the remaining part comes from online handyman services and other plumbing services. Handy currently operates in Canada, London, and an estimated 25 cities in the United States. Handy (https://welldressedgeek.me/2016/09/26/handy-com/) has previously served over 200,000 clients from their website. The firm has more than 5,000 active workers who complete at least one assignment per month. Handy was formally known as Handybook when it was launched in 2012. It was launched to be a solution to the perennial challenge of finding competent experts to offer domestic cleaning services. Oisin Hanrahan, then a college student in Ireland initially developed the app. After travelling to numerous cities on weekends from college in the Dublin City, he started buying and renovating apartments in Budapest. In the business of acquiring and renovating buildings around various cities, he found it very hard to find handymen he could trust to do the cleaning.

Oisin and his classmate, Umang Dua, later went to the Harvard Business School. While there, they noticed the situation was similar in the US. As a result, they succeeded in developing the Handy app with the intention of providing the easiest and most convenient means for people to remotely book household services with their internet devices. Hanrahan is Handy’s current CEO. Before founding the company, Hanrahan had launched the MiCandidate. MiCandidate is an app that provides real-time political events to media companies in 25 European countries. He is also the found of Clearwater Group, a renowned real estate development company in Hungary. In 2009, he co-founded the Undergraduate Awards, an organization that supports exceptional undergraduates globally. Umang Dua is another Handy Co-Founder and the COO. Before founding the cleaning firm, Hanrahan had launched the College Connect. It is an online app in India that connects potential college students with the existing ones across the globe. Earlier, he was a business analyst at the McKinsey & Company. He is a bachelor’s degree holder in Economics and Political Science from Amherst College. Read more here: randyreport.blogspot.com.