The Exemplary Career Achievements of Arthur Becker

At Madison Partners, an investment firm, Arthur Becker serves as a managing member. He has been serving at the company in his position since 2011. Previously, between 2002 and 2010, Arthur Becker served as the board member and the chief executive officer of the enterprise. The NaviSite Company offers technology and internet services to a variety of companies, and Arthur is an associate. Before joining Madison Partners, Arthur Becker was working with Zinio LLC, which was a nouveau digital Newsstand. Additionally, Arthur Becker has operated at Vera Wang Company as a senior advisor for seven years.

Arthur’s interests in technology and real estate investment grew enormously while working at Zinio and NaviSite. After the 2011 sale of the NaviSite, Arthur decided to venture majorly into real estate investments. Among his initial investments was a condominium development in Miami and New York. Currently, Arthur Becker is actively engaged in the construction of Town Houses ( in New York’s Sullivan St. Becker, as a managing member, advantages from a flexible schedule, and that is how he manages to invest in other potentially profitable endeavors. He is also additionally preparing for the building of a luxury, affluent condominium development.

Arthur Becker is an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, and he attributes that it his drive and passion, which has facilitated his success on all the projects that he has been given to manage. He has additionally advised entrepreneurs to listen keenly to their colleagues in addition to evaluating the market trends. He also posits that people should strive to be tenacious and flexible in their business ventures, as this will present them with unprecedented success.

Arthur Becker additionally stated in Bloomberg that talent is essential for success and one of his strategies is sourcing for talent and utilizing it. He seeks talented individuals and persuades them to help him in achieving his business visions. He additionally advocates for leaders to provide direction, but still let their subordinates carry out the company’s mission and objectives with less or no supervision. Arthur Becker worked with Atlantic Investors as a managing member for 15 years. He also holds a business administration degree from the Bennington College. Additionally, he added the Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business where he learned about business. For more info, visit