Who is Chris Burch?

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is an investment company with an unorthodox method to investment. It uses a combination of creativity, applying imagination, incubation, support, and scale in order to capitalize on new market opportunities and Burch’s vision, entrepreneurially. This leads to the creation of disruptive brands and businesses as described by Burch, which have direct, positive, and long-lasting effects on consumers’ lives. In taking a look at his track record, Burch has a remarkable record for success. Over his 40-year career as an investor and entrepreneur, Burch has been involved in the building of more than 50 successful companies. He credits this level of success to his understanding of consumer behavior which combines with his knowledge in international and direct sourcing (ideamensch.com). Burch’s company’s portfolio includes many companies, from that of Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin, to ED by Ellen DeGeneres. It currently prides itself on its development of various lifestyle and consumer product brands, including retail, apparel, home furnishings, hospitality, organic foods, and those in the technological industries.

Burch currently resides in New York, New York, as well as in Miami, Florida. If someone were to classify the type of investor that Chris Burch is, it would be that of an individual, angel investor. Burch was educated at Ithaca College, from 1972 to 1976, where he studied business. Since his education Burch has come a long way, with investments in companies ranging from HueCore Inc to Hooch. Today, Burch holds a number of board positions. He is the advisor to See The SEEN, a social travel platform which targets replacing travel sights. As of August 18th, 2014, he is also an investor and advisor to Grability, which is a company providing mobile technology for businesses to enable them to create online stores. In addition to this, Burch is also an investor to Chubbies, an e-commerce store selling what are self-described as radical shorts for men. His other two board positions lie in Poppin, a company offering trendy and affordable office products, as well as in Nihi Sumba Island, where he is an investor as well as partial owner.

With all of this success Chris Burch became a billionaire in 2012. He achieved this stature of wealth through his various diversified portfolios, as well as through his radical investing company Burch Creative Capital. Burch began to become known for investing in addition to his personal portfolios, which he did so with the Guggenheim Partners. Overall his career can be looked at as a success story for a fashion industry entrepreneur, check bjtonline.com.