How Chris Burch Brings Five Star Style To His Nihiwatu Resort

It’s hard enough to succeed in one part of the business world. However, there are a few visionaries who can touch gold no matter what they do. One of those individuals is Chris Burch. From fashion to venture capital, this serial entrepreneur and creative juggernaut has left his mark on businesses in all corners of the world.

In addition to making his mark in fashion and venture capital, Mr. Burch is also known as a top-notch hotelier. His five-star resort, Nihiwatu, was ranked the best in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2016.

The resort is located on the island of Sumba which Mr. Burch purchased, along with a business partner for $35 million dollars. After dedicating several years for re-design, Mr. Burch opened the five-star resort to rave reviews. The 27 villa resort, located in Indonesia – near the island of Bali – is considered the go-to place for the jet-set. Surprisingly, this is just one of many accomplishments for Mr. Burch.

If you want to go back to the first time Mr. Burch found success, then you have to journey back to his college days.

It was way back in the mid-1970s where Chris Burch made his first foray into entrepreneurship with his own clothing operation. It was in 1976 that Mr. Burch started Eagle’s Eye Apparel with a small $2,000 loan. Less than a decade later, Mr. Burch partially sold Eagle’s Eye Apparel. Then a decade later, he would sell the entire company at a $60 million valuation.

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Less than five years later, Mr. Burch would start the company that would bring him the highest profile of fame as well as his biggest fortune. That company, Tory Burch, would go on to be one of the biggest names in fashion and style. Mr. Burch would eventually sell his 28.3% share of the company at a valuation of $3.5 billion (

During his last year at Tory Burch, Mr. Burch would found C. Wonder which sold retail home decor and fashion. Mr. Burch would sell his share of this company less than five years later. During the 2010s, Mr. Burch would also make a name for himself as a venture capitalist, starting up Burch Creative Capital.

With a creative legacy that has spanned almost five decades, Chris Burch is known as an icon in many different fields. As he reaches his fifth decade in business Mr. Burch will continue to create and execute his big business ideas with style.  Additional article on

Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Hotel is Luxury At its Best

Chris Burch has had many ventures in business, but none of them have been quite as luxurious as Nihiwatu. The hotel is located on a remote island in Indonesia. He purchased it from people who owned it as a hostel and immediately started to transform it so he would be able to help people have the best in luxury. The hotel is focused on making sure visitors have a chance to experience the best of the most luxurious destination in the world, but it doesn’t come at as high of a price as what most other luxury hotels cost.  Read more about this luxury hotel, check on

As a businessman, is all about luxury. He started the company Tory Burch with his ex-wife. The company grew from a small business to something that was often associated with luxury. Since then, it has grown even more and continues to be a great company for people who are looking to have the best luxury possible but who also don’t want to have to worry about how they were going to find these items. Tory Burch is an affordable company but also provides the most luxurious clothing and accessory options at that price point. Chris Burch had the intention of doing that when he started the company and that’s what allowed him to be so successful. More to read on

When Chris Burch went from running Tory Burch to running Nihiwatu, many figured it was somewhat of a big jump for him. He knew it wasn’t, though. While the hospitality industry was much different from the fashion industry, it was still all about luxury. Chris Burch felt if he could make Nihiwatu work, he would be giving people the best options for luxury. While he didn’t know much about hotels, he did know luxury and he felt it was an important part of the way he was running his business.  Read more of his views on business related matters, click on this.

As things have changed over the years, Chris Burch has seen what a difference he can make in different areas. Hit to know his new and follow on investments.

He has also tried to always give people a chance at getting luxury items. Now that Nihiwatu is catering to even millennials, it is a company that will work in the current economy. People who are hoping for a luxury hotel that doesn’t come at an extremely high price will be able to benefit from what Nihiwatu has to offer them. Chris Burch made sure the hotel was put together in that way for everyone.  Additional article to read on

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Chris Burch And His Development Strategies To The Luxurious Nihi Island

With so much experience in investment, Christopher Burch currently manages Creative Capital as the CEO. He is an alumnus of Itchica College where he pursued his degree programme. His passion for entrepreneurship started while he was still in college where he together with his brother Bob started Eagles Eye Apparel Company which became so successful. Later he sold the business after it was already well established to one hundred and sixty-five million dollars and made huge profits.  Related article on

Christopher Burch‘s business field is very wide as he has been investing in different fields. He manages real estates and expensive homes in different places such as Palm Beach and Nantucket. He has founded several companies among them Creative Capital, C. wonder, and ED DeGeneres. He has also bought a resort on the marginalized Indonesian Island Of Sumba. He spent so many resources to develop his resort.  To read more about him, check

Nihi Resort was started under the leadership of James McBride who was the hotelier and Marketer and it performed very well in terms of quality service delivery and also in returns. It became one of the best hotels globally on Travel and prestigious leisure. Nihi has been awarded severally due to its exemplary performance in the recent years, Example Conde Nast Traveler and the Telegraph.

Engineers have worked hard to ensure the future of Nihi Island by developing its technological operations.

Chris Burch has been involved in Nihi Island expansion, development and bringing reforms which have led to its great changes. For updates on his recent timeline activities, check  , Nihi Resort is involved in Community social responsibility by giving support to the locals with the help of Sumba foundation. It has participated in improving people’s standards of living by offering employment opportunities and also use some of its profits with Sumba foundation.

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Nihi Sumba Island resort’s beauty is enhanced by the Sumbanese culture which includes their traditional thatched houses with tall chimneys which bring out a very beautiful scenery. It offers excellent accommodation facilities which involve private villas and tree houses which can accommodate more than twenty people and for private individuals too. However, the Nihi expansion of accommodation facilities is still on board which will require the use of local resources.

There are also master estate and rental facilities reserved for guest which can accommodate only four guests and can also be rented individually. There is a library, kitchen, pools and entertainment sectors in the master areas. The new Nihi Sumba also offers superb services to all guests and it ensures that there is no overcrowding for the guests. Guests are also offered transport facilities to the neighboring relaxing areas. There are yoga sessions, spear fishing, horse riding clean and excellent beachside facilities in Nihi Island. Continue reading about the resort on

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