Marco Antonio Marques da Silva: A Summary of the Ceremony

Recently, the Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva received a great honor. He was given that honor by PUC-SAO Paulo. One of the newer auditoriums from Perdizes Campus got its name after the magistrate. He also serves as professor at the institution teaching Criminal Law. Dirceu de Mello had the task of leading the ceremony at the beginning. He’s the president of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals. The one who saluted the honoree was Ricardo Sayeg. This was on behalf of the “Faculty of Law”. Sayeg served in occupations of tenured professor and lawyer. In the speech Sayeg have remarks about work life of Marco Antonio. For example, he mentioned when Marco Antonio was fifteen he already wanted to embark in doing a career in Law. Another fact he gave out is that the judge wrote thirteen books and forty articles. One of these publications was called “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity”. He edited this together with Jorge Miranda who was Professor in Constitutional Law. Entries were also included written by jurists who were European and Brazilian.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva did a speech as well. In this speech he gave thanks to the presence of friends and families who were surrounding the room. He also gave a speech to the Executive Vice President of Bradesco Laercio Albino Cezar, who was constituting the bank. He was also the main corporate sponsor in the building of new auditoriums. Someone else Marco Antonio thanked was Hermi’nio Alberto Marques Porto who was the late professor. He also made sure he gave a special thanks’ to his family. This included his mother Celina, Evani, his wife, Natalia and Amanda his children, and his sister named Maria das Gracas. He ended the speech admitting that same altruism and excitement he received when he went into college. There, were also many who were at the ceremony. Also, the judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva got a plaque from the “PUC’s Office for Specialization and Extension courses”. This was in order to honor the dedication of judge to the mission of the office.


Jeremy Goldstein Has a Viable Option for Stock Options

The past recent years have seen some corporations cutting down the issuing of stock options  with viable reasons. Some of these reasons include the need to save money or avoid tax expenses altogether. Well, whichever the reason, it is important to weigh both sides so as to draw the right conclusion.

  • In business, a lot happens, and different market shifts have different impacts on the stocks. Therefore, depending on the market shift, a lot can be lost. As such, the company’s stock can register a significant drop that will bar employees from taking advantage of the stock options. As such, this is a disadvantage.
  • An additional disadvantage is the fact that issuing stock options can be tiresome and this is not what most accountants want. Therefore, employees resort to stopping the issuing of these options. Additionally, employees consider options to have lower benefits compared to actual salaries.
  • Strangely, stock options contribute to more losses than the profits a company might have been able to make in the long run. As such, the disadvantage is not worth the use of this compensation method.



  • Even with the disadvantages highlighted, it is factual that stock options have their benefits to organizations. For starters, it is easier for employees to understand the administration of these options.
  • Stock options boost personal earnings especially when the shares move up. As such, employees are encouraged to work harder in various departments like the customer service where clients are wowed to keep shopping for their services and products.
  • The second advantage of issuing stock options is in the value of maintaining the employee turnover. This is about supporting the service delivery scope of the company.
  • There are times when the tax department makes it difficult for executives to receive equities. In such cases, stock options work perfectly.


Using knockout options


According to one successful practicing lawyer in New York, there is a better option to consider in the issuing of stock options. This is the knockout option. The first advantage of this option is relieving tax burdens from corporations. With that said, he advocates for this compensation method.


More About Jeremy Goldstein


A revered lawyer with exemplary techniques and insight in issuing the right advice for businesses, Jeremy Goldstein has over fifteen years of experience in corporate law. He also independently owns a law firm titled Goldstein and Associates. Learn more:

Ricardo Tosto Makes a Great Difference in the Legal Sector of Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a high caliber lawyer in Brazil and the establishing partner of the Leite, Tosto and Barros Avogados Associados law office. He finished his Business Administration degree at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, and earned his Bachelors of Law at the Mackenzie Presbitarian University.

The law office of Leite, Tosto and Barros specializes in litigation where they are known for the high profile cases they have handle with exemplary performance. To this, an international client of the law firm said that in the list of recommended lawyers for litigation, they are the first recommended choice since they have valuable strategies that conform to the needs of their clients. Ricardo Tosto’s firm is also known for its mass litigation expertise – since it pioneered the service of mass action representation which is the cutting-edge of its entire legal services.

As a true leader, Ricardo Tosto initiated and introduced the mass litigation method of service in in his law firm in an efficient and organized way. Although mass litigation is the main service given by the firm, many clients entrust their legal fates in their capable hands because of their excellent legal services that stands out in complicated cases, and contact him.

A client of the firm who is engaged in the banking industry commented that the lawyers at Leite, Tosto and Barros are efficient, agile, possess efficient techniques, and are dedicated – which makes their present clienteles feel they are the right law firm to recommend to others when legal cases arise. So, it is not surprising that the firm is not only known in the banking and financial services sector but also in other industries.

Another client – Banco Industrial do Brasil’s Eduardo Maia Abraao (from the bank’s legal department) remarked that the lawyers and senior partners have adequate experience to offer indispensable legal assistance for credit recovery and business prospects, aside from being personally helpful and go-getters, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

The Leite, Tosto and Barros law firm likewise give pro bono services, around one-third of the lawyers in the office regularly accepts pro bono cases because the firm deems that it is not only an important means to elevate start-up lawyers but also a way to give back to their esteemed clients patronage, and

Jeremy Goldstein: Promoting a New Kind of Incentive

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who is based in the city of New York, and he made a name online because of his ability to foresee several economic changes that would affect the whole population who are putting all of their money in newly evolved markets like the cryptocurrency market. Jeremy Goldstein have written a recent article which stated that companies should be thinking about giving their employees an incentive in the form of EPS. The method is a contemporary idea, and according to Jeremy Goldstein, it is one of the most viable incentive options for the companies today. According to article written by Jeremy Goldstein, the EPS would provide several advantage for the company that is offering the incentive, but there are also some disadvantages that the company should be looking for.



Jeremy Goldstein has listed down some of the reasons why the EPS should be the incentive of choice for private companies. He noted that the EPS system would be viable for the companies because their value at the stock market would become higher. The more that the company would offer an EPS incentive for their employees, the higher the chances of their value would become. Additionally, employees who are receiving EPS or similar shares would become financially literate, and they would spend more time in studying how the stock market works. Employees would also have the option on keeping their shares and waiting for its trading price to increase. This would give employees a chance to increase their instance of earning high revenues just from trading their stocks.
Learn more:



Jeremy Goldstein also pointed out the disadvantages that can be encountered in using the EPS an an incentive source. They noted that people living in the city would not go through a computer based incentives but would still prefer a magical door because for them, it is more like a business capital. Jeremy Goldstein has proven with his articles that an EPS based incentive is truly making miracles especially for the employees who are having issues with how they would be receiving their bonuses. The EPS continues to become a positive incentive choice both for the employees and the companies.



Ricardo Tosto’s Advice and Litigation of Banking Cases

With the close of the Brazilian Capitals Abroad that ended on April 5th, the Central Bank of Brazil that is also known as BACEN, said that there should be the delivery of the CBEs on required timelines. Wrong information and errors will lead to fines of not more than R $250,000. Ricardo Tosto who is the co-founder of Milk, Tosto and Barros said this.More safe understanding of the process can be assimilated, and people should know the statements of Brazilian Capitals Abroad. Ricardo Tosto is of the opinion that the statements need to be put on the internet to enhance the availability to the people. Declaration forms or CBE can be acquired in the Central Bank of Brazil website online. The forms are of two kinds, Annual CBE or the Quarterly CBE.

When detailed, the annual nature of CBE is a mandatory requirement that the citizens, law firms in Brazil and people with property abroad like equities, fixed income securities, houses(properties), as long as they add up to USD 100,000 or more. The entities mentioned above need to have them according to Ricardo Tosto.The other form of CBE, the Quarterly CBE, needs to be made by the citizens and legal firms. It is similar to the annual CBE, but the difference comes in the amount. It should be equal or more than USD 100,000,000.Leite, Tosto and Barros founder Ricardo Tosto states that the base dates that are for the Quarterly CBE will be March 31st, June 30th, and September 30th. The dates will be applied annually and the fourth quarter has no particular time.

Ricardo TostoOlivieraCarvalho is a well-known attorney in Brazil leads in the litigation industry. He is loved because he has offered services in a well-organized and efficient ways. In complex cases, Leite, Tosto, and Barros come out as dedicated, skilled, agile and very competent and that is why people are so confident of them.He is very impeccable in organizing the cases, and he is trusted by the clients. In banking matters, the accounts secrets are well kept with him. He is perfect in cases that involve compliance, corporate crime, and criminal litigation. Cases that comprise money laundering can be handled well by Ricardo Tosto.

Karl Heideck’s Glowing Career in Litigation

Karl Heideck's Glowing Career
Karl Heideck’s Glowing Career

Karl Heideck is a brilliant litigation attorney whose practice is in the Greater Philadelphia Area in the United States. He is known for being one of the most diligent lawyers around. He attended the Temple University Law School where he earned his JD. Before that, he was at the Swarthmore College doing his degree in English and Literature.

Karl Heideck is one of those lawyers who have made it big. He has been able to represent many clients, most of them being famous people. He has also helped families settle their divorce cases and related issues. His clients also rely on him for advice on a wide range of issues, such as bankruptcy, risk management and compliance.

Karl Heideck studied law so as to help others. As a litigation lawyer, his job mainly involves representing clients during the trial process. This means that he has to do a lot of preparation before going to court. Due to his skills in research and writing, he has been able to handle the paperwork that comes with filing a case and seeing it through to completion and read full article.

If you want to practice as a litigation lawyer, you must consider excelling in the subjects that center around court practice and the trial process. You also need to acquaint yourself and horn your skills in communicating and listening. This, coupled with a few years of experience, can make you as successful as Karl Heideck. Keeping abreast with new and innovative ways of solving complex cases will also come in handy and what Karl know.

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