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The past recent years have seen some corporations cutting down the issuing of stock options  with viable reasons. Some of these reasons include the need to save money or avoid tax expenses altogether. Well, whichever the reason, it is important to weigh both sides so as to draw the right conclusion.

  • In business, a lot happens, and different market shifts have different impacts on the stocks. Therefore, depending on the market shift, a lot can be lost. As such, the company’s stock can register a significant drop that will bar employees from taking advantage of the stock options. As such, this is a disadvantage.
  • An additional disadvantage is the fact that issuing stock options can be tiresome and this is not what most accountants want. Therefore, employees resort to stopping the issuing of these options. Additionally, employees consider options to have lower benefits compared to actual salaries.
  • Strangely, stock options contribute to more losses than the profits a company might have been able to make in the long run. As such, the disadvantage is not worth the use of this compensation method.



  • Even with the disadvantages highlighted, it is factual that stock options have their benefits to organizations. For starters, it is easier for employees to understand the administration of these options.
  • Stock options boost personal earnings especially when the shares move up. As such, employees are encouraged to work harder in various departments like the customer service where clients are wowed to keep shopping for their services and products.
  • The second advantage of issuing stock options is in the value of maintaining the employee turnover. This is about supporting the service delivery scope of the company.
  • There are times when the tax department makes it difficult for executives to receive equities. In such cases, stock options work perfectly.


Using knockout options


According to one successful practicing lawyer in New York, there is a better option to consider in the issuing of stock options. This is the knockout option. The first advantage of this option is relieving tax burdens from corporations. With that said, he advocates for this compensation method.


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