Taking Full Advantage of Stem Cell Treatments for Lungs

Stem cell treatments allow many people to recover from various debilitating diseases, such as strokes and spinal cord injuries, also see: https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/. Stem cells are found in all humans and work to regenerate new cells. Doctors have found a method of using the patient’s own stem cells to treat lung disease. The use of stem cells is proven to work for patients who put their faith in the Lung Institute.

Stem cells restore the body by dividing to create new, healthy cells. Doctors use adult stem cells to treat diseases, while the use of human embryonic stem cells is more controversial. In addition to bone marrow transplantation, stem cell therapy for lungs is one of the few treatments that allow patients to benefit from regenerative medicine.

The Lung Institute provides individualized treatment plans to thousands of people from several facilities in the U.S. Doctors specialize in innovative stem cell therapy to treat common lung problems like bronchitis and pulmonary fibrosis. They remove the patient’s own stem cells from the blood or bone marrow. The cells repair damaged lung tissue and build it anew, which eventually returns your lungs to normal functioning. Also, autologous cells taken from your own body are not likely to be rejected.

Stem cell treatment for lungs is mainly a three-part process. Patient donate a sample of blood or bone marrow, doctors isolate the cells and inject them into the patient’s bloodstream. Lung doctors also benefit from the pulmonary trap that occurs when stem cells remain in the lungs after an injection. The patient’s lungs heal for several weeks until a follow-up appointment is scheduled.

The Lung Institute makes use of patient care coordinators to advise patients about their treatment options. The coordinators tell you more about the procedure and the steps to prepare for it. A physician will create an outpatient treatment plan based on your individual medical record. The staff guarantees positive results with your stem cell treatment and are ready to answer any questions. Whether you live closest to Tampa or Pittsburg, obtain a free consultation at a nearby facility to see if you qualify for the procedure. You can contact the Institute via Twitter.

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