Cotemar Mexico Offers the Best Offshore Services

Hailing from Mexico, Cotemar Mexico Company commits to serving various oil industries across the world. The company has more than 36 years experience and offers its services to PEMEX, a company that is linked to the growth of offshore oil harbors, via specialized vessels. Among their strategic trading units are Marine Operation, Construction, Engineering, Food, Lodging, and Air Transportation. Cotemar services offshore oil sectors by contributing to the output of hydrocarbons, through proficient processes initiated by a committed and technology.






Cotemar Mexico was formed in 1979. It was established to offer services to the energy sector. Cotemar has since developed into the leading offshore service giver in the entire oil and gas industry. Cotemar offers services to all oil as well as gas operations. Cotemar’s reputation is based on the quality services it offers in accommodation and catering. It also specializes in servicing vessels found in Campeche Bay, by providing acquisition in dive, personnel transportation, and continuation. The company maintains its position as the top service provider in the industry by adding a fleet of specialized vessels to offer transport services of material. In 1998, the firm expanded its market existence through strengthening and offering transportation services to people and materials including accommodation, maintenance, restructuring, and support.



Working for Cotemar Mexico



Cotemar has had several employees over the years. The company offers a friendly working environment to ensure the prevention of accidents in the field. Through the experts in the enterprise, employees acquire safety knowledge including skills on responsibility at the workplace. The workers appreciate the company’s dedication on quality food provision and safe, comfortable lodging for rest. According to most reviews from the employees, the firm is responsible for the well-being of the workers. It also provides rest days including leave to its employees.



Services Offered



Cotemar offers its offshore services in three strategic units. The first unit is construction, followed by modernization and lastly engineering. The company capitalizes on the innovation and upgrading of clients platforms. This focus is usually in offshore installations and prefabrication. The next unit focuses on marine and support boats. The firm provides transportation of materials and personnel including food. The transport system has towing ships and firefighting vessels as well as barges for the movement of large structures.

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