The Chainsmokers Announces The Diamond Status Of Their Single “Closer”

Remaining successful in the music industry is not an easy task, especially after you achieved a certain level of fame. The Chainsmokers however, continue to stay at the top, remaining popular and financially successful. The duo formed by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have made headlines recently, when Forbes ranked them at number 2 in their list of highest-paid DJs in the world.

Last year, The Chainsmokers ranked at number 3, earning $38 million. In 2018, they bested stars such as Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and Diplo, earning $45.5 million from music streams and sales and from performing their music live. As a result of their 3 year residency deal made with Wynn Nightlife, The Chainsmokers have been collecting nightly checks with mid six-figures for their sets, Forbes noting that there were more than 100.

The Chainsmokers have also been in the news after the two, alongside Halsey, announced on their Instagram accounts that their hit single “Closer” was certified platinum. The Recording Industry Association of America last certified the track in 2017, when it received the 7 times platinum status. The track continued to garner sales, giving it a diamond status, which implies a 10 time platinum status, meaning that the song sold more than 10 million units in the United States.

The Chainsmoker already had a handful of successful singles to their resume, and since the release of the track they put out their debut album “Memories…Do Not Open” and an EP title Sick Boy, but “Closer” proved to be their most popular and successful tune. In addition, the track was also a breakthrough for Halsey, who gained a wider audience after she already proved herself to be a rising talent. Upon release, the song reached number 1 on the Hot 100 chart, and had more staying power than anybody could have predicted.

“Closer” is considered among the fourth longest-running number 1 hits in the history of the country. It went on to collect various awards, and earned The Chainsmokers and Halsey their first Grammy nominations. Achieving diamond status two years after its release proves how popular the track has been.

Des Perez Doesn’t only Run the Town – She Runs Roc Nation

The music industry has recently went through a large transformation. In the last couple of decades the executive side of the music business has began to include women more and more each year. The board room, which was typically designated for only men, has been populated with women and the music industry as a whole has changed for the better.

The movement was spearheaded by individuals such as Desiree Perez, who has been in the business for over 20 years as an associate of Jay-Z. Over the years she has been involved in companies owned and operated by the Brooklyn rapper. Perez has worked with SC Enterprises, Roc-A-Fella Records and is now the current COO of Roc Nation.

As the Chief Officer of Operations, Desiree Perez oversees the day-to-day activity of the company. She makes meetings, organizes events and tours, and handles more complex deals such as the recent deal with Sprint.

The Sprint deal made it possible for Jay-Z’s album “4:44” to go platinum before it even hit store shelves and app stores. The deal was part investment, part synergy. Perez, armed with her revered skills of negotiation, talked Sprint into investing 200 million dollars into Roc Nation’s Tidal service, as well as giving free downloads to Sprint customers.

About Roc Nation

Jay-Z created Roc Nation in 2008 as a way to re-brand his company after a shake-up of talent and associates. Roc Nation currently has dozens of artists signed either directly or through many of its imprints.

Desiree Perez has been working as COO of Roc Nation since 2009 and has worked with artists such as Cyhi Da Prince, Big Sean, Kanye West and Beyonce.

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Norka’s Tomorrowland Climbing the Billboard Charts to #1

Norka Lauque, was born on February 7th in Caracas, Venezuela. Norka is guided in her career by renowned Latino producer Emilio Estefan. This team duo could not get any better!

In 2011 she premiered her first single As You Do which was composed by the Venezuelan Archie Peña, and with this, Norka get a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year” in the “Premios Lo Nuestro”.

At the beginning of 2012 unveils its second single called miracle that honors the name of the album, this song written by composer Archie Pena was produced in several versions with arrangers renowned as the master Cucco Pena, who makes the salsa version, located at # 1 Record Report in Venezuela for 14 weeks. It also performs a dance version in English, “Miracle” remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario, this comes to be located at # 11 on the Billboard Dance Club. Later an urban remixed version where the popular urban artist collaborates Dominican El Cata is performed.

She comes from a blessed family, with lots of experiences, life lessons, other languages ​​and other cultures, which led her to understand that her destiny is music, said the Norka singer, who was in the country to present their showcase.
This US-based Venezuelan, bursted onto the music scene supported by producer Emilio Estefan. He presented her album Miracle, which already plays on all Latino radio stations.

For this album, Estefan brought together a team of major producers such as Archie Peña, Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan the brothers, along with Luis Giraldo and Puerto Rican Cuco Peña, who was in charge of the arrangements.”What took longer was us define the genre. It is a fusion of rhythms, with some Rhythm & Blues, ballads, tropical, rock and pop, “said Norka Dubrazka Caracas Soraya Martinez Luque.

Norka’s latest hot new single is called “Tomorrowland” and it is climbing the Billboard Charts. A crossover hit in the dance and latino fusion. Her unique singing style has everyone wanting more. She is a compassionate and wonderful person who has earned her way to success.