Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is renowned for several business world sectors. He is also recognized for sacrificing his whole life to community services. Giving back to the community has been his routine since he became an adult.


Firstly, Perry served in the Marine Corps. He later joined politics and became a public political officer. Later on, Perry founded and launched his company that brought about the provision of work to hundred workers. The workers perform different duties in the company.


Perry Mandera is a charitable man, and this was evidenced when he founded the Custom Cares Charities Inc. his idea of coming up with the firm was triggered by his desire to help the community and even other people. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the firm.


His charitable work is also evident in other ways including sponsoring young athletic teams and children in need. After his graduation from high school, Perry Mandera joined the Marine Corps. His primary focus on entering the Corps was to reinforce his long life career of serving people. In the Marine Corps, he was given a role of being a truck driver.


Through his work, he managed to build a transportation foundation that he used later in his life. After being discharged from his duty, he went back to the community. He then started, sold, and developed several companies and businesses.


His businesses helped a significant number of people through the provision of job opportunities. In the year1984, Perry was elected to represent the people in the position of Republican Committeeman for the 26th ward of Chicago.


Perry Mandera took advantage of his position to engage in various charitable opportunities and work with the community. He completed his four-year term in the year 1988. Perry clarifies that businesspersons should always strive for perfection in their undertakings.


According to Perry, it is advisable always to think more, do less, and listen more to be a performer. Creating a good relationship with the coworkers is a commendable thing in business. This can be achieved by appreciating them through positive compliments.


To succeed in business, one needs to be a risk taker and avoid being too much conservative.