The Incredible Journey of Yeonmi Park

There are stories out there on facebook that lift us up and inspire us all to make a change. The authors who write these stories are dedicated to changing perceptions of issues going on in the world. These authors have many times educated people all over the world about certain issues that need to be addressed. Yeonmi Park is one of these individuals who has shared her story with people all over the world in order to help make a change. Her journey wasn’t easy, and still is not now that she has so much resistance against her new book.

Park experienced first-hand what it was like to live in North Korea. This terror was one that she was willing to share with readers worldwide in order to educate them about the horrible living conditions in North Korea. Yeonmi Park experienced starvation in North Korea, horrible living conditions, and more before her and her mother were forced to flee the country.

Park of the youngvoicesadvocates has brought to light many of the hardships of not only living in North Korea, but leaving North Korea. Park and her mother had to cross the Gobi Desert, survive human trafficking, and learn to survive on the brink of death. Now that Yeonmi Park is living in the United States, she is having a difficult time adjusting to all of the luxuries that are around us every day. Park states that one of the hardest things to get used to is having food at any market, any time of the day.