The Newly Launched Securus Technologies Video Visitation Application Breaks Records

In December, Securus Technologies, the leading firm in the provision of communication and security solutions to correctional facilities and public safety agencies came forward and announced the launch of their video visitation mobile application. This launch was for the video visitation mobile application aimed at the Android phone users. Two weeks ago Securus Technologies launched the Apple mobile phone application. So far Securus Technologies has successfully launched the video visitation mobile application on Apple operating system and Android operating system (download here).

Recently Securus Technologies came out share the market progress of it’s two applications. So far the Android application that was launched in December has been downloaded over 60,000 times. The Apple application has been downloaded over 5,000 times in the two weeks it has been available. The Securus Technologies says it expects to hit the a million downloads mark by the end of the year. Securus says that its engineering team is working on applications for other mobile operating systems. This includes the Amazon Kindle, Windows, and Mozilla operating systems. Securus Technologies says that it launched the mobile applications to make its services easily accessible to all its clients. It says that it realized that that this day, video communication has moved from computers to mobile phones.

Securus Technologies is the leading service provider in the public safety and correctional facilities industry. It offers a variety of cutting edge technological products that have put it ahead of its competitors in the industry. Securus Technologies invests a lot of resources in its innovation’s department to ensure that it gives its clients the best products. This investment has surely paid off as day after day Securus Technologies come up with new customized products for its clients. Securus Technologies has over 800 patented products that are currently being used in the public safety and correctional facilities.

It offers a platform for monitoring, investing and analysis of evidence by public safety agencies. The THREAD 3.1 is an improvement to the earlier released THREAD 2.1. The firm confirmed that it will be offering free upgrades to its clients with the older versions. Securus Technologies also offers inmate communication services through the Voice Over Internet phones. This allows inmates to communicate with their friends and family all over the world at fairly affordable charges. 

FreedomPop Launches Their New Global Hotspot

FreedomPop just launched their newest venture in their competition with major phone carriers to bring reasonable rates to consumers for their phone coverage. The company is known for buying usage, minutes and text message bundles in bulk quantities, and they sell them to consumers at a discount rate. They also offer a free service to consumers, which consists of 200 MB of data, 200 minutes to talk on the phone and 200 messages to send or receive. In addition to their free service, they offer several other options to folks that need more time on their phones, but their service is much cheaper than the other companies.

FreedomPop recently raised another 50 million dollars in their funding, which will be allocated for use in building their global hotspot. They will soon offer the global hotspot as an additional feature that consumers can purchase. It will start at $49 for the hotspot. The hotspot will work in 25 different countries, which are listed on FreedomPop’s website and in the article about their fundraising procedures that is posted on Recode’s website.

The phone service is great for travelers because it is said to be flawless in its connectivity when changing between countries. It will also involve the use of a SIM card that will be automatically updated as more countries are added to the list. FreedomPop is able to offer the global hotspot by purchasing usage and working with phone companies all around the world to provide a savings and convenience to consumers that travel. For more information, visit the original article on Recode’s website.