Stansberry Research- Your Home of Investment Insights

Stansberry Research- Your Home of Investment Insights

When looking for research on latest trends in the market, it is wise to always pick topics that standout. Stansberry Research is a leading research publication firm that is always eager to enlighten readers on attention-grabbing investment topics. One instance is the company’s recent recommendations on investing on Walmart. According to one of its publications, Stansberry says that even though Walmart’s stock has lost worth, investors can still benefit from the company if they ignore share price and the hullaballoo.

The publication written by Justin Brill looks at the rich history of the Stansberry Research recommendations of Walmart as a great investment opportunity for investors. Justin Brills looks at an article by “Extreme Value” editor, Dan Ferris where he recommended his readers to invest in Walmart in 2006. He claims that, those who followed his advice where able to expand and grow their investment by 100% over the years. Ferris later ended his recommendation in 2015 after Walmart shares fell by 35% in the subsequent years.

Stansberry Research offers its readers a great insight on such financial matters. The opinions of its editors and analysts have been a bedrock for the success of investors who have followed their opinions. This article on investing on Walmart has been a great piece and depicts how to rely on research and learn from opinions that may be strange but operational. As the article recaps, many investor were startled by the decline of Walmart share. But, Dan Ferris has once again recommended his subscribers to consider investing in Walmart shares.

The basis of these recommendations by Ferris focus on the fact that the retail industry has being enjoying great online sales and Walmart’s business platform is exceptional. He goes on to argue that, if Walmart utilizes both online and physical stores, it is most likely to improve its retail sales. Ferris opines that, despite Amazon being the largest online retail business, it still has a long way to match Walmart’s vast real-estate holdings. Stansberry Research believes that investment advisors should at all times provide a record of the outcomes of their insights. By doing so, they protect investors from untrustworthy advice.

About Stanberry Research

Stansberry Research was founded by Porter Stansberry in 1999. It has a current subscriber base of over 500,000 readers worldwide and it is based in Baltimore, Maryland.