Rise of the Youtube Star

There is a new celebrity to add to the entertainment universe. Youtube stars are joining the ranks of movie and television stars. Their work garners millions of views without the massive production costs of traditional production. Youtube stars are also particularly popular with the coveted younger demographic. It has become a big business and the best and brightest are being paid well to produce original content. Here are a few of the biggest stars in the Youtube universe.

Pewdiepie is a comedian and producer based in Sweden, well known for his vlogs and the Let’s Play commentaries. The enormously popular Let’s Play series takes viewers on a play through of video games, giving an effect similar to if the viewer were a friend right there playing along with him. Energetic and goofy, Pewediepie’s channel has gained over 40 million subscribers. This massive following has created a good living for him with his production company making over $12 million in 2015.

The Fine Brothers are another example of Youtube stars who rake in the big dollars. Known for their react videos, which show peoples reactions to trying the food of different cultures or shocking events, have garnered almost 4 billion views. The Fine Bros have also launched two more channels and an original series, totaling over 13 million subscribers in the process. That is a huge number, and is sure to continue growing.

One of the most galvanizing rising stars is Wengie. The Australian born beauty blogger is a sensation among the young fashionistas on Youtube. A natural beauty herself, Wengie gives tips on everything from make-up application to pupil enlarging contacts.

Wengie is also known for posting beauty tips for Asian viewers. She does this because while there are a ton of American and Australian tutorials for viewers, there were not many focused on Asian women. Japanese and Korean cosmetics tutorials simply didn’t exist. Wengie has a bright future in helping others look their best!