Chris Burch Has A Welcoming Vacation Land That’s Become Number One In Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure makes annual lists of which world class vacation properties rank highest in quality and popularity, and in 2017 Nihiwatu Resort stole the show. Nihiwatu Resort was purchased by venture capitalist and former Guggenheim Partners board member Chris Burch in 2013, and in just four years he’s had magnificent hotel buildings constructed on this remote island that have captured the attention of tourists from around the world ( It’s not just the quality of the buildings and the comforting amenities that make this place special, but the whole atmosphere and dream world come to life captures the heart of everyone just walking through the property. Burch himself owns a home known as Raja Mendaka which has its main rooms but then has four other villas attached to it, and if you were to go to one of its four pools, you could look out into the vast ocean and feel as though you were flying over it.

Burch worked his way from a middle class college student to become billionaire prior to buying Nihiwatu Resort, but his true passion is just building businesses for the sake of doing so, and it’s why he’s been called a serial entrepreneur. His first college business was buying sweaters from a factory that made them, and then selling them to neighbors and friends around town. This small business became a bigger success than he expected that he soon invested more money into it and turned it into a million-dollar retail chain named Eagle Eye Apparel. Burch sold this company and followed it up with other fashion companies like Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He started buying into other businesses in the technology, organic foods and real estate industries around 2008 when he launched his current company, Burch Creative Capital (

One of Chris Burch’s first clients at Burch Creative Capital was the Faena Group, a partnership that he had formed with their CEO Alan Faena several years earlier when Burch joined him in funding the Faena Hotel + Universe ( Other companies that emerged from Burch Creative Capital include office space designer and furniture supplier Poppin, Voss Water which bottles spring water from Norway, Snowe Home, Jack Rogers, Pypestream and Actua. Chris Burch is also a good friend of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and he helped her put her mark on various furniture, home decor, and interior design ideas in her company known as ED.