Chris Burch Life and Career

Chris Burch is a prominent business owner who has had a great career. During his life, he has started multiple companies and made a positive impact on others (  He is the type of person that many business owners aspire to be. He began his first company while he was attending school. He learned valuable lessons through the experience. He eventually let someone else manage the company after he sold his part of the business.

Although Chris had experience running an apparel company, he wanted to focus on other industries. He developed an extensive real estate portfolio which helped him invest in other projects. He is the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort is one of the most luxurious places in the world. Wealthy people from all over the world stay at the resort each year.

Real Estate

Chris has a passion for business for a variety of reasons. He is the type of person who wants to build wealth quickly. He started buying real estate investments when he was young. He enjoyed the passive income, and he used his business proceeds to buy more. He now an extensive real estate empire with properties in various states and countries ( Many people ask his advice related to real estate investing due to his broad experience in the industry.

Future Goals

Although Chris has enough money to retire, he wants to use his time and energy to make a positive impact on the world. He is involved with numerous charities and other organizations. He gives both time and money to causes that he cares about. He also mentors young business owners in his community. Although he is nearing the end of his career, he is still excited about the future. He plans to stay at the Nihiwatu Resort several weeks this year.