Dherbs Shares Why We All Need Occasional Full Body Cleanses

Dherbs, Inc., is a privately held company that was launched in 2004. It was founded by entrepreneur A.D. Dolphin and he serves as the chief executive officer. This company is headquartered in Los Angeles and features herbal and organic dietary supplements. In 2014, Shape magazine stated that they had one of that year’s “Top 10 Detox Diets”.

This company’s cleansing product, Full Body Cleanse, was featured on The Paul Harvey Morning Show. A.D. Dolphin showed up to explain to the audience and viewers just what his company is all about. He has been a wellness guru and cleansing expert for several years and wanted to show people how is products can help them get clean. He stated that the human body is like a car in that occasionally it needs a tune-up. His products help clean out the body by eliminating things such as toxins, undigested food, and other unwanted things in the digestive tract. Follow Dherbs on Twitter for updates.

Over the years he has helped many other celebrities than Paul Harvey improve their health, lose weight, and otherwise achieve their fitness goals. This includes Anthony Anderson, Nash, Kim Kimble, Brandy, Roland Martin, and Elise Neal. He has changed the lives of celebrities and other people by providing them with the Dherbs products that he says gives them an “internal shower”, washing away the bad stuff.

In order to achieve a full body cleanse with this company’s products, you consume six of their formulas each day along with eating a raw vegan diet. This process lasts for 20 days after which you will look and feel better than you have in years. It sounds like a tougher process than it actually is.

Each day a lot of pollutants and toxins along with things that can cause infections to enter your body. The sources of these include processed foods, pesticides, cleaning supplies, makeup, smoke, air pollution, and water that hasn’t been filtered. A full body cleanse washes all of this out and gives you the opportunity to start fresh from a better, cleaner place.

The kidneys and liver naturally clean these types of negative things out of the body. The way we live nowadays, though, can overwhelm the body’s natural defenses. We use toxic cleaning products on the surfaces we prepare food on, the air is filled with pollutants such as car exhaust, and we have food on grocery shelves that contain a host of chemicals so they have long shelf lives. All of this means we need cleansing routines in our lives.

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