Doe Deere: Making a Statement


In a recent article, the brand called Lime Crime was being reviewed. For those of you who haven’t heard of this brand, they feature colorful, vibrant makeup products on their website available to purchase. Doe Deere, the founder and creator of Lime Crime had a vision that she would create bold lip kits, similar to that of Kylie Jenners line, at a reasonable price.

Born in Russia, but raised in New York City, Doe had always had a passion for cosmetics. When she started Lime Crime, she made sure all products would be animal cruelty free, first and foremost. While, in the beginning, her products were mostly vegan free, she later changed that to meet vegan standards. Her inspiration for the line came about when she started making her own clothing- when she realized that there was no makeup bold enough or bright enough to march, she began brainstorming. Lime Crime cosmetics were actually the first on the market to introduce radical lip colors. Unicorn Lipstick, and Velevetine Lipstick are two of the brands most popular buys.

Doe Deere’s obsession with unicorns also inspired this colorful cosmetic line. She wanted to make a line of cosmetics that made a statement and that used all the colors of the rainbow- and she did just that! Lime Crime is significantly less expensive than other lipsticks or lip kits. Since Kylie Jenner went bold with her lips, there are more and more products to give bold lip color, but nothing compared to the colors of Lime Crime! There is much to be said about Doe Deere‘s generosity also- she has donated sixteen thousand dollars to multiple charities.

You can follow this fabulous line of cosmetics and Doe Deere herself, on the Lime Crime Facebook and Instagram for fashion and cosmetic tips, and to see any new products. If you’re looking for bright lip color, Lime Crime is the best route to go. It’s affordable, beautiful and vibrant. They also feature other cosmetics in the line, just as colorful and reasonably priced as the rest. Lime Crime is sure to become one of your favorite cosmetic lines once you give it a try!

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