Elysium Health’s Commitment to Produce Supplements that Can Result in Better Health

About Elysium Health

Elysium Health was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, who is the director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging at MIT. The company’s mission is to help people live healthier for longer by providing consumers access to proactive health options. They work with leading clinicians and scientists. Elysium Health has been able to come up with clinically backed health products by use of advanced science and technology.

Additionally, Elysium Health is committed to providing new products by researching and doing clinical trials whereby the new product can take up to two years to be available in the market.

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About Basis

With more than 25 years of research behind it, Elysium Health’s first and only product, Basis, is a supplement that supports cellular health. It ensures that the body’s cells maintain substantial levels of NAD+. NAD+ is coenzyme that’s very important for biological processes such as DNA maintenance, regulating circadian rhythms, and energy creation. Medical research has shown that, as people age, there is diminished production of NAD+.

Basis produces two essential compounds that include Pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside. Elysium Healths’ website advises that Basis be taken on a daily basis. The supplement can be used by adults of all ages, and two capsules should be taken every morning with or without food. Most importantly, Basis does not contain any animal product, flavors, artificial colors, nuts, or gluten, making it suitable for many consumers with dietary restrictions.

Why Basis?

Elysium Health has a board of leading scientists who have contributed breakthrough research in various scientific fields. Also, the product has been put through clinical trials that confirmed a rise in NAD+ levels in those who took the supplement regularly. Even further, the ingredients used by Elysium Health have been tested to ensure people’s safety when taking the supplement, and purity testing is always done by a third party.

Cost of the Product

Elysium Health has an available ongoing subscription of $50 per month, or $270 for six months. People who purchase a single  bottle will spend $60. There are additional options in Elysium Health’s website, where you can choose the most suitable subscription depending on your needs and budget.