Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali as an Ideal Strategy to Attain Financial Success

The concept of freedom checks was introduced by Matt Badiali and has helped many individuals attain financial success. This form of investment requires that one make an initial deposit to a corporation. The investment generates regular capital gains. It is compared to buying shares in a corporation. This form of investment is common in the real estate and energy sectors. The two industries are allowed to operate limited master partnerships. The MLPS are designed to offer the benefits of both partnerships and publicly traded companies. The creation of the MLPs was centered on the need to ensure that the sectors attain the required capital to propel their growth.

Having freedom checks in MLPs comes with many benefits as compared to investing in other ventures. MLPs come with tax benefits as the capital gains earned by the investors are not taxed. On the contrary, only the sale of the shares is taxed. Another advantage is that it is a legal requirement that MLP issue more than 90% of the capital gains to the investors. Focusing on the USA energy market indicates that it is likely to register improved growth in the coming years. Badiali argues that the decline in the level of imports gives the American corporation a better platform to capture the local market. Additionally, there has been an increasing demand for energy products in the country. Such factors, as well as the introduction of new oil exploration technologies, are likely to propel the corporations to improved financial growth.

Background Information on Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an investment expert who is credited for the introduction of freedom checks. He regards the form of trading as being based on past experiences where he traded in energy shares. Before venturing into investment, Matt Badiali served as a geologist and worked with many energy companies. He was charged with the duty of investigating the oil and gas reserves of the corporations. He employed the opportunity to interact with many corporation leaders and learn trading strategies. His activities further gave him an in-depth understanding of the functioning of the energy sector. Matt Badiali later used this knowledge in trading in 2008.