Gareth Henry Points Out The Fact That Hedge Funds Are Only Becoming More Popular:

Gareth Henry has had a long career in the world of investment management that has led him to a position of respect within the industry. He has a background in mathematics and obtained is Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics degree in 2001 from Heriot-Watt University. Major highlights of his impressive career include his time working with major alternative asset management firms Angelo, Gordon and Co. and Fortress Investment Group. Gareth Henry is also a prolific writer in terms of providing invaluable advice that investors can follow in order to obtain success in their investment endeavours. He regularly comments on a number of subjects in this area. Follow Gareth Henry on

Gareth Henry has recently opened up about the 2018 phenomenon of a continuing rise in the demand for hedge funds. The fact is that investors continue to clamour for hedge funds and there are a number of reasons why this particular business model is getting so much praise and raising further demand for these funds. Gareth Henry points out that over the course of this most recent year, there has been a 16 percent jump in allocations to hedge funds and they are consistently ranking right alongside the private equity market in terms of overall popularity.

Gareth Henry also points out the fact that hedge funds have been a beloved investment vehicle for Wall Street investors for some time now because of the fact that they offer outstanding returns. At the same time, hedge fund investors do take on a risk. There was a decline in overall value in the hedge industry when the 2008 financial crisis first occurred.

One of the silver linings that emerged from the 2008 financial collapse was the fact that lessons were learned. This is certainly true for the hedge fund industry. Sticking a crisis out was one of these lessons as those investors who did this often times were rewarded for their patience. It is still the case that the hedge fund industry profits from volatility in the market. These days, hedge funds are also increasing their overall popularity due to the fact that they have been consistently reducing their fees as well as changing the rules regarding liquidity.

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