How Nihiwatu Exceeded Chris Burch’s Expectations

A number of years ago an American couple built a resort on the island of Sumba, one of the islands that make up Indonesia. It was built in a beautiful location right by the beaches. Fast forwarding to 2012, serial entrepreneur Chris Burch and a business partner, the hotelier James McBride, bought the resort. They poured $30 million into completely remodeling it as well as adding on to it. Once it was reopened it was named the Nihiwatu and it has achieved five-star status. In fact the travel magazine Travel + Leisure named it as the best hotel period in 2016.  Check this on

In an interview Chris Bursch had in 2015 he said he bought it for two reasons. First, he wanted to leave it as a legacy for his children. Second, he said, was after seeing the resort he wanted to preserve it and give back to the community of Sumba who rely heavily on tourism to their beautiful island. He says he was gratified with the renovation because often times things turn out a bit less than you were hoping for, while with the Nihiwatu is expectations were exceeded.  Read an entrepreneur’s views, click this link on

Since the reopening of the Nihiwatu, it is now the largest local employer on Sumba. In order to further help the Sumba islanders, Chris Burch also established the Sumba Foundation. Some of the Nihiwatu’s profits are provided to the Sumba Foundation. In turn, the foundation spends the money on causes important to the islanders such as local community projects. It is dedicated to reducing poverty on the island and helping improve health.

Chris Burch first became an entrepreneur in 1976 when he started a business with his brother. He has become one of the biggest names in fashion with several brands of clothing being something he created and/or had a large hand in. Some of his fashion brands include TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, and ED By Ellen Degeneres.  Know his latest innovative product in the market, check on

Beyond the world of fashion and hospitality, he has also developed brands in other industries such as organic food, home furnishings, and technology. Some of these brands are BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Soludos, and Little Duck Organics. His company is called Burch Creative Capital and he serves as its chief executive officer. He sets the overall vision of his company and handled its investments into other businesses he sees as showing great promise.  To know his new and follow on investment, head over to this.

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