How Well Does Wen by Chaz Work?

WEN by Chaz is filled with several natural oils and plant extracts that are formulated to improve the health of the hair. If you think Wen products may work well for you, a review on of the hair care line by Emily McClure could prove helpful.

On the first day, Emily expressed that she didn’t realize so much of the conditioner was needed for just one application. However, she followed the bottle instructions, and found that her hair immediately felt and looked thicker.

She used Wen conditioner for the next couple of days, and her hair become smoother and more manageable.  She added a few curls to her hair with the curling iron that day as well; by the end of the day, the curls had fallen.

McClure shared on that her friends commented on how shiny her hair was near the end of the week. Overall, she says she’d recommend Wen conditioner, since it makes thin hair look fuller. WEN conditioner also adds intense moisture to the hair, which is another reason the product got a thumbs-up from McClure.



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  1. By day four of the experiment, McClure rushed to work without washing her hair, and her tresses were oilier throughout the day. McClure tried Wen conditioner for seven days, and here’s what she discovered. It is natural for rushmyessay uk to have what they need in order to succeed at this at all times.

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