Kabbalah; the Jewish Practice You should Know

It is amazing how non-Jewish Hollywood stars are turning to the practice of Kabbalah. Madonna was the first one to show interest in the practice of this Jewish ritual of connecting to their maker. She went beyond just being interested in the study and practice of This Jewish Mysticism. She even opened more than one center of Kabbalah. She ended up in investing heavily and making time to study the ancient Jewish tradition. Later other stars towed the line in trying to understand the mysticism. Some of those who got interested after her include Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the late Marilyn Monroe, and the late Sammy Davis among others and more information click here.

It would surprise anyone why anyone who does not have any origins from Israel will be interested in the ritual. Sandra Bernhard, one of the interested stars, told the Los Angeles times that Kabbalah helps her to eliminate close to 80% of her issues. According to the students of the ritual in Kabbalah center in Los Angeles, the practice provides a practical tool for creating joy and lasting fulfillment. It helps one to look at matters in a different perspective and learn more about Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is explained as secret wisdom or Mysticism. It is believed to be wisdom handed down from generation to generation through traditional oral teaching to selected individuals with its roots traced to Adam and through Abraham to the Jewish community. Before the 20th century, Kabbalah was only confounded to the framework of Judaism. It is a form of worship that those who practice the rituals and the study of Torah aim at directly connecting with their Maker.

The Kabbalah center was founded in the USA in 1965 by Rav Yehuda. It was meant to be a National Research Institute. The Kabbalah Center was established in Los Angeles in 1984. The organization had since grown to have several branches in other parts of the world, including London, Toronto, New York among others. According to the views and beliefs of Kabbalah, religious belief is merely anniversary accepted the wisdom of those who believe them. It depends on what each soul wants to practice in accordance to what the particular individual embraces and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.